I believe in fate. As an astrologer, I see fate in action every time I look at the chart of someone I know. My own life proves it – were I really to rcreate my own life just as I want, at the moment I would be living my life in India with my boyfriend. Would people really create their lives, they would all be happy and wealthy.

Some LOA practictioners would say that the reason people do not live the lives they want is because they don’t know how to consciously create that. But I know how to do it – I manifested my life exactly how I wanted when I was in my twenties. I imagined working for myself and living somewhere by the beach, and this manifested.

It’s not that I lost knoweldge of how to consciously create – once you know it, you will not forget it. The thing is, in our lives some events are prearranged, and this is shown in one’s natal chart. So even though you envision a life totally different, circumstances will arrange thesmelves so that you are pushed to where you’re supposed to be in life.

These external circumstances eventually took me back to my own country, which I’ve written about in several articles. This alings with my natal chart showing that my place of birth contains many current life’s lessons, whilst staying in India was very easy because it’s tied with my learnt past life’s lessons.

I wanted to ignore it. I wanted to choose my own fate. Yet circumstances brought me back to the place of birth, to learn the new lessons of this incarnation.

So how to reconcile these seemingly two opposing philosophies? One that says that you can do everything that you want, and one that says that your life is prearranged?

Here’s how I reconcile them.

  • It can be in one’s destiny to learn the principles of LOA and apply them so that you achieve what is already prearranged for you.
  • Some events can’t be changed, but you can choose how to react to them which can vastly better or worsen the situation.
  • Some prearranged events may manifest in a lighter or heavier way, depending on your level of vibration, awareness, spirituality level and accumulated karma.

Because of this, it makes sense to learn the principles of the law of attraction.

I was recently listening to the recordings of Abraham Hicks. It’s interesting how differently you can understand the teachings if you listen to them several years after you came across them. I understand them so much better now.

They teach that with your wishing you have already accumulated many blessings ready to manifest in your expereince. But if your vibration is low, you simply do not allow them to see the light of day.

They say that you can manifest absolutely everything you want. But this would contradict with the prearranged life path that the birth chart shows. To reconcile this, it could be that if you get way above the experience of human life by eliminating all beliefs what is possible in this world and what isn’t, you get to the stage where not even planets rule you anymore.

This also touches upon the hermetic teachings about escaping planetary control by learning the traps of each planet which are active in your energy field. For example, the Moon would represent uncotrolled subconscious urges; Venus – sexual desire which can bind us to this earth; Mercury – lying and cunningness; Mars – brutality, aggression, argumentativeness; the Sun – pride; Jupiter – undiscriminate indulging in the good life; Saturn – selfishness and the lack of love.

So maybe none of these philosphies clash with one another, but point at the matter from different perspectives. Maybe indeed we do not need to be bound by fate when we are no longer bound by planetary influences as we transcend the temptations that the dark side of each planet offers. And then, maybe we indeed can create anything that we wish on this earth.