I recently finished reading George Kavassilas’ book “Our Universal Journey”. In the book, he shares his awakening story and spiritual journeys in this Universe.

As a result of his spiritual explorations he arrived at the conclusion that we are used as farm animals by certain non-human races. He claims that because those races got so far away from the true Light that they started running out of energetic food as they were unable to assimilate the light of love.

So they genetically modified humans by installing the chakra system through which people’s disharmonious energies are channeled (through ida (negative) and pingala (positive) nadis) and released through chakras for them to feed on.

Seven chakras are controlled by the seven rings of Saturn whilst the Moon is responsible for the matrix. It also generates thought images to keep humans in an altered state of consciousness (not present). True meditators know that thoughts that we get are not initiated by us though they may be from our experiences.

According to George Kavassilas, seven chakras of the human body connect with the seven rings of Saturn.

More information about the Moon matrix can be gained from an e-booklet “Moon Matrix” by Alloya. In the booklet it’s rightly claimed that the very shapes of our houses limit our consciousness, and with all the electric wires and WiFi our homes become prisons within a prison.

For me city architecture always looked not human. These shapes aren’t natural for us. Note that it’s not only that we live in square houses but we also stare at square screens and read square books. We become square-headed.
I think structures as such seem much more human and it’s better for our psyche as there are no unnatural sharp angles.

It’s claimed in the e-booklet that all kinds of antennas and towers are capable of picking up and transmitting Moon’s energy for the matrix to keep working, and that the Moon is not a natural part of our universe but that it’s an ET ship that the draconian race stole from the Pleiadians and converted into the matrix generator and a soul recycler.

In the e-booklet, it’s claimed that some African tribes still retain the collective memory of this construct being introduced around 6,500 years ago and that when it was rolled into our skies people went mad. They haven’t recovered yet.

Before the Moon the climate was just right for humans and plants. There was no rain but mist covered the skies, evenly spreading humidity for plant growth and protecting us from the harshness of the Sun. But once the Moon was rolled in, this destroyed the mist and rains started which flooded the earth and this account can be found in many ancient legends including the Bible.

Maybe the whole earth used to be similar to what only tropical rain forests remain today.

From then on, the climate has either been too hot or cold, and there are areas with too much rain whilst some suffer from no rainfall at all. Also, it’s told that women, before the introduction of the Moon, did not experience painful menstruation (maybe not even blood) but this changed after this false construct introduction.

Back to the chakra problem. When chakras don’t work in harmony, the disease manifests. When they are brought back into balance, the person is recalibrated to Saturn’s rings. There’s no win-win situation here as long as the chakra system keeps being activated by negative and positive emotions.

When people engage in sexual tantric practices they engage the chakra system and generate the energy which leaves through this system. This is the rarest and tastiest human energy available for these reptiles.

Because humanity has been deprived of real Light for so long, they take this counterfeit chakra light for the real thing.

Because most people never experienced real unconditional love which is true Light, in this dark world most humans eagerly grab that which even in a slight way reminds of it. So it was easy for humans to accept false light experiences as coming from the Source.

For example, most people will not question the validity and integrity of an angelic entity manifesting before them. They will accept all the entity claims as true as long as it looks like an angel of light.

George Kavassilas claims that the pineal gland plays a big role in us being trapped in the matrix and that through it we can experience spiritual realms created by the demiurge.

He says that at the beginning humans didn’t have it but that their spiritual centres were their hearts. But once humans got genetically modified in such a way and religions were created, they were given specific paths of spirituality to follow so that their energy is redirected from the heart to the pineal gland.

Pineal gland is symbolized by the pine cone. Anunnaki are depicted as carrying pine cones and buckets – they were (and are) most likely getting our energy through this part of our brain. There’s a huge pine cone fountain in the Vatican building complex and some temples are shaped as pine cones.

These reptiles can’t feed on heart energy because that’s the energy of balance. Since they are imbalanced beings they can only take in the energy produced in a more synthetic way.

Do you remember me telling you that when kundalini left my crown chakra, I understood that the god of this world is YHWH? Now I know why. Because through the pineal gland I got plugged into the YHWH’s constructed reality, or you can say his hive mind. I managed to close the connection through closing the crown chakra.

George Kavassilas experienced this also, and he said in his work that other people experienced that kundalini awakening is not what it was told to be. I have several clients who got opened to this realm through shaktipat. Christian preachers touching the foreheads of their followers sometimes can induce a false bliss experience or open one to this realm too.

Just as we are plugged into the artificial hive-mind through our computers when we go on-line, so are we plugged into the religious hive-mind when we follow the steps the established religions give.

All the world’s religions and New Age branches lead to spiritual realms created by this demiurge. It’s in the heart that our true nature resides and it’s through the heart, by traveling within, that we can visit true realms. We can transform the energy of duality into neutrality by processing it in our hearts too, and we can integrate all our dual aspects by accepting them and lovingly directing them to our hearts without any judgment.

That’s the middle way and if we stick to it, the evil ones won’t be able to touch us.

I should also mention here that I’m trying to detach from inter-net as much as I can so I’m writing this piece on paper. I’m trying to reduce my time on-line by sticking to only the necessary tasks and work, and by limiting my exposure to technology to a certain time (afternoon). Because even if you watch a gadget screen for a few minutes it alters your brainwaves for a long time, making it difficult to get into a meditative or centered state.

When I get the time (when I complete all consultations and life assessments, and there are no new orders), I will spend at least two days without touching any technology. I will just stay mindful and centered all day in nature. It’s through the heart when being centered that we can access genuine past life memories and reconnect with our Higher Selves as well.

The reason the nature is being destroyed and covered in asphalt and electric wires whilst the Sun is hidden behind chemtrails is because these two planetary bodies can help us to remember who we are. Whilst the Moon hypnotises, the Sun has information about our Higher Selves, and so does the Earth. The earth is not a prison planet, it’s an imprisoned planet.

So if we start communication with Mother Earth and we sungaze, we can establish contact with these conscious planetary bodies and get more information about our origins. The sign that the contact has been established will be more synchronicities and guidance.

George Kavassilas says that every 2,000 years the consciousness of the Sun incarnates on the earth to expose corruption and to show the way. These are the messengers by the names of Christ, Buddha and Krishna, for example. They are like us but they remember their identities. They don’t ask us to worship them but they come to awaken us.

However, the teachings of such messengers become reassimilated into the draconian system and they become the tools of their control. Reptilians twist their teachings and they become degraded from self-empowering to disempowering.

Images of the messengers are created and people are asked to give their life to these created personas or to leave their enlightenment up to them (so people remain passive), and they are asked to worship them. So all this energy goes to reptilians.

That’s a lot of information, but I really wanted to share all these things in one article. I hope you’ve found this useful. Please do leave a comment if you want to comment on any subject mentioned.