The world would witness much more creative endeavors and excellent services if only people would stop caring about doing everything perfectly.

This disease is especially prevalent in the US, as I have witnessed from the interactions with the people from there, watching their videos and reading their articles.

It’s also common everywhere else in the world, but to a lesser degree.

For example, one of my clients from India has excellent skills, yet he believes himself to be inadequate. This stops him from sharing his knowledge and abilities with the world — the personal wealth that would improve the lives of many (but we are working on it).

This need to do everything perfectly stems from being judged, or thinking you’re not good enough. When there is a belief that you are not good enough, it’s natural to try to prove to the world how excellent you are at what you do.

It’s especially damaging when children grow up with parents expecting perfection from them and criticizing them for not being up to par. This can create lifelong insecurities which can be only overcome with much spiritual and mental work.

What’s even more interesting is that these insecurities may be passed through DNA. For example, if your ancestors considered themselves inferior, it can be natural for you to think likewise, as long as you are fully plugged into this ancestral consciousness (this is especially the case with those who didn’t yet spiritually awaken).

You don’t have to disconnect from your ancestral roots, but it’s wise to clean them up from negative beliefs and experiences through prayer in a meditative state.

If I would have started the work that I do only after becoming a perfect writer, or having a perfect gear to make videos, I would still be in the planning stages. Yet so many years after, I’m living how I want to, earning income from what I love to do — without yet having the perfect tools for it.

It’s not about the tools or even the skills, but about the belief in yourself. That’s why those people whose skills are average can live their dream lives if they know their worth, whilst those who have much better skills may suffer lack because of their disbelief in themselves and therefore their abilities.

There are many talented singers who earn nothing, and there are those singers who can hardly sing, yet many praise them and they are wealthy. There could be many reasons for this, but the big one is their opinion of themselves.

If only people would view themselves how the Universe does. All of us are so special and worthy, but the belief that we lack value blocks us from living our best lives. It prevents us from finding what we are great at, what we would love to do for a living. That’s why it’s so important to examine what we say and think daily, to catch all these limiting beliefs preventing us from fulling realizing ourselves.

Very few people know the following. Yes, it’s true — the better skills you have, the more people will use your services or products. But only if you work on yourself about removing limiting beliefs of your unworthiness. If these beliefs are not there and you know you are worthy, even if you have lesser skills, the Universe will send to you the people you can help now, on this current level.

That’s what I’ve noticed about my client base. When I had fewer skills, I would still attract clients (as I eliminated my unworthiness beliefs long ago), but the clients would be much less aware. So the Universe was still sending me clients, but only those whom I could really help. As my knowledge increased and skills improved, I attracted more aware clients, and more of them.

This is universal, and this rule works in many areas of our lives, without the knowledge of most. For example, you will attract the partner that you need now, to either overcome some belief, or to learn something from them. A woman who keeps attracting violent partners will keep attracting them if she refuses to look within into the beliefs that she holds about herself and men.

So teachers come to her life in the form of abusive people. I know some may find this unpleasant and would even shame me for saying such things, but nevertheless, it is true. We are all teachers of certain people, even if we are on a very low level of awareness.

So your client base is already there, but your disbelief in yourself may prevent you from getting in contact with them.

In fact, even if a person is very imperfect but is totally unapologetic about it, they can still attract a large following and live their dreams. That’s because, as unique souls, they are already worthy, and if no limiting belief obscures that light, they will gain subscribers and clients just because they exist. Look at many YouTube channels of people with no intelligence or skills, yet the Universe provides them with everything.

We are all human, and it’s human to make mistakes. Nobody is absolutely perfect. I consider people doing all they can with all their imperfections and lack of tools as very interesting and courageous, and this naturally gives birth to appreciation and support. Whilst those trying to hide their imperfections and living Instagram-perfect lives make me yawn.

They are not their true selves — they are just following a trendy pattern. Once that trend is gone, people will not even remember their names.

The Universe will always help those who follow their hearts’ desires, but they need to take the first step.

Even if they have very few tools, that should not be used as an excuse not to start (as it stops millions). Just use any tools that you have, and start from where you are.

If you do this, you will see that if you trust the Universe in this, it will prove worthy of trust, and will show you the next step to take, and will soon give you more tools, skills and experiences for you to keep progressing towards your goal.

Another thing I want to mention here is about planning. In our society, it’s so encouraged to make detailed plans. Yet I come across many people who are perfect planners but poor executors. I have just a general plan in my mind which I don’t even write down, and I always assess long-term consequences of what I do (mentally), and define exit plans in case something doesn’t work out. But once I do this in my mind, I take action.

I’ve noticed that many people get stuck in the planning stages. Therefore, unless we are talking about starting some complicated business, the importance of plans should not be exaggerated.

Another important thing is not to act without the Universal energy backing you up. You can attune yourself to the movements of the universal forces through meditation, mindfulness, and ignoring mental chatter. Once you are in touch with that movement, and act on its directions, you will gain so much trust in it that even if the entire world shows that you can’t do something, you will take steps towards it, and you will succeed.

This universal urge to act comes not only in the form of the energy that you feel. It can also come as an image in your mind, which repeats day after day and doesn’t leave you alone unless you act on it. That image can give you much inspiration. It’s showing where your self-fulfillment lies, what skill you need to develop now, or where you should be at this moment of your life.

Again, you cannot really get such clear guidance unless you worked on yourself to devalue the importance of mental chatter and the external world.

Once I get this inspiring image and it doesn’t leave me for a while, I know this is the urge from the Universe to change in my life. I then make a plan in my mind of how to reach it, but I remain flexible in case I need to make some changes.

Shortly after that, I confidently make the first step. If the goal is big, please read this article about how to take the first step when it looks discouraging.

It was my hope in this post to highlight how the need to be perfect stops people from realizing themselves, and to provide some tools and encouragement to overcome this block. Do share in comments your thoughts and experiences about this topic if you wish.

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