I’ve just created a video of Harvey Weinstein’s astrological analysis, but I haven’t yet written an article. I hope to do so tomorrow.

It’s a very straightforward chart that clearly shows the reasons why he behaved the way that he did.

Now the video is being processed, so I shall resume reading landscaping articles as I really need to do something about the lawn of my land (moss is going to be there too).

I’m currently weeding my land from the tall grass so that I uncover the moss. I hope it stays as then I won’t need to maintain it in any way. But if it doesn’t, one of my readers suggested growing thyme as some of its varieties don’t grow tall, such as Elfin or Purple Carpet thyme.

Creeping thyme ground cover in bloom

I’m also thinking of having some sort of mulch in many parts of the land but I need to find out how to make it as maintenance-free as possible. Until the Mindfulness Center is established, it would be ideal to prevent long grass from growing because it’s unpleasant to return to the land after travelling and find it overgrown.

Since Lithuania is enjoying warm days this week, I’m able to weed quite a lot in a day. I hope to weed most of the land till cold days start, and then in the spring I will be able to do mulching and probably sow the seeds of thyme.

So that’s for the short update. Thank you for reading. You can expect the astrological analysis of Harvey Weinstein to be published tomorrow or the day after.