When the ruler of the twelfth house is in the tenth house, this means that you may pursue a career in the medical or spiritual fields. Other suitable careers are in the photography or another artistic field, where you can freely use your imagination.

This placement can also show an employment that is with restricted access for others, such as working in a remote place, hospital, prison, ashram, or research lab.

This configuration may also reveal that a suitable career for you can be something to do with large animals such as horses, and also with water. For example, you may work near the sea, on the sea, with boats, or with fish.

Also, an employment to do with liquids and chemicals is suitable, such as working with perfumes, beverages or home cleaning products.

If this combination is afflicted, it can show that it’s very dangerous for you to do anything questionable at work or in the public eye, as you can end up in a really bad situation, such as being imprisoned or experiencing bodily injuries and illnesses.

So you should avoid getting yourself involved in any scandal, by being totally fair and moral at work and in the public eye. Also, avoid getting into heated debates with authority figures, especially with your boss.

Aiming high and doing all you can to achieve success without considering how your actions impact others will end badly with such a configuration active in your chart.

Also, it can show that your career can make you feel isolated and lonely, and this could be because of the kind of work that you do (maybe it requires you to be alone for long periods of time, for example).

Also, the ruler of the twelfth house in the tenth house shows that secret opponents will try to cause your career fall or they may cause your public image to be negatively affected because of spreading some rumours about you, for example.

This placement also shows some things about one of your parents, who is the head of your household (it’s usually a father).

This person may be secretive and hard to understand. They might be doing the work already mentioned in this description, or the same work that you do. They may be remote from you in some way, such as mentally or physically. They may have artistic talents. With an afflicted combination, your parent may be a liar, addict, imprisoned, or staying a long period of time in a hospital.

Finally, this configuration can reveal that you’re going to be in the same career as what you did in your past life, or that through your career, you will have the opportunities to neutralize your past life karma.

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