There might be a reduction in the frequency of my posting since I’m now committing myself to writing a book on hermeticism. If I don’t publicly commit, I may never write it, thus this post. Also, I will try to keep up with the normal frequency of posting as much as I can.

Eastern esoteric philosophy is quite well-known in the West, but fewer people know that we also have our own. Actually, that philosophy came from Egypt, but it was preserved in the West. It’s very suitable for Westerners because it encourages proaction rather than passivity which the Eastern philosophy promotes.

Hermeticism, the spiritual philosophy adopted by many Western adepts, teaches that passivity is regression and activity is progress. It teaches about the dangers of becoming spiritually passive, such as that then you may be used by spiritual entities and you may get deceptive visions.

Hermeticism encourages people to use the latest brain development – conscious visualization – to materialize that which one wants. It discourages the use of totally passive practices, because, according to this philosophy, they cause people to go backwards in evolution and not forward.

I’m not telling that people should subscribe to this new philosophy, but it’s very useful to hear both sides. Eastern philosophy is almost totally opposite to Western, and I think it’s good to study both spiritual doctrines and make a decision which one makes more sense.

Eastern philosophy became very well known in the West mainly due to the work of Blavatsky. Western spiritual philosophy was always there, but it was outshined by that of the East due to this charismatic promoter and the fact that it was exotic and therefore attractive.

When I got deep into the study of Hermeticism I realized that the Bible is Hermeticism in disguise. Yes, the doctrines were perverted by priests who used ageless spiritual truths to enslave rather than to free. However, if you study both the Bible and Hermeticism you cannot help but uncover the true meaning of Biblical doctrines. Teachings about the second death, hell, clothes of righteousness and turning the other cheek become clear.

All these and many other teachings came from Hermeticism. The righteous ones indeed will escape the second death because they will have built spiritual bodies (clothes of righteousness, white robes) through unselfish love which will withstand the fires of purification – the biblical hell.

However, if people are selfish, they will have no material with which to build their spiritual bodies (the house built upon the earth with no foundation which the flood takes away), and thus when their astral bodies disintegrate, they will lose consciousness and that’s the same as actually dying.

This was well illustrated by the biblical story of a rich man not sharing even the crumbles of his table with a poor man and his selfish actions causing him to burn in hell – to have all the body material burnt up by the fires of purification.

Yes, the soul is immortal, but if you lose consciousness, you will feel like a new creation without the awareness of who you were before. That’s what I call sleeping in Maya, the never ending unconscious cycle of birth and death (yet in Hermeticism reincarnation is understood in a completely different way). It’s only possible to free ourselves from the cycle of unconscious birth and death by taking unselfish loving actions as this provides the food for our spirit – the material with which to build the spiritual body.

Also, Hermeticism is not in favor of celibacy though in later stages a couple may choose to enjoy a higher type of closeness, if both have transcended the need of physical relationships. It warns of dangers of generating a lot of magnetism around when celibate, and then not using it.

Thus, negative entities are likely to use that available magnetism to cause deceptive visions or to manifest themselves. That’s the reason nuns would get spiritual sexual attacks in middle-ages and sometimes were burnt by confessing that. We also have for this reason many self-proclaimed Christian prophets talking about their conversations with Jesus, coming disasters and the second coming and giving dates for disastrous events that never happen.

It’s from Hermeticism that we get the concept of twin souls and spiritual marriage. New Age talks about it too, but the information is packaged for mass consumption, with some false, and some – watered-down information. So in my book I will also discuss the topic of twin souls and spiritual marriage.

I will also explain the working of the law of attraction, and how new-age teachers spread some false concepts regarding it which prevents people from manifesting their desires. Hermeticism provides technical details of the process of manifestation, what prevents visualization from materializing, how to visualize, how to prevent opposite thoughts that block manifestations, how to overcome the resistance of the environment to manifesting your goals, and much more.

Hermeticism also teaches how to transmute negative thinking and how to put to use the energy generated through anger or any other destructive emotion so that it helps you to accomplish your goals rather than destroys you. It teaches what happens after death and goes into detail of how to build the spiritual body.

Hermeticism connects all the ancient spiritual sciences such as astrology, palmistry and numerology. I’ve found what I consider to be the original Egyptian Tarot system in Hermeticism too. I already gave an Egyptian tarot card description, but in those cards some planetary rulerships are confused and some details of the cards are incorrect, but in general they are good to use (much better than the standard Christianized cards that people use).

However, I’m happy to have found the cards with what I consider to be accurate planetary rulerships, and I also have the descriptions of why particular planets are assigned to particular cards.

At the moment I’m perusing a 6,000-page work on Hermeticism, and because of the denseness and the technical quality of the information I will have to read it once more, and then summarize and explain hermetic doctrines, also based on other old hermetic works.

This will take considerable time due to the scale of work, and thus the likely decrease in my posting. I do feel, however, that many people will greatly benefit from this work and there will be much clarification about how universal laws work, how to use tarot cards correctly, how to manifest goals into material existence, how to attain conscious immortality and much more.

Thank you for reading, and I will keep updating you about the progress of this to-be-written book.

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