Though in the video I talk about health and beauty, I’ve already addressed these topics in my previous update, so here I will focus on death and country change topics. By the way, the video was made with a new microphone so you may want to listen to it and tell me if it’s a better quality sound.

Yesterday I received a message from my mother that the partner that she was living with for I think seven or ten years had died of heart attack. This means that she’s now alone in England. Fortunately, my brother lives in England too, though far from her. I’m hoping that he would be able to stay with her for some time as he’s working from home anyway.

Also her sister may come from Lithuania to stay with her. My aunt is retired now, so it would be wonderful if they could live together as they have a strong bond and get along very well. Yet because of the plandemic situation it’s not so easy to fly. I believe in Europe many flights are resuming, but I’m not sure if there are any quarantine times for the newly landed.

If my brother or aunt are unable to stay with my mother, I will have to take a flight to England when commercial flights resume here in Nepal. This means that I may never be able to see Asia again, since probably once the vaccine is invented you will have to produce a certificate of vaccination before flying. Even now if you want to fly to Dubai, for example, you have to show a certificate proving that you don’t have the virus.

I would never want to do the virus test as I believe some of them are contaminated with the virus, if it exists at all. And for sure I don’t want to take the toxic vaccine. I say “don’t want to” rather than “will not”, because in my life when I make some sure statement, life often proves me wrong. So it’s better not to risk with such talk.

So if I need to go to England, probably I will be stuck there or in Europe, maybe for the rest of my life.

I will be very happy to stay with my mother as we get along well and I love her dearly; it would be a pleasure to take care of her.

I’m so grateful for all she did for me. She brought me and my brother up on her own, made sure I was able to leave the country to study what I wanted (tourism, though I didn’t finish the studies realizing that universities are traps and money-making machines).

She never imposed her will on me – she allowed me to choose how to live and what to do in life. I will be forever grateful for that.

She had such a difficult life and these seven or ten years were the only truly enjoyable years of her life. She really loved her partner. And now he’s gone.

My mother is a very strong person so I know that she will recover. Yet she’s old now, much more frail than she used to be. It would be a big joy for me to take care of her to at least a little repay for all that she did. She enabled me to have such a beautiful life.

The only sacrifice would be to live in a country totally run by the elite. Yet maybe I’m required to be there for more than one reason. Astrology has taught me not to fight external circumstances pushing you to take a specific direction but to welcome them; because that’s where your next lesson lies.

Only recently I was reviewing my life and I had to acknowledge that according to astrology I’m more leaning towards the lifestyle I’d already mastered in past lives. I actually told to myself than unless I would be pushed to go outside my comfortable boundaries, I wouldn’t be able to do it as I’m so happy with the lifestyle I have. And now this event happened.

Interestingly, the hectic days that I was experiencing all since my coming to Nepal totally slowed down two days before his death. Though I’m usually busy completing life assessments, the flow of orders stopped. It’s as though the life itself stopped it, as an important event was about to happen.

I told my mother that I can come as soon as the flights start, but she told me to wait a bit to see how she feels. I’m sure she wants to avoid being a burden and maybe she’s thinking that she will be okay being on her own. However, I want to take care of her for the rest of her life and provide the love and care she was used to all these years. It would be a pleasure to serve the person who enabled me to have a very beautiful life.