How to overcome any obstacle

The Universe never gives us something we cannot handle. The problem is, most people don’t even analyze what kind of obstacle they face. They just see the problem in its entirety, which can look threatening indeed.

I will give you an example of how I overcame a recent challenge, because this will help you understand how to overcome any obstacle – as the principles are the same.

The recent challenge I faced was how to get to India. This challenge contained many problems.

First, two pets came to my farm, so I had to find homes for them. Since I live on a farm with very few people around, and it’s winter, this was definitely problematic.

Second, I’m not vaxx ed. Since this travel would involve transiting through two different countries, this already presents quite an obstacle.

Third, the documents to go to India had to be arranged, like getting a visa from an embassy.

Fourth, the expense of possible quarantines.

Fifth, getting to hotels in Lithuania without the vax passport to leave the country.

Sixth, the safety of leaving my farm alone.

These are not all the problems, but I will stop here. As you can see, the journey to India looked like a real challenge this time.

The first thing I did to tackle this challenge was to list all the obstacles and prioritize which ones I should take care of first.

For me, the first thing was taking care of the safety of my pets. I decided to ask all my neighbors whether they could take care of them, and if not, to pay for them to be looked after in some other place in Lithuania.

Interestingly, the first neighbor I went to agreed to take care of my dog, and refused to take any payment for it, except for food expenses.

That was so unexpected, as I certainly didn’t think it would be that easy to accomplish. The lesson here is that the mind comes up with the worst scenarios (like, in my case, that all my neighbors would refuse to look after my pets), but sometimes all you have to do is ask, and you will receive.

Then only a cat was left to make arrangements for. He’s a wild cat, but he got used to being fed by me, so I thought if I could only get someone to feed him, he would surely be fine. He has a place to sleep already – he loves sleeping in my barn, which he accesses through a hole. So he is safe and warm there. He also hunts birds very well, but I would still be uneasy leaving him with no other food sources.

So I was thinking about this issue, when two neighbors came to my farm to ask to connect their new modem. They were elderly, not understanding how this technology it works. I spent good few hours setting everything up, and when they could connect to Wi-Fi, they were so grateful that they asked how they could repay me.

I told that the best gift for me would be if they could feed my cat when they see him around. They replied that not only would they feed my cat, but they would also let him stay with them, providing he didn’t fight with their existing cat. I was so grateful!

The lesson here is that you are never alone; the Universe always conspires to help when it sees that you’re taking actions to make your ideas a reality. So you only need to take the first step, and sometimes what you want you will get with the least difficulty.

But… this only applies if what you want is for your own good. If your mind (and not the soul) wants something, sometimes that thing can harm us, and therefore all kinds of obstacles will be on our way to prevent us from achieving it.

That’s the reason some people try for years without success. This is going against universal currents. Instead of pushing against such obstacles, it’s best to relax, pray, and wait for the Universe to give you a sign of what to do next.

When the pet problem was taken care of, I saw more hope about actually getting to India. Now I needed to find out whether I could get to India, through the two countries, without the vax certificate.

(Even if such a certificate would be required, that would not deter me from traveling, but I would have to be extra inventive:))

I read all the documents and had to keep up with any changes to such policies. It looked like no certificate was required. I read and re-read the travel policies of three countries — Ukraine, Dubai and India to be really sure (I would be transiting through Ukraine and Dubai).

Then I contacted the Indian embassy representative about this issue to be extra sure. This is the response that I got:

I didn’t allow myself to be discouraged by his response, because I read all the documents and none of them said that non vax people couldn’t enter. Also, I had the inner assurance that the journey would be successful, and I trust this inner feeling as it never lets me down.

So this presents another lesson — if you are relaxed about what you are about to do, if you have peace in your heart and assurance, it’s likely that you will achieve it despite of what others say or what the circumstances show.

Next obstacle to tackle was to get all the required documents.

Since I wanted to stay in India for longer than a month, I had to fill an application form to be sent to an embassy.

In Lithuania, there is no actual Indian embassy, so I had to send the application form through another company which was very expensive but unavoidable. After some hiccups, I got the visa and the visa itself was free, as India now wants to encourage tourism. I also had to book a flight ticket in order to get the visa.

I also used BestOnwardTicket to buy a ticket back which expires after 72 hours, but is a valid ticket. This was very useful, as they asked me for this ticket before my flight to India through Dubai. They didn’t even check its PNR though, but I heard sometimes they do.

Before my flights, I also had to submit a PCR test to the Air Suvidha portal for India. But this was easy. I did the test near Vilnius airport, and the lady who took the sample was very gentle and didn’t insert that stick anywhere deep, as she saw I was so uncomfortable with this.

I was a bit bothered by the possibility of being in quarantine. In Dubai, that would prove extremely expensive. In India, it can prove very restrictive if the quarantine would need to be done in some hospital facility, as they don’t allow people to even leave their rooms.

But again, I did not allow these fears to control me, because I trusted that inner feeling that everything would be okay.

After getting the visa and booking the flights, I needed to book a hotel in Vilnius (I live far from the capital) to stay there for a few days (because I needed to get a PCR test done). Hotel owners ask for vax proof or a test in order to stay, but my PCR test was due only a day after.

I again trusted the feeling that all would be fine, and I booked the hotel that felt right for me, and left my farm.

It turned out that a day after the covid passports would be no longer needed in my country, so the hotel staff didn’t bother to check. Again, how important it is to trust that inner feeling of peace and harmony!

I secured all the buildings of my farm, double-checked that all electrical appliances are switched off except for a freezer, and did other security checks. I left feeling calm, and I also got a contact number of my neighbor in case they need to reach me.

The journey turned out to be very smooth. No flight delays, no covid testing during transits, no asking for vaxx proof (except for Ukraine, but then I realized it’s only for those whose final destination is that country – but they weren’t even checking QR codes, they were just looking at papers (and they were particular about which vaccines they accepted).

Actually, I observed the gate checks in Ukraine and Dubai, and they simply don’t scan vax certificates QR codes or those of PCR tests at all for other flights as well. So I’m just saying — if you book your flight anywhere with only hand luggage, and check in online, they will only check your documents at the gates, and from this experience of mine, they do not scan any documents except for your boarding ticket at the gates.

When I landed in India, I felt very at ease, too much at ease knowing that there may be a potential institutional quarantine. To my surprise, nobody asked me to do any test or to quarantine. So I was free to leave the airport, but so that I’m not left feeling uneasy for the rest of my trip, I went to the PCR test counter to ask if I really didn’t need to take the test.

I was told that it was the first day (morning) when foreigners were not required to take PCR tests in India, nor to even quarantine! How lucky that was, and it again proved the importance of trusting the feeling of inner peace, as it shows that your timing is right, and that the Universe will help you.

So this trip yet again confirmed the law of perfect timing.

Through spiritual practices, you get in touch with universal currents. And sometimes they start indicating a change in your direction in some way. You start getting images of what your next step should be. You begin thinking of ways of how to achieve this change. And throughout this journey to its achievement, the feeling of peace and harmony never leaves you unless you take the wrong step.

This challenge also taught me the insignificance of worries and fears. They are based on ignorance. When you find out more about the subject to tackle, those fears and worries evaporate. The mind always fears the unknown, and it’s also afraid of those things that will help you reach another level.

I hope that this experience of mine illustrated undying universal principles using which you can achieve any goal that is good for you.