I haven’t posted in a while because I have many Life Assessments to do and I’m making purchases for my life here in the UK.

Firstly, about Life Assessments. I may need to increase the prices a little bit more (for astrology and consultation services) because I find that I still have no time for myself. I love doing life assessments but I miss some time for myself too. So I’m letting you know about this now.

Now, about the purchases. Water is loaded with chemicals here yet close to London the water quality is even worse. (I’m staying in the North East of the UK.) Still, water smells of chemicals here so I had to buy a shower filter as well as a water distiller.

I bought this shower filter:

So far, so good. No chemical smell of water, but the softness of water will be determined later as my skin reaction over some time will tell if the water is pure enough or not. My skin is used to soft water as in Kerala the water is excellent and in Nepal I enjoyed pure Himalayan mountain water.

I bought this water distiller for drinking water:


Here it’s sitting on the kitchen counter:

This is an excellent product as it produces totally pure water. Then I add around 25 drops of trace minerals into the 4-litre jug, and the water is good to drink. Here’s the mineral solution I bought:

So those were the main purchases, and I also bought a Brother All-In-One printer as I love reading but reading on a screen is really bad for eyes. I did ages and ages of research about which printer to buy, and when finally I’ve found the one that could also use compatible cartridges (resulting in much savings with time), I quickly ordered it without looking how long it would take to deliver.

When I looked, to my disappointment, it would only reach me towards the end of the next month, as it’s shipped all the way from the USA! Oh well.

Here’s its picture, in case anyone wanted to buy one and is tired to do all the research:

So these are all the major purchases that I’ve done, and I also bought a pack of loose Rooibos tea. I drink this every morning if it’s available wherever I am, because it’s excellent for skin. In India I could find it here and there, but in Nepal there was no chance. So I’m happy to be able to so easily order it here in the UK.

As you’ve noticed, I bought all these items on Amazon and although neither me nor my mom like to use this company because it rips off sellers and their own employees, we are based in a location where such items are not available to buy.

I’ve described all the main purchases, now I will tell about the rest of my experience here in the UK so far.

When I wasn’t busy doing life assessments I was continuing to learn trading. So far my account balance is pretty much how I started. I manage to gain in some crypto trades, and I lose in others. So I continue learning, but I see a huge earning potential in this activity so I will continue studying it.

I wasn’t able to sleep on the soft UK bed – for ten years I was sleeping on quite hard mattresses so now it’s impossible for me to fall asleep on a soft mattress. So we had to buy a folding bed with harder mattress for me to sleep here in my mom’s place.

When I got the filters for water, I felt much better because water for me is the main concern wherever I am. If I had to spend a lot for water I would, because health can be greatly improved or ruined by the kind of water that you drink.

My mother lives in a quiet neighborhood with plenty of greenery so air quality is good. Of course, it’s not as good as living near mountains or sea, but I think it’s very good. I also like that here it’s totally quiet so I can fully focus on my work without any distractions.

Here people are allowed to walk mask-free outside, which is very different to how things are in Nepal or India. In those places you can be jailed for not wearing a mask, and in India you can also be fined. So here it’s much more relaxed, and I haven’t seen any police here so far, so that’s totally different to the heavy military presence in India as well as Nepal. But probably in London the police presence is heavier.

I also forgot to tell that I started using Henna conditioning. I bought a huge pack of Rajasthani Henna for my mom which she never used. So I started using it with the same amount of good quality conditioner. I put it in my hair and keep it for 30 minutes. The results are excellent so far, so I’m very happy about it. Using Henna without conditioner leaves my hair very dry, so I’m glad to have found some way to use this hair-strengthening herb.

Since my mother has an oven here, I’m going to start baking again. I already made roasted potatoes and a chocolate cake. My next bake is going to be cookies.

My chocolate cake

So these are all the updates for now. Mainly my day consists of working on Life Assessments, eating some salmon or cheese sandwich, doing some online purchasing and working again. By the way, how glad I am to eat salmon again, which is very hard to get in Nepal.

So that’s all for now. Thank you for reading, and I hope you are doing fine wherever you are, and the plandemic situation is not too bad in your location. Do share about it if you wish.

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