When the ruler of the twelfth house is in the fifth house, this means that your children may be secretive or private individuals. If this combination is afflicted, your children may have criminal tendencies and their freedoms may be restricted at one point in their lives.

It may also show the children with healing abilities, or them being sickly. Having children may make you feel restricted. With an afflicted combination as such, children can be a source of misery. They can also be deceptive.

This placement also means that you may like to engage in hobbies on your own. For example, you may like to read in private, when you are undisturbed.

Such a placement can be in the chart of a person who is the happiest when they get away from the world and engage in something on their own in some remote place, far away from others.

Also, the ruler of the twelfth house in the fifth house can show that you may like to engage in spiritual or healing activities when you have time. Other possibilities of what you may like to do as a hobby could be film-making, photography, painting, music, or other artistic pursuits. Some people with such a placement enjoy horse-riding.

You may also like to get lost in your imagination, or think about the past, such as about your past memories or how things were on this earth a long time ago. You may also take an interest in your past lives and you might love visiting beaches, or going near other bodies of water in your free time.

If this combination is afflicted, it’s very important not to do anything illegal as a hobby, and not to gamble and get involved in risky ventures; because you are risking imprisonment, accidents, or things going wrong in other ways which will end up restricting your freedom.

Finally, this placement means that in your free time you may like to engage in charitable activities, such as helping people or animals in need.

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