Hermeticism is an esoteric tradition that came from Egypt and found fertile ground in the West. Western esoteric doctrines are largely influenced by Hermeticism, and this philosophy is almost the polar opposite to the Indian esotericism.

In Hermeticism there’s a lot of information about twin souls, which is largely missing in the Indian occult tradition. Whilst in India it is taught that celibacy is the way to God, in Hermeticism it is claimed that you cannot reach true enlightenment without your other half.

It is taught that only your other half can make you into an angelic being, giving you conscious immortality. It’s when in the family finer emotions are not allowed to die out but are continuously refined (like caring for each other, and tender love), that this forms a spiritual union which is indestructible.

It is told that a union between a male and female can be the greatest blessing if love doesn’t die, but if love is allowed to die and discord sets in, it can become the greatest curse; because both partners will continuously harm each other by their evil thoughts (since their souls are connected).

The reason hermeticism is so pro marriage is because it is believed that it is love that gives immortality; so the easiest way for humans to nurture and expand these emotions is by being in a union; also it is taught that it’s better to love some pet or anything at all, than loving nothing and no one.

But if one manages to love the whole humanity by trying to be of service to the world, that also will assure his or her ability to retain consciousness after death, because such a person has, without the help of a union, nourished the most spiritual emotion that humans are capable of attaining. After death he will meet his soulmate and will become an angelic being.

It is told that each of us have a soulmate, because originally we were one being. This tradition teaches that the Adam and Eve story is a priestly perversion of a beautiful hermetic truth; the truth that the One wanted to experience itself and thus split into two, and that’s how the matter was born.

The One has split itself into two, the father and mother, heaven and earth. And we, as reflections of that Infinite, have done the same thing to experience ourselves. It is taught in hermeticism that the Spirit is one, but the souls are two – male and female of each monad, Adam and Eve. We could not have experienced the earthly existence without splitting into two – positive and negative, male and female.

The descent into matter is indeed a fall from the spirit plane; but it’s a fall that has a purpose – the monad split itself into two to learn about itself, and to gain knowledge and experience. When it becomes one again, it will have become more than it was before the split due to the wisdom it has gained.

The monad cannot know itself unless it splits into positive and negative. Matter also cannot exist without these two halves. In order for the Spirit to know itself it must experience such existence as we are going through now.

Each experience, even the worst one, is given for our spiritual progress, and even negative experiences serve our eventual good, because through them we are supplied something that we lack.

For example, through poverty the person may learn to be humble and to have compassion for those in need. People remain poor because they fail to learn the lessons that poverty teaches them.

Many lessons as such will have to be learnt to spiritually progress, so it’s a very difficult road, very different to what New Age teaches about spirituality.

When the soul has evolved spiritually a great degree, it stands a chance of meeting his or her soulmate on this earthly plane. For most people this will not happen, because they are too engrossed in sense-pleasures and thus they don’t develop spiritually.

When the meeting takes place, you will sense that you belong to each other. You will feel that you as though knew each other forever, and you will sense each other in your hearts.

It’s also possible not to recognize your soul mate, especially if you lack this information or don’t believe in soul mates; but you will nevertheless feel something special about theĀ  other person, and you will feel that he is a part of you – that he is living in your heart.

You will complete each other. For example, you may be a hard worker, and your other half will know how to have a great time. So you will supply each others’ deficiencies.

Also, when you are together, you will feel energetic – as though an extra energy source is generated. Your other half’s voice will feel like the voice of your conscience, and you won’t be able to hide anything from each other.

The conception issue

I also would like to share with you another important related issue. In hermeticism it is taught that only unions where true love reigns produce human offspring.

Discordant unions, those entered into as a result of lust or the need of money, or for other reasons where love is not in the picture, will produce offspring that are not truly human.

When the sexual union takes place under the influence of mind-altering substances or both partners feel only lust for each other, this gives a chance for vicious beings of astral realms to reincarnate as humans.

Only such beings are attracted to such low-vibration sexual unions, and thus the result is a being that only looks human outwardly. The sexual union is of low vibration when it’s devoid of love.

Those who have their spiritual senses developed will perceive many such half-human beings in the world today. They have nothing spiritual about them – their focus is only on gratifying sensual pleasures.

They can be very cruel and selfish. Sometimes it’s possible to discern some particular animal qualities, like that of a reptile, pig, dog, and so forth. Those who are spiritually sensitive may even discern the astral family which a particular being reincarnated as a human belongs to, be it to some demon, animal or any other family.

This kind of beings would have no chance to reincarnate as humans would such discordant unions not take place. However, as long as humans get into the unions for purely selfish and material motives, such births will continue taking place.


I continue studying the hermetic philosophy as it provides a totally different view of spirituality than the eastern esoteric doctrines do. I love being exposed to the opposite points of view, because then a healthy conclusion can be made.

Now westerners are largely influenced by the doctrines of the East, and the Western doctrines are quite forgotten. But they contain some ideas that are missing in the eastern spirituality and are important for the well-being of humanity, thus my studies and future book releases on these topics.

I hope that this article was useful to you, and if you have more information on soulmates, do leave a comment below.