Since the time when I found out the deception of Christianity and deconverted, I got many emails from my past readers expressing their joy that I was no longer in the trap of religion.

The email of this type usually sounds something like this:

I’m so happy to hear you’re no longer a Christian. Can you please bring back your old posts and ebooks? They helped me so much!

I received many emails and comments as such, and because it is due to the support of my readers that I am able to sustain myself, I listen to the feedback, especially if I receive repeated requests as the one I’ve mentioned.

Thus, I’ve decided to fulfill this request, yet I am unable to recover my posts – they are really gone forever. However, I was able to recover my ebooks, because they were in my gmail account. Sometimes I would send my ebooks to customers manually through the email, and this is the reason I was able to recover all of them.

Sex & CelibacyThe first ebook that I’m going to release is the most important of all. I wrote it just before leaving India – just before my full awakening.

This ebook is called Sex & Celibacy, and it describes how I became celibate, my relationships, and the esoteric side of both sex and celibacy.

It’s least new-agey of my old ebooks, so I’m going to leave it as it is.

(It’s going to be released as a “Revised and Updated Edition”, but that’s because it has already been revised before the awakening.)

As for the rest, they will be edited to fill in the gaps which New Age leaves.

Since my readers paid money for my previous ebooks, I cannot make them free. I will release them on donation basis, in the same way that I released my newer ebooks.

The Sex & Celibacy ebook is especially useful for those who are unable to understand the Sun Behind the Sun ebook. It’s a bridge to full awakening, and is much easier to understand.

My previous readers were very happy with it, and people were heart-broken when I unpublished it, since many of my readers planned to get it. So I’m sure that this release will make many people happy!

I will publish it very soon. I hope you will enjoy reading it, if you do order it.