I’m researching different options of low-maintenance lawn and I’m looking at growing moss in certain areas of my garden.

I already have different types of moss growing on my land, but I need to do a lot of work to even make it visible as now it’s present under tall grass.

The reason I chose moss is because it’s low maintenance. When I came back to my land, I was disappointed to find it overgrown – the grass was almost as tall as it was when I purchased it.

My overgrown land
My overgrown land

Although I know that some people enjoy cutting grass, I’m not one of them. I did enjoy mowing grass at first, but when you have to do it again and again, it stops being exciting.

It’s difficult to prepare the soil for moss to grow, but once it starts growing, the job is done and there’s nothing more you need to do.

The benefits of growing moss as lawn

There’s yet another reason why I decided to grow moss as my lawn. It actually is very beneficial for the land. It keeps the ground moist, thus preventing soil erosion, and it deters mosquitoes as it purifies water (mosquitoes love stagnant water as that’s where they breed).

What’s more, since it’s so low in height, it doesn’t attract ticks which like to hide in tall grass. Also, there are many types of moss – some of them like growing in sunny and dry places which ticks don’t like.

Moss is wrongly understood as the plant that grows in unkempt and dirty areas. In truth, moss grows only where the air is clean with the exception of one type that can tolerate a more polluted environment.

In fact, moss is a bioindicator – using it it’s possible to detect various pollutants in the air by paying attention to how it grows and how slow.

Different types of moss

Also, moss has nothing to do with mold that is a type of fungus – they are not related. Moss doesn’t feed on its host (soil) like parasitic plants or fungi do. It in fact benefits the soil by keeping moisture in.

Moss has antibiotic effects and can be used as an emergency bandage. In the past people used to heat homes with it, and in the times of famine it’s even possible to use it as a flour substitute.

Growing moss is much more environmentally friendly as it doesn’t need cutting. When people cut grass with lawnmowers that use petrol, they pollute the environment a great deal. According to the Habitat Network,

Replacing a traditional lawn with a moss lawn likely minimizes the amount of carbon that could be released by removing the need to mow. One hour of lawn mowing with a two-stroke engine mower emits the same amount of pollution as running 40 new cars for an hour.

Habitat Network

Moss is also a favorite in Japanese garden design, because it creates an ancient and peaceful atmosphere. (Source)

Japanese garden with moss

So knowing all this, I’m very encouraged to have moss covering large parts of my garden. At the moment I’m removing all the grass by hand so that I uncover moss and encourage it to spread. I’m already getting excited as the types of moss that I find has such beautiful vivid green shades that I believe it will look great as my ground cover.

I will also leave some other grass types which I discovered whilst weeding. I will leave the type of grass whose height is low.

Here’s a picture from today showing what kind of moss I discovered when I was doing the weeding, and the type of grass that I’ve found which is very low:

I’m sure I will discover many more types of moss, as now I’ve just started this work. I also know that I will need to weed over and over again until no new growths emerge and only the moss is present.

But I’m willing to put all this work, because at the end I will have the lawn that doesn’t need to be maintained in any way.


I would like to make this land into a Mindfulness Center. If you haven’t yet read about this project, all is written here.

If you wish to help me establish it, please consider donating, getting my Life Assessment or purchasing my books. I will firstly use the raised money to have a well dug (it costs around €600) and then to get a house extension.

Once these two are in place, I will be able to accept volunteers. So if you also would like to volunteer, please contact me and I will get in touch with you when the place is ready.