The video above was made whilst I was in a forest Buddhist monastery in Thailand. I discussed three topics: the corruption in Buddhism, seeing worlds through the divine eye, as well as the mind-to-mind transmission that happened whilst I was in another Buddhist monastery.

Firstly, about the corruption in Buddhism. Blavatsky in her Isis Vol. 2 rightly mentioned that Buddhism became corrupted with Brahmanism. Brahmanism also corrupted the original religion of India.

(Brahmanism is a way of calling a corrupted Hindu faith. It became corrupted through evil priests who introduced many useless rituals and extracted much money from the religious folk.)

Buddha came to re-establish the way. He wasn’t the first one to have found it, but only the first in our period of human evolution, as Buddhist texts say. He came to cleanse Hinduism from all useless pompous traditions and money-grabbing priests. 

After his death, the virus of Brahmanism started eating into the cleansed religion of India, and this is how current Buddhism with all its traditions and shiny statues was created.

Catholicism is also a good example of Jesus teachings mixed with Brahmanism. The same useless pompous traditions and rituals are seen, and Catholic temples don’t differ much from extravagant Buddhist or Hindu ones. This is all Brahmanism.

Seeing worlds through the divine eye

In the Middle-Length Discourses of Buddha we find it written that a sage can view different worlds through the purified divine eye. This I was able to do, but could not connect it with the words of Buddha. I believe that what opened my eyes to what Buddha tried to convey through his teachings was the mind-to-mind transmission that I received whilst staying at a Buddhist monastery where I had to meditate for 12 hours a day.

I already mentioned in this post about me not being able to keep the eye contact with my teacher monk at the monastery. I didn’t understand at that time what it was that happened. Now I know.

Let me explain.

In the Thai monastery where I meditated for twelve hours a day I met a few individuals that were likely to be enlightened. I cannot know for sure whether they were enlightened or not, because, as Buddha said, only enlightened people can know which ones are enlightened. Others can only judge by signs.

I certainly know that there were in that monastery some individuals who were way higher than me spiritually. I do believe that the abbot of the monastery as well as my teacher were enlightened beings, based on my interactions with them.

I received a blessing of the abbot, and his picture (which he gave me) is with me in my wooden hut. His helper was my teacher, and I believe him to be an enlightened being too.

When I finished the month of twelve-hours-a-day meditation, I had a conversation with that teacher of mine. By my answers he arrived at the conclusion that I am almost liberated, but to be sure,  he wanted to do a mental check.

He established an eye contact with me and held it for some time. I thankfully did not turn away and maintained it (for some time). This allowed him to get me into his field and he transmitted total harmony and something that words cannot describe. I believe that he got confirmation about my spiritual state because he was able to establish such a contact.

After pondering on this, I remembered a Zen movie that I watched (probably the only Zen movie I watched in my life) where a teacher was able to transmit enlightenment through the eyes. It was told that it’s very rare that a teacher can transmit enlightenment mind-t0-mind, eye-to-eye.

The reason why I am of the opinion that he transmitted something enlightening through the prolonged eye contact, was because after it I saw Buddhist texts in a live way. And let me quickly say here that that teacher of mine was totally cold with students, and when he kept the eye contact with me in such a way, it was beyond surprising. But now I know the purpose of this.

The teachings of those dusty Buddhist books have become alive, and it was as though Buddha himself was teaching me, and I knew exactly what he meant.

Every single sentence was packed with wisdom, and I found myself able to get those precious pearls from what before seemed to be just a written dead word.

I could not believe how fast I was able to comprehend a teaching quite foreign to me and given to a totally different culture almost 3,000 years ago. The only thing that must be responsible for this is the mind-to-mind transmission, or maybe the blessing of the dear abbot as well.

I told in one of my videos that the abbot was able to see in my aura the visions that I got during meditation. I was wondering, whilst sitting at his feet, about the visions that I got about the water element. He looked at me, then around me, and told:

It doesn’t matter what kind of water you find yourself in. What matters is the boat.

One day I could almost swear that he simply materialized in a meditation hall. Events as such, as well as his nature of total humility and loving-kindness, almost leave no doubt about his spiritual state.

He gave me a lot of attention. At the end of my stay in the monastery, he kept smiling and looking at me, though there were more people in the room. Some even attempted to converse with him, but his focus was directed at me, and he kept repeating with a little loving smile: “Practice, practice”.

So it’s either the blessing of this precious being or the eye-to-eye transmission of my teacher (or maybe both of them!) that gave me a huge push in my spiritual journey and the comprehension of Buddhist texts. For this, I would be grateful to those super-human beings forever.

Back to the viewing worlds through the divine eye. Buddhist texts say that when you get totally detached from the world and disidentified from sensations and feelings, the divine eye gets purified. This enables you to view different worlds, observe the way that different beings are born, as well as see your own past lives.

I was able to view other worlds way before my interest in Buddhism, but only now I can comprehend that Buddha was talking about the very same thing. He taught people of a totally different culture, so the wording sometimes makes it difficult to understand that what one experiences during meditation these days is exactly what was described by Buddha 600 B.C.

Thankfully, as a result of a blessing, now this inability to get through the time and culture barrier is fast diminishing, revealing supernatural knowledge that Buddha attempted to convey so many centuries ago.

Prince Buddha - Ajanta Caves painting, India

Prince Buddha – Ajanta Caves painting, India