Garden view

I’ve written in this personal update that my mother’s partner of many years has recently died of a heart attack.

My mother was in shock, but now she’s better. She wants me to stay with her in the UK.

I was dreading this, yet I was prepared to go to look after my mother. I never visited her city before, so I had no idea what to expect. I was afraid to find a typical grey lifeless UK city.

Yet it turns out she lives in a village and it’s very green there. I was relieved to hear that, and below this post I will share some of the pictures from her garden and the area.

Therefore, since my mother wants me to stay with her, I will have to leave Nepal. Yet it’s not that easy, because the Nepal government yet again delayed the restart of commercial flights – now till the 31st of August.

This is because the plandemic is getting bigger here. Interestingly, it all started when investments into Nepal started coming from big countries “to help with future virus cases”.

Nobody knows whether this is the true date of restarting flights, or if it would be delayed again.

And once I’m able to fly, without the PCR test they will not allow me to board.

If there’s virus at all, it’s probably spread through WHO hands. So I would be very wary of putting anything from that evil organization into my nose to test me.

I’m thinking of explaining the doctor that some of the tests were contaminated with virus (there was news about it) and asking him or her to test me by taking the sample from my nose with my own given cotton swab. I don’t know if I would be allowed to, but there’s more of a possibility for a foreigner in Nepal than I would have in Europe or the US.

I just went downstairs to explain my situation to the owner of this apartment. I asked if I can only pay half of the rent for the next month in case I need to fly out. He’s a very kind person so he said sure, of course you can.

Then we started discussing this whole situation and we are in total agreement that this is a fake pandemic. He told that nobody in Nepal yet died of coronavirus, and that all those listed as having died from this virus were those suffering from many other problems and they would have died anyway.

He told that hospitals are pressured by the government to list any death as from coronavirus, and he agrees with me that lockdowns are not for our protection as governments never care, but it’s about destroying the economy.

Thus, maybe I’m spending my last days in Nepal. I’ve mentally prepared myself to go. If it’s my destiny to stay there than no efforts of my own would prevent that. And I no longer resist any change that forcefully comes into my life because I know it’s unavoidable.

There’s peace when you go with the flow. I no longer have strong desires so even if I would never see India again (if vaccination is required to fly in the future), it’s not going to be a huge loss. I would accept the fact that this is how life turned out.

Life in Asian countries was very easy for me but now my direction is being changed by external circumstances probably to help me grow through challenges. I accept that and I’m actually looking forward to what this would bring.

For sure I know life will be much harder in the UK. It’s the whole atmosphere – it’s so different to the lightness I feel in India. Yet through difficulties we grow the most.

Finally, I’m sharing some of the photos that my mother sent me of her location.

If you’re wondering why I never visited my mother in that location all these years, it’s because (some of my old readers will be aware of it) I didn’t get along with her partner. I was not welcome there because of that, though my mother visited me in London when I went to the UK the last time.