It’s time to reveal the two great changes that recently took place in my life. I mentioned that a great change will happen in the article on leaving India.

However, in that article I wasn’t able to share with you what that change was, because of the following reason. I don’t tell anyone the things that didn’t yet manifest which I want to manifest. I keep it to myself, and when it comes true, then only I talk about it.

This is an old habit of mine which helped me to manifest many of my wishes. The reason it’s effective is because when you formulate some wish in your mind, it’s ethereal. It means that it’s weak, and any stronger wish for it not to manifest may destroy it.

That’s the reason I don’t tell about things in the process of manifestation to anyone, not even to my closest relatives – just to be on the safe side. You may think a person to wish you good, but he may actually be jealous and wish you ill. This can actually affect an ethereal form of your wish.

Thus, your desires should be protected like eggs to be hatched. I advise you not to tell about them to anyone, but to keep thinking about them positively, so that you keep channeling the necessary energy for their manifestation. And soon they should start taking a more tangible form.

Now about the two actual changes that took place in my life. I’m writing this article on the day that I plan to post it, whilst the video that you see above was created when the second change was just manifesting into the earthly. So in this post I will provide more recent updates than I do in the video.

The first change is this. I returned to my home country – Lithuania. Three people guessed it right, when I told in my social networks that probably my readers would not be able to guess my whereabouts:)

It became very clear that that’s where I should be. I’ve been traveling for more than ten years, and although I thought I would be happy to have such a lifestyle for the rest of my life, this wasn’t the case.

After so many years I got tired of always needing to check visa expiry times, of dealing with visa documents and flight or other transport ticket purchases and planning. All this reduces the time that I could spend in meditation and other spiritual pursuits, not even talking about the need to often change hotels and guesthouses.

At one point in my life I was thinking of becoming a total renunciate – of following the Indian sanyasi way. I was thinking long and hard about it, and there was a strong desire in the past to take such a path.

But that would mean cutting myself entirely off humanity; that would also mean that I would have to stay in some warm country, and Asia I know best. Which would mean legal problems and worries about that, since I would have no identification documents and nothing I could call my own.

For some readers this path may sound too extreme, but I was totally willing to take it. If I would be born in some warm country and the times would not be as they are now (with police and other legal institutions), I would have probably become a sanyasi. But taking such a path for a European in these times, I believe, would create more stress than not taking it, and stress would prevent me from deepening my meditation, which would defeat the whole purpose of becoming a renunciate.

So I believe that staying in my home country will be least stressful, because I won’t have to worry about visa extension times, guest house or hotel rent, and bus/train/flight ticket purchases. This would remove a possible source of stress and would cause meditations to be deeper.

Now about the second great change. At the time of writing this article, it’s been two days since I signed the final agreement of land purchase! I now own a beautiful plot of land!

Again, I did this not because I want to own anything in this world, but because it’s less stressful to stay in the land one owns. I won’t need to worry about paying rent; I would be able to do in that land what I please and I will be able to grow my own food, which is a huge thing for me since I will know where my food comes from.

The plot of land is quite spacious and is in a village-like place, surrounded by greenery. It’s very close to the forest, and it’s totally quiet there – a perfect place to create a small meditation retreat!

The land needs a lot of work, and the house there is wooden and really tiny. I will need to put a lot of work into the place, but I’m ready to create my own little paradise. I’ve spent almost all my savings to purchase the plot, so donations at this moment are very welcome, and thank you in advance if you choose to donate.

I will need to redo that place completely, but at least now I don’t have to worry about where to stay next and plan about which country to visit next. I can relax from all those interesting travels and stay in my own land without needing to worry about such things as visas or rent payments.

I talk more in detail about the land in the video above, if you are interested to hear more. All I want to say more in this article is that the purchase was quite stress-free, but the thought of how much work needs to be done there has kept me from visiting that place since the day of its purchase!

I’m currently at my aunt’s home, in Vilnius, but the plot is a few hours away by train. Once I order the tools I need to start the maintenance, I will move there and start working. Eventually I want to make the place self-sustaining, with solar power, my own water source and independent of any external organization if possible. But all this requires funds, and since I rely on donations, it’s going to take time.

But at least now I have the land which I can slowly start transforming into a beautiful meditation spot. I plan to plant many trees (though there are some there already), have my own vegetable garden, heat the tiny house with a wood-burning stove and to live a very simple and natural life.

This is a total change for me, and it’s so great that I still cannot believe all this happened. Yet I must follow the Higher Self, and this is where it is leading me! For some reason there’s also a very strong requirement (for the lack of a better word) put on my heart to become independent of all external supplies of food and water. Maybe there’s some crisis coming, I’m not sure. But I strongly feel that I must become independent as soon as possible.

I am really hoping to release the Sun Behind the Sun ebook soon; I’m almost halfway through the final editing. I hope to release it before I move there, since the maintenance of that plot would take most of my time.

Though I do hope to continue making regular videos and writing posts, if the solar electric gadget charger that I’m going to purchase works well; since I’m hoping to do away with needing to deal with electricity supplying companies (though the house has wiring in place).

So this is all I wanted to update you about. I know you are surprised, and I’m surprised as well:) But I love the fast pace of my life, and I totally trust that I’m being guided the right way.

I wish you all the best, and have a lovely day!