Why You Must Stay Away From Reiki

This reiki post was written quite a few years ago when I realized that I’d made a big mistake in getting initiated into this practice. I wrote this post to warn others not to get involved in this false spiritual therapy, as it’s not what people think it is.

It was foolish of me to quickly delve into the unknown waters of reiki. I might have been badly harmed if I wouldn’t have stopped on time.

Thankfully, I paid attention to the signs I got after the second reiki initiation and thus understood that something’s wrong with this path.

I guess if I haven’t received these two reiki initiations I would have never known, so I think it was in my life’s plan to receive them and thus learn the lessons associated with them. Probably one of the reasons I had to go through this unpleasant experience is to share my findings with you, my readers.

So here are my reasons for deciding not to offer reiki services and for revoking my connection with it.

Also, I really don’t want you to feel fearful about any of this information as you should know that reiki bonds are completely reversible, and I’ll tell you how to renounce reiki in this post.

Eight Reasons Why I Decided Not to Offer Reiki Services

Reiki is dangerous1. During reiki initiations a curse is put on you in the form of reiki symbols

You are bound by the demonic forces of reiki through the spell that’s being put around you by the reiki teacher that’s initiating you by drawing reiki symbols around you.

You can break this spell by repenting of all your sins (including your total involvement in the occult), and accepting Jesus as your savior. If your genuine repentance and therefore God’s forgiveness really took place, you’ll probably be heavily attacked by the infuriated reiki demons for casting them out of you, but that’s a small price to pay for your eternal salvation (if you continue in obedience to God’s laws, that is).

2. Real healing takes place by using God’s energy without any symbols

The very presence of certain symbols that must be used during reiki healing is a sign that it’s not of God. When, after repenting of your sins and accepting Jesus as your savior you get the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of God, you can heal people without the use of any symbols.

That’s the real way to use God’s healing power, and not with the aid of secretive reiki symbols which you can only get to work for you if you get initiated. I don’t see this to be much different from those who are deeply involved in the occult and perform blood sacrifice so that to get certain spirits to work for them.

Of course, reiki is much milder than the just described occult practice, but I think it uses the very same technique – as you basically buy this power with money when you purchase your initiation, so it’s a sort of sacrifice.

3. Reiki healers end up transferring the sicknesses of their clients onto themselves

This happened, for example, with my yoga teacher in Rishikesh, India (when I was interested in this false practice). Thankfully, he understood what was happening and revoked his involvement with reiki.  After revoking this connection he no longer experienced health problems he used to experience.

If you’re a healer and if you’re getting less and less energetic, please don’t ignore this but renounce this occult practice and get rid of all the written reiki symbols or anything associated with this practice, because this counts as cursed objects and through them the reiki influence will be maintained over you.

4. Religious and spiritual groups who are about spiritual secrets and initiations serve Lucifer and not God.

Many people who honestly want to help humanity are tricked into belonging to such groups. False spirituality groups always promise some gain upon initiation. They appear secretive and alluring, and they promise greater secrets to be disclosed or greater power to be given after the initiation or joining.

Don’t fall for this. It’s a lie of Satan to recruit more slaves to his Kingdom of Darkness. God isn’t secretive. He wants you to be His child. And He accepts you not when you join some secret group, but when you abide by His laws which are found in the Bible, so that you’re not defiled by the world, but pure enough to enter the Kingdom of God.

5. When you get initiated into reiki, you open yourself up to the influences of all those that were initiated before you.

There is some kind of an energy portal which you get into upon your initiation and therefore you become open to all the cursed power of reiki, and to all the influences connected with it and the previous initiates. I think that what was my symbolic dream about, which I’ll share with you towards the end of this post.

6. Reiki doesn’t empower the client. Nor does it address the cause of illness.

Reiki doesn’t destroy the root of the disease but only its manifestation. Since the cause isn’t addressed, it will come back again, in one form or another. The client ends up learning nothing from such a temporary healing, and is likely to spend more money on another temporary healing when the unaddressed cause manifests in another unwelcome form.

7. Reiki transfers demons onto the clients.

Reiki practitioners not only are demonized themselves, but they transfer those demons onto their clients who ignorantly open up fully to receive such a “healing”. Since the energy reaching the client isn’t pure as it’s transferred through reiki symbols, the person gets the transmission of reiki energies which aren’t of God.

8. According to my own research about what happened to reiki masters initiated by Hawayo Takata, no real successes are found.

One of the oldest reiki masters started calling himself “master of masters” and now offers exorcism. He’s likely to be possessed, which is again not a very good sign of reiki initiation. Also, strangely enough, I couldn’t find any of his pictures.

Lastly, Mikao Usui, the founder of reiki…

…had been experiencing significant trouble paying his bills. He travelled to Fukuyama to negotiate a resolution with his creditors and died of a stroke in the process.

— Wikipedia

People don’t understand that working for the Kingdom of Darkness isn’t going to produce good fruits. In the Bible we read that “Ye shall know them by their fruits”. Works of God always produce good fruits. Works of evil produce evil fruits.

Because demons hate humans, they make sure that at the end those humans are destroyed, no matter how much they’ve served the demons. You can read about the reason why demons absolutely hate people in the Book of Enoch, though read only the first book in this series, as it’s the only one mentioned in the Bible.

For all those who’ve spent a lot of money or committed to reiki in other big ways and thus don’t want to believe in this information, here’s what I have to say. It doesn’t matter how much you’re invested into reiki. If it’s evil, stay away, because your eternal salvation is at stake here.

Knowing that this practice is not of God but continuing in it due to an investment in such a practice is the worst thing you can do to your soul. God forgives those who are ignorantly doing wrong, but those who know that what they do is evil but still continue with it fall into a totally different category of judgement.

I got a symbolic dream after the reiki initiation of standing in the middle of the road and seeing thousands of wild beasts running towards me. I quickly got out of their way and hid in the corner. Still a small stream of young beasts ran my way and left hundreds of scratches on my face.

I didn’t fear how I looked in the mirror after I saw what had happened. The scratches healed very quickly and the next time I looked in the mirror I just saw two scratches that were about to heal completely.

This dream couldn’t be clearer about what I’ve opened myself up to and it showed that I would manage to close this force quickly, before it does any lasting harm.

Pure reiki energy is nothing more than the energy of God. I wonder why we get initiated into it unless there are additions to this energy that come along, like foreign entities. Also, the man-made symbols are written over us upon the initiation and my feeling is that they invite a specific kind of entities or make the energy accomplish specific goals in us as well as those who receive this energy upon the touch of reiki initiates.

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Don't do any reiki until you read this