In this article I would like to share with you what it’s like to be in the flow. That doesn’t mean you have no obstacles. In New Age sources you may have come across the belief that once you’re in the flow, only good things happen to you.

But then we wouldn’t grow. We all have to experience obstacles because through overcoming them we get to know ourselves and change, hopefully for the better. Obstacles make us either go forward or backwards in life; without resistance there wouldn’t be any movement.

As above, so below. Without the resistance of air molecules no vehicles would be able to move. Without obstacles no human being would be able to grow and progress.

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Life will push us forward until that push is too hard and then people give up and die. As long as we have energy, we resist disease and overcome obstacles. Some people resist longer than others. Eventually the struggle will be won by death, but as long as we go forward in the face of obstacles, we indeed grow.

In the Bible it’s claimed that death itself can be overcome by living this way (read this article in full to learn about this kind of way of living). That indeed can be possible but almost nobody tries to. I know no person who strives to live totally trusting the Universe (in the flow) and lead fully pure lives. But I know some whose egos deceive them into thinking so, who say they’re good people, but their intentions and actions don’t show that.

To be in the flow doesn’t mean that no obstacles will be in your life. It means that you’re listening to your heart and do what it tells you to. Some people call it listening to your true self or soul. So in order to be in the flow you should never, ever go against what your heart tells you.

Some people know they’re not supposed to do something, yet they do it usually out of some fear. For example, they stay in a job they hate because it pays them well. This makes them go against the wishes of their heart and this keeps them shut off from the help of the Universe. Also, if they don’t believe that the Universe will supply them, they shut themselves off from its abundance also.

That is truly miserable existence, to allow fear to direct our moves. That’s the same as being dead already, because being cut off from the love and help of the Universe and using only your own limited resources shouldn’t be called “life” at all. We should enjoy this existence and go through it being consciously connected to our divine parent (the Universe).

The best example of being in the flow is the life of Jesus

The life of Jesus ties in with these two topics that are in my heading. You don’t even need to believe whether he actually existed or not. His story contains the key to the life that every human is supposed to live but doesn’t because of the fearful ego which is an entity that’s not human at all.

Jesus realized his potential and we can all aspire to that, but even if we live half the life as pure as his, we will notice that the existence becomes easier, more fulfilling, and the spiritual component will be witnessed too, be it through seemingly supernatural events, good luck or somehow else.

I believe that’s why his story is so, so magnetic. It’s like a call for the true self to take over one’s life. I believe many people feel stirred within by reading how he lived his life. I know many people feel that this is how the life should be lived. Some may feel inspired to try to live this way and see if it actually works the same like it’s written in the gospels. And it does.

Jesus was in the flow because he always did what his heart told him to, but also because his life was morally perfect so he was spiritually invulnerable. Many people attempted to kill him yet he escaped death until he submitted to it himself, showing spiritual protection obtained through living a pure life.

The life of Jesus contains the secret to doing miracles and living the life that all of us should if the fearful and selfish ego part isn’t allowed to dominate. I believe it’s church propaganda to keep itself in business to accept Jesus as savior, donate to church and sit back and relax. But his story indeed contains spiritual truth.

It’s a great illustration of the life lived in the flow and being spiritually invulnerable. But at first I’d like to focus on being in the flow part.

I cannot stress the importance of listening to your heart. If you do what it tells you to, you will be guided and supplied, and if you also live a moral life, you will be protected.

Example from my life of being in the flow

Being self-employed, I don’t have regular income. I never know when orders will come. Yet deep inside I feel total peace and assurance that all will be fine.

I’m aligned with my true self – I don’t go against the wishes of my heart, so even if there is some uncertainty sometimes, it’s helpless to assert itself.

So the ego wants to worry, but because it’s not much dominant in my life as I don’t act on its impulses, it cannot make me too worried about my situation. Sometimes that worry is there, but then I tune into the everlasting peace that’s the root of my being and I stay there.

So I never worry about whether or not I would receive any orders. I just do what I enjoy even if I don’t receive any. I don’t follow some fearful line of action of creating a video on demand or thinking of some new service.

In fact, the book that I’m writing now on ancient palmistry is not going to be in demand. I know this. But that’s what the Universe wants to manifest through me and Its orders are sacred to me. Probably in the future this book will be important to some people, and that’s why I’m urged to create it.

I don’t make videos according to what’s in demand or what the public wants to hear. I make videos according to what my heart tells me to because that information will be useful to several people or to many in the future, whilst the videos of those who create according to trends will be forgotten. I know the Universe has the reason for urging me to talk about some subjects and not to – about others.

So yes, I do miss out on thousands of views as riding the wave of trend is very easy; but doing what my heart tells me keeps me at peace and connected to the Universe, and I never, ever lacked anything in my life since the time when listening to my heart became more important than acting because of fear.

I write articles, create videos, visit beautiful cafes, take long walks in nature, talk to my lovely boyfriend and travel. And then orders come. I focus on life assessments and consultations, and sometimes I’m so busy that no time is left for anything else. Yet because I know that it’s what I’m supposed to do and I enjoy working, that never feels like I’m missing out on something.

So that’s what being in the flow means. It’s not about obstacle-free existence, but about following your heart, trusting the Universe, doing what you’re supposed to do, and being supplied and guided as a result.

Being in the flow vs. doing what feels good

Yet some, unfortunately, think that being in the flow means only doing that which feels good. This is what some new agers teach, and that’s a dangerous teaching. Because for some drinking alcohol feels good, or overeating. And that cannot bring happiness in the long run, though it may feel so straight after.

But the good news is, if you listen to your heart, your being will become more integrated and these impulsive urges to harm your body through overeating or anything else will get reduced and then they will be gone.

What it means to listen to your heart

So people shouldn’t mix up these two. Listening to your heart is not the same as doing what the addictions or sensations tell you. Listening to your heart is deeper than that.

You know in your being that you should not overeat. This is that heart part of you which always knows. And I don’t want to attach any label to that as some people say it’s listening to your being, some – listening to you heart, and some – to self or spirit. It’s basically listening to that root part of you which always knows what’s right for you.

Every person is in touch with that. You especially feel that part of you when you’re doing something you’re not supposed to. That part of you can never die and it always makes itself known when you’re heading in the wrong direction. So listen to it, because that’s where your fulfillment and guidance are found.

Don’t trust fear. Trust that deeper part of you and take actions that it directs you to take . It will keep you aligned with the Universe and because of this it will supply you. Money and help will come in ways you don’t even expect, because you don’t block your connection to the Source of All and this Parent of yours always wants to see you supplied and happy.

And finally, if you couple that with the life that’s as moral as possible, you become spiritually invulnerable, receiving a lot of protection where you no longer have any sort of fear.

So think about this kind of life. Always receiving supply when you need to. Always feeling guidance. Being deeply fulfilled. And always being protected. That’s what I call “life”.

To protect themselves, spiritual teachers must live lives purer than those of the masses

This is especially important to people involved in any way with spirituality, especially spiritual leaders of some sort. If you’re open to the spiritual realm and live a life that’s immoral, I feel so sorry for you because you put yourself in huge danger. You can get some incurable disease or become a host of dark entities.

Spiritual leaders should lead an exemplary life, much purer than those coming to them for advice. If they don’t, they will spiral downwards very quickly.

For example, I know that if I do something that is accepted by the masses as “okay”, like little flirting or dressing in a way to attract male attention when I’m already in a relationship, I will lose some of my spiritual protection, not even talking about doing something worse than that. And for spiritual teachers or people working in spirituality field it’s too dangerous to misbehave even in small ways as dark entities wait for such people to “sin” so that they can inhabit them to do harm to their clients through their offered services.

A popular reason for seeking my consultation services, for example, is the one I just described. People get in touch with me after experiencing a string of bad luck as a result of consulting some spiritual person like an angel reader, psychic, reiki healer or even an astrologer. People who received some spiritual initiation from yoga masters also seek my help.

That’s what I’m talking about. If spiritual teachers misbehave, they will become hosts for dark entities destroying not only their own life eventually, but the lives of others too.

I’m energetically sensitive. Some spiritual leaders I got in touch with had such heavy dark auras that I wanted to turn back and run. Yet thousands of spiritually-blind people seek their help. And yet the spiritual leader whom I met who led a pure life (a lama in Thailand), had not only spiritual protection, but spiritual powers as well.

He paid great attention to me and I was so blessed to receive it, and his signed portrait is on the wall of my hut in Lithuania and so far nobody ever touched my land even if I’m away for months.

So spiritual leaders, if they live pure lives, receive strong help of the Universe and get spiritual powers to help others; and those who succumb to their darker side, receive not only a heavy karma, but dark entities totally enslave them for breaking spiritual laws.

Some of my energetically-sensitive clients said that they felt something very wrong when entering the room of a person from whom they sought spiritual help. Yet they didn’t listen to that deeper part of themselves and proceeded with the treatment, experiencing a string of disasters after the therapy.

So the only protection for spiritual leaders of any sort is living a pure life. There’s no other valid protection. You can purify your home as much as you like and you can try to spiritually protect yourself through magic rings and balls of light; but if your life is dirty, negative spirits will have the right to attach themselves to you because you break spiritual laws, and they will harm the lives of others who will get your direct services.

Therefore, if you wish your life to be fulfilling, if you always want to be supplied whilst doing that which you enjoy, and if you want to be protected, you must listen to what your heart tells you, ignore your fears and live a life as morally pure as possible.