When the ruler of the twelfth house is in the third house, this means that you may often think of limitations. You may not feel entirely free to act how you want, and this can bother you a lot.

If afflicted, this placement can give fearful thoughts, the thoughts of persecution and the picturing of the worst-case scenarios. This can make your mind into your greatest enemy, as it can cause you to feel depressed and to shut yourself off from the world.

It can show a mind which likes to dwell on things which make you miserable. It can show a lonely mind – you may or may not be lonely in truth, but the mind can certainly make you feel so.

If it’s really afflicted, this placement shows that the mind can even dwell on suicide. There could be fears of being imprisoned, ending up in a mental institution, or your freedom being limited in some other way, such as you falling sick and not being able to live your life to the full.

Also, your mind may dwell on make-believe stories, self-deception, and the deception of others. It may want to escape from having to deal with problems.

It could be natural with such a placement to tell a lie convincingly, and even to convince yourself that it’s true. If you have addiction problems, your mind can give you a really difficult time with trying to end them, especially if they are addictions to mind-altering substances.

If this configuration is not afflicted, it reveals that you need solitude to recharge yourself and to think clearly. It’s in peace and quiet that your mind can function its best.

The ruler of the twelfth house in the third house can also show that your secret opponents live in your neighborhood. It can reveal that either you think of certain large animals quite a lot, such as horses, or that you may live in an area close to which such animals are kept.

Your mind may also dwell on remote places, spirituality, the sea, illnesses, the past (even past lives), and how to escape from your problems or difficult circumstances. You are likely to be highly imaginative.

This astrological configuration can show that if you have siblings, they, especially the first one, may be secretive individuals. With an afflicted placement, this would show ill-natured siblings, or those who are deceptive. It can show that your siblings have chronic illnesses, especially the first sibling.

Finally, it can reveal that you may receive deceitful or negative messages or news more often than what is common for most people.

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