In The Secret History of Mankind, it is told that Anunnaki crossed the genes of their own selves and the beasts found on earth to produce human slaves.

I have my reservations about this story and believe that humans were already highly developed when the “gods” descended on earth. All they did is switch off some of our powers through their bio-engineering and add their own genes to the mix.

However, I really resonated with what was told in the mentioned work about the two types of humans – Adapas and Adamas.

Adapas, as it is told, was the human slaves created and kept under the protection by the “gods” for their obedience. Adamas, however, were thrown out of the Garden of Eden because of their disobedience.

How these two creatures are described is exactly how the two types of earth humans behave today. Let me explain.

The children of the matrix

One type, the obedient one, trust the government (established and controlled by the Anunnaki). They do exactly what they are told.

Get the vaccine, the news says. And they all line up to get the jab. This or that person is a terrorist, the news says. And they all hate him with no research. War is for protecting people – and they don’t question. No investigation is needed – they have blind faith in these “gods”.

They try hard to fit into the current standards of personal style and wealth, sacrificing their personal preferences for those of the community, so that they are not singled out. They are very busy in the rat race because they must keep up the appearances.

They take selfies of their happy faces, but often they suffer from depression (taking various allopathic drugs because the doctor told so is one reason for it). They don’t show their genuine likes or dislikes to the world because of fear of being different, and sometimes their own family may not really know them.

These people are stuck in many beliefs that they don’t question. This makes them very predictable and therefore easy to control. They are educated and may hold several degrees. They often do well-paid, specialized jobs. But their intelligence is compartmentalized, and they cannot see the bigger picture.

I call these people the children/people of the matrix, because they are a domesticated kind – their gods must be very pleased with them.

They are entangled in the matrix, and though not happy at heart, their focus on getting ahead and fitting in prevents them from realising they’re in an invisible prison. It’s like a fly that’s happily waiting for the spider to enjoy it.

The children of the earth

And then there’s the rebellious kind on the earth which has the innate distrust of the government. These people, Adamas, have much more fun than Adapas because they don’t fear the disapproval of the community so much. Doing what makes them happy is a bigger priority.

They are often less educated, and therefore they can connect the dots. Even the ones that are school drop-outs, sense when the government is up to something no good.

The smarter ones often start their own businesses and succeed. Those that are more rebellious may do secret business to hide their earnings from the eyes of the governing bodies.

Some get really deep into conspiracies. They are more self-reliant, not depending on educational institutions and other matrix establishments. Sometimes, these people live in off-grid communities to be fully self-sufficient.

They all love the earth and feel great in nature, even those who were born in cities. They are naturally attracted to earth preoccupations, such as gardening.

Hippies are earth children, loving to walk barefoot, singing, dancing, consuming mushrooms, loving Gaia and smoking weed; and also those attracted to the moon magic, wicca, shamanism, healing with herbs, and other earth traditions have their origins on this earth.

They often feel that earth is a conscious being and some can see elemental creatures. Their sex drive is higher, sometimes much higher. That could be because of their programming to love pleasure over work, as it’s told in the book.

They are very practical people, not misled by the empty theories as easily as the other type. They are grounded.

Both types of earth humans cannot find much in common and often distrust one another. They see the world completely differently.

Often, the Adapa beings (the children of the matrix) hate the Adama people and call them stupid, uneducated, and rebels. Yet the Adama people (the earth children) only get angered when the matrix people want to restrict them (wear a mask, get the jab, etc.).

So maybe The Secret History of Mankind is correct – there were two types of humans bio-engineered. One that is obedient and therefore protected by “gods” (which control current governments), and another that was thrown out of the garden to fend for himself, yet who learnt resilience and strength to be independent of those “gods”.

Starseed children

Galactic consciousness

These are the beings that can inhabit either Adamas’ or Adapas’ bodies. They often awaken early, usually after the teenage years or even earlier, and start searching for their origins.

The earth and matrix people do not question why they are on earth, as their origins are from here. But for starseeds, finding out their origins is one of the most important things in their lives. They are amazed to see the earth children totally grounded here, questioning nothing about their nature or the earth.

Star beings don’t fit in. They don’t understand humans. They don’t understand wars and other kind of cruelty. They see through the conditioning – how people are mere slaves of the governing bodies, and how their culture is being formed through movies and advertisements.

Starseeds are very homesick, not even feeling their own selves in nature, though staying in nature makes them calmer than being in cities.

They question why the seasons change, what this reality is made of, why they don’t feel the connection to their parents, why they don’t understand their own selves.

Many of them came here ages ago to help, and got stuck. The only thing that makes them feel fulfilled is by helping others, usually through some form of spiritual teaching or work.

They are often born with psychic abilities, and for many, it’s important to develop them. They are very much attracted to the information about aliens, spirituality, mysticism, and some of them are deep into sci-fi movies and fantasy novels.

They can only be truly happy when they find their origin and start their life mission. Other than searching for these answers, they find life to be pointless.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely to be the third kind.