I’ve finally managed to get a good-quality microphone. I had to visit around eight more computer shops in the area, and only one had a microphone.

The next day I came with my laptop to the shop to see if it detects the microphone. When they unpacked the single microphone they had, it turned out that the USB cable was missing.

But they took a printer cable and it worked – the microphone was detected on my laptop. So I’m hoping now the sound is going to be much better, because it’s a uni-directional condenser microphone, and a good quality one.

Here it is:



This time was very busy, not so much for the life assessment work but shopping. I think it’s because of the transiting Sun’s sextile to my Venus. I spent a lot on personal appearance as I’ve found some great quality clothing stores here. I explored the city too, rather than always staying in a tourist place here in Nepal.

My birthday is coming soon and around this time each year some transformation happens in my life. This time I’m noticing that I’m changing my dress style as I understand the importance of looking more professional and elegant for videos.

The change is happening without me initiating anything at all and this only confirms that the story of life is written already, yet if we are identified with our bodies we believe ourselves to be the doers. And if you want to know how the story is going to unfold, astrology is truly the key.

Beauty treatments

I also went to a beauty salon for eyelash tint and perm, coloring of the ends of my hair as well as a semi-permanent procedure – microblading. This is the procedure where your eyebrows are filled in with a method similar to tatooing, but it lasts only one or two years.

My eyebrows are very thin so I’m relieved that I no longer need to fill them in myself. Though the work was done Nepali-style, so tattooed eyebrow hair is more dense than I would like, it still looks very realistic and the shape is excellent. Now it also looks more intense as the procedure is just done, and it will fade somewhat after around 10 days.

The cost, for those interested, was only £63 ($83, 70), which is nothing compared to the cost in Europe. For example, in England this procedure costs £350-£550 or more. Microblading was done manually, without the machine involved.

As I’ve told, I’ve also colored the ends of my hair – for extensions. I had purchased in that salon hair extensions to boost the volume of my hair. My hair is regrowing slowly after my vegetarian days, and still the volume is nothing compared to what it was. This makes me uncomfortable to wear my hair loose, so I decided to get hair extensions but hopefully the hair itself will recover after some time.

Usually my video topics are focused on astrology or meditation so I prefer not to talk too much about my personal life, yet you are likely to see me with hair extensions in future videos. It’s nothing major, yet the hair will definitely look as having more volume.


I may make a video about this topic too, I’m not sure yet. But this is very important to know for people who eat lots of dairy or meat. I got into the habit of drinking full-fat milk, using lots of ghee and also eating meat, which is excellent if you lead an active lifestyle and burn all the fat off.

However, because of this plandemic period, my lifestyle became more sedentary and these few weeks I was feeling some pressure on my chest. Upon research I realized this is a condition when arteries get thinner as a result of cholesterol deposits on their inner walls.

So this made me change my diet. Now I no longer drink milk, ghee is not in my diet either, and meat will be skipped for now. I include now lots of fruit and vegetables in my diet, and use sunflower oil which is cholesterol-free. I also got much more active, spending a few more hours outdoors, and being more active when at home too.

I will continue this way until the chest pressure is no more and then I will re-incorporate my loved foods though in much smaller amounts.

This made me realize that there always must be balance. Carnivores and vegans fight between each other claiming that their diets are life-sustaining. But I find that there should be a healthy balance.

Veganism is excellent for purification but if you overdo it you will age fast, you will lose skin collagen and hair may start falling out. If you eat too much full-fat dairy and meat, you may get a heart attack.

I want nothing to do with the modern money-grabbing medical system so I will do all I can to prevent any serious heart condition. This is not even difficult since I’m not obsessed with the kind of food that I eat – my interest is in spirituality and astrology.

Currently reading

I’m currently reading an excellent astrology book by Stephen Arroyo called Astrology, A Cosmic Science that is suitable both for beginners and advanced astrology students.

Though it contains basic astrology information, it also offers esoteric insight into the signs, houses and aspects and their configurations. It talks a lot about how to understand past life tendencies from your birth chart.


I’m planning to make a new celebrity chart interpretation video and article, and I will also make probably two more deep meditation series videos and posts.

Now the weather is becoming really hot in Nepal yet mornings are still cool and misty. I’m sharing two pictures from my morning walk, which is truly enjoyable time as it’s so peaceful then.

Lake and Himalayas

Lake and Himalayas