In the video, I’ve updated you about my travel plans – that I’d been planning to fly to another country to stay in a Buddhist monastery, and that I wasn’t sure whether from there I would be able to update you with articles and videos.

I have arrived at the new country yesterday. I cannot yet tell you which country it is for safety reasons – I don’t know anyone here so for the time being I will keep its name secret.

At the moment I’m writing from a Buddhist monastery. Since I’m new here, they put me in a dormitory so I will be sleeping with eight other women. Hopefully, later I will be transferred to a separate hut, but it’s not the end of the world if I would have to stay here for the rest of my time in this place.

To my luck, mobile network works in this monastery, though it’s located in the midst of uninhabited mountainous forests. Thus, through mobile network I will be able to keep you updated with articles, though I’m not yet sure if I would be able to create any videos. I hope I somehow will be able to, but probably only if I get the privacy of a hut.

It’s not my first time staying in a Buddhist monastery. I’ve stayed once in such an establishment in Sri Lanka. I loved it since the main monk was an interesting person and the monastery was located in the midst of uninhabited forests, like this one where I’m staying at now.

I love this current location because it’s completely away from civilization. I had to take a five-hour mountain microbus and it twisted and turned to climb a higher and higher altitude until one lady on the bus had enough of it and had to use the sickness bag.

For five hours the microbus was moving through a winding mountainous forest road and it climbed quite a high altitude since my ears got blocked and they stayed this way for quite a while after the trip. After five hours the bus stopped at a place where I told the driver to drop me off, and I got off the bus and took a small road branching out from the main one.

My Google Maps app showed that I had to do over fifty minutes of walking to get to the monastery. I covered the distance in around thirty minutes though. I enjoyed unusual sights and peace whilst walking alone in nature – I just saw one motorbike heading the same way throughout my whole walk; otherwise there was not a living soul in sight in that place.

Although I’ve spent only eight hours in this monastery so far, I love it already. The style of meditation is excellent (breath observation which quickly leads to meditative states), the teacher seems to apply his own teachings of non-attachment, the monks and laypeople are quiet and polite. Like always is the case in such places, I’ve also seen quite a few of disgruntled faces, usually of westerners unable to adjust to the lack of comforts.

This place, by the way, is quite well known among those interested in Buddhism, so many westerners stay here. It’s one of those monasteries that accept western laypeople, and there are monks who speak English as well, which isn’t always the case in such remote places.

There is one difficulty here, though. I’m completely cut off from accessing any new supplies. What I mean is that if I’m short of anything, there are no shops around. This monastery is cut off from civilization – the next small mountain town is an hour away, and the microbus plies this route only twice a day! And who knows how many hours I would need to wait for a return bus to the monastery (plus another thirty minute walk once off the bus). So, if I were to need anything, I’m quite stuck.

Here people eat only twice a day. At 6.30 am and then at 11 am. Then in the afternoon there is a tea break, but the available tea is undrinkable as it’s one of those all in one mix varieties with plenty of unknown preservatives, sugar and dehydrated stuff, so I’m not touching that. Thankfully, I got some dried stevia leaves whilst I was waiting for the bus to this place, so I’m going to use this as my evening tea.

I’ve already ran out of my two snack packs of roasted chestnuts. Since I’d arrived after they had their last meal, I had to eat one pack at noon, and the last one I ate just now (it’s late evening). I hope that I’ll be able to adjust to eating only twice a day as I have no other option!

Before and whilst I was leaving India quite a few interesting things happened, such as not being able to sleep in any hotel or anywhere with a normal bed for three nights! But I hope to write about this in another article.

I’ve been traveling non-stop for three days now, so I’m extremely tired. I think I will have no difficulty falling asleep in this dorm, and the women in the room seem nice and quiet. It’s a huge room on the second floor of a house made completely out of wood; it’s very large – so large that it even has a line of round wooden pillars in the middle.

We will be sleeping on mats on the floor – there are no beds in this room. I’m experienced in sleeping on the floor and I actually sometimes prefer sleeping this way as opposed to a bed that’s too soft, because it’s better for the spine.

Daytime was extremely hot and humid here but it’s cooling now as it’s the evening, so the sleep should be sound.

That’s all I wanted to update you about, and now I cannot wait to get my much needed sleep. Please subscribe to my newsletter on the top right corner of any page, or send me a Facebook friend request if you want to stay updated about my travel progress and articles/videos on other subjects.

In the next article I’m hoping to cover my adventures whilst leaving India.

P. S. I forgot to mention that at the moment I’m writing an ebook called Sun Behind The Sun. This is a book on the mystic understanding of the solar force. Mystics believe our sun to be a prism reflecting the rays of the hidden sun. This occult sun is the life-giver to the whole universe.

Sun Behind The Sun

Without this force we would not be able to physically or spiritually grow.

It’s the very same force that Hindus call kundalini.

Hindus depict kundalini as a coiled snake not because it’s an actual snake but because of the way that it moves – in spirals.

Solar force moves in spirals also – meditators know this; kundalini is just one of many solar force manifestations.

In the ebook I’ll explain the workings of this solar force and how it relates to other spiritual subjects, like meditation, the mentioned kundalini force, Hindu symbolism of the sun, the colors that the sun emanates and what they do, and many other topics related to the hidden sun.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it, and I’m going to release it on donation hopefully soon. I’ve already written 100 pages of it (in the video I tell I’ve completed 70 but I’ve written 30 more now) and I think it will be 150 or more pages’ long.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you will have a blessed day (or evening)!

A road to the Buddhist monastery
A lone road to the Buddhist monastery.