It’s been now a year of my relationship with my boyfriend from India. Our bond was strengthened as a result of great distance separating us.

Long-distance relationships can either strengthen or break bonds. The same applies to traveling together. When you travel with another person you come to understand whether you would be able to stay with each other or not. Travel makes you very quickly get to know the person as you face challenges together.

But it wasn’t that only long distance made us realize that we will stay together; from the very beginning we knew it, experiencing weird “coincidences”, such as texting identical messages to each other at the same time, wording each others’ thoughts, or sometimes even getting identical injuries.

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Quite recently I was shutting the door of the balcony of the apartment here in Valencia, and I shut it on my two fingers. The pain was severe but no real injury resulted. When I told that over the phone to my boyfriend, he could not believe it, because he cut the same two fingers (though of his left hand) when he was cutting up some fruits.

Once he was involved in a motorbike accident when some drunk person drove into him, injuring his knee. Several days after I was cycling to my hut in Lithuania, decided to stop on the bridge to look at the stream below, and whilst parking I nearly fell into the stream, injuring my knee. The injury wasn’t big but it left a big bruise on the same leg and in the same area as my boyfriend’s.

So now we joke that we need to be careful so that if any of us gets injuries, the other party will too! And usually he’s the first one to get it, so I’m dreading when this happens:)

It’s also interesting that now I’m exploring the astral realms with him in my dreams rather than alone. We explore them as a couple, and sometimes I see our spiritual children (two girls).

This never happened to be before. I used to be alone exploring such realms. But now he often accompanies me.

Whether in dreams or not, he’s always with me in my heart. And he feels in the same way, that no matter what distance separates us, I’m with him in his heart. We trust each other fully, which is again something that strengthens the bond over time when that trust proves to be rightly placed.

What we also both found was that our spiritual bond got stronger when our bodies were separated from each other. We both feel our spiritual bond developing more and more. Even from the very beginning we had it, because were were not tied down by other bonds that people indulging in a loose lifestyle do. But now it’s definitely deeper.

Both of us abstained from casual relationships and were willing to only get into a serious relationship. And that’s why, we both believe, God made us find each other.

It’s very important to remove all bonds that you’re not supposed to have; otherwise they will create such a confused energy field that you may not even feel if you meet your soulmate.

I’m sensitive to energy fields and unfortunately many people in the Western world today have really terrible energy fields to the extent that I have to step away as I don’t want any of that confusion touching my field.

People who have a loose lifestyle are so confused that they can’t even feel any dangers, they are blind to the Universe warning them of some impending disaster; they are blind to which people are good for them and which will only harm them.

Of course, it’s possible to feel the entire Universe telling you not to be with the person and still to choose to continue due to your love for another, like it happened with my ex.

But it’s highly advised for people who had multiple partners to do lots of cord-cutting and stay celibate as long as they can, to harmonize their energy fields, get rid of foreign energies and truly understand themselves before committing again.

I remember when I was with my psychopathic ex I actually saw his spiritual wife a few times in a vision and then eventually I met that woman in the physical. I wish I would just trusted my visions, but at least the heartbreak taught me never to doubt such spiritual experiences again.

So when your energy field is clear and you get into a relationship with someone, you will probably be given visions if they are already spiritually committed, and the Universe will use other means to warn you of danger.

Also, since it’s my first legitimate spiritual tie (as the last one was not, as the ex had a spiritual wife already), I got a dream that I no longer belong to my father. And it’s not a Christian thing found in bibles, but it’s a spiritual truth that before true spiritual marriage, boys belong to their mothers and girls – fathers; and when the spiritual marriage happens, the husband or wife replaces that tie.

And because my father was uncaring (he was an alcoholic), he was a poor spiritual protection for me. That’s why I experienced spiritual attacks of sexual nature quite a lot before, and my ex had access to me as he’s spiritually very strong (in a dark way). But after the start of this relationship, the ex never could access me through dreams, and I only experienced one sexual proposition in the spirit realm which went nowhere.

So a legitimate spiritual marriage protects you from such things, and marriage it is, though it may not be done in a physical way; because when both people genuinely love each other and have no other ties, they will fuse their lives into one.

Sex is such a powerful thing. You should never, ever have it casually. You should always ask yourself whether you want yourself to be one with the other person forever before engaging in it. Because it’s very, very hard to remove the connection once it’s solidified through sex.

So when you don’t pollute your energy field with all the ties that you aren’t supposed to have, you remain spiritually sensitive. And that’s how you can know which person you’re supposed to be with.

That’s how we understood it. We did not select each other in terms of looks. But as soon as we started speaking with each other, we could not stay away from one another. There was this instant bond and it was deep.

We are very attracted to each other physically; mentally we match too, because he relaxes me, whilst I provide him structure. Nobody ever had such a relaxing effect on me. It’s really like an instant drug.

When I’m with him I can totally switch off work and just have a great time; whilst when we are together I provide him routine (I’m pretty much doing the same thing every day) which he needs because he tends to be very erratic.

I’m also happy to say that he started to spiritually awaken. Before meeting me he was intuitive and sensitive, but now he started to become aware of his negative behavior patterns and pray to God for help in changing them.

I was so happy to hear that. Because his natal chart and numbers do show his purpose in this life to be spiritual awakening and healing service. He has a healing effect because his energy field is very harmonious.

Of course, we do have our challenging moments. The only person that sometimes would arouse my angry side was my mother, but he is definitely triggering that side much more. And I trigger his angry side too. So we do fight:)

But it’s good that he triggers me, because this arisen anger allows me to get in touch with its source and deal with it, rather than thinking that I no longer have it when it’s actually simply not being triggered.

So both of us have experienced much personal growth as a result of our relationship, and this, of course, doesn’t allow the relationship to get stale. The purpose of each relationship is personal growth, the way that I see it.

So that’s the update about my long-distance relationship. I’m very grateful for this gift in disguise because the separation of our bodies allowed our spiritual tie to become even stronger. So this is the best thing that long-distance relationship did for us, and we both feel this.