If the ruler of the third house is in the sixth house, this shows that you think about your work a lot. You want to be of use to the world, so doing work well is important to you.

Your siblings, if you have any, should also be focused on their jobs, and they may be attracted to the occupations in the health and well-being sector, or cooking. Another meaning of this placement is that your siblings may have chronic health problems.

You may be employed in your neighborhood or very close to it. Also, your neighbors or siblings may be connected with your employment, such as they work for you.

Employments to do with communication, writing, typing and online work are all suitable for you, as well as those which include frequent travel, movement, and many changes.

This astrological placement shows that you may have the understanding of the health and medical field, and therefore there could be an inclination to study it and later on do such work. Such as that of a health coach, dietician, surgeon, natural healer, and so forth.

You may think a lot about how to improve your work, such as how to do it efficiently. You may also like to talk about your work and how to improve it. There could be also many thoughts about your health and diet, or how to help people through healing, exercise and food.

Depending on the strength or weakness of the mentioned astrological combination, either this will impact you well or badly. For example, if the combination is not afflicted, you will have a regular diet that is suitable for you, and you are likely to exercise daily.

But if the combination is afflicted, this can lead to food obsessions, like overeating or veganism when it doesn’t work for you, and too much exercise, or frantically exercising one day, and then being lazy the next.

Your mind is likely to be orderly, and you like when everything is organized. Because of that, you can do work that needs much organisation or the attention to detail.

You will do better working under some kind of supervisor unless other astrological factors are stronger than this one. Because of your organisational abilities, other people may work under you, but it’s likely you will also work under someone.

But some occupations would suit without having to work for any boss, such as that of a health and lifestyle vlogger.

If you have pets, your mind can dwell on them a lot too, and you may like to care for pets, maybe even pursuing this as a career.

The ruler of the third house in the sixth house shows that there could be frequent travels and changes in your life. Some trips that you will take may lead to employment.

For example, you may meet someone during your travels who offers you a position, or finding a perfect job when you are away from home. Though this mainly applies to the nationwide travel or visiting neighboring countries.

Your mind will also come up with different daily regimes to follow, and you will change them if something better is found. You will always strive to improve yourself by forming new habits and sticking to different disciplines.

The danger of this placement is that if there is some problem with your health, your mind may be preoccupied with sickness, and thus may manifest it. This can become chronic.

(Also, if you have any health problems, it’s best not to travel, as this can make the condition chronic as well.)

Therefore, watch your mind and stop it from thinking habitual negative thoughts. This can be done through meditation, for example.

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