If the ruler of the third house is in the first house, it means that brothers, sisters and neighbors will feature in your life more than for most people.

Also, your neighborhood and the immediate environment may be quite significant features in your life, such as you being active in your neighborhood, more so than most people would be, or paying great attention or strongly reacting to your daily surroundings.

This astrological combination may mean that you are interested in your national heritage, and may even be a promoter of your national culture.

The third house lord in the first house also means that your life may involve many changes and trips. You may not even consciously plan those changes or trips – they just will happen to you.

For example, you may mind your own business living in one place, and suddenly, the circumstances so arrange themselves that you need to suddenly move. Or you plan to do something for a long time, and then something changes and you can no longer continue with that activity.

You may experience quite a few job changes. You may also hold more than one job at the same time. The job may involve lots of communication, typing, writing, traveling, and using transport.

Your childhood time stands out in your life and it really formed the person you are today. There could have been significant events at school that shaped you for the rest of your life. There could have been strong likes or dislikes towards the early education, depending on whether this astrological combination is unafflicted or afflicted.

This astrological placement means that your life will have a fast tempo, and this speed may manifest, for example, as you driving a lot, rushing to do things, running to the meetings which you are late for, and so forth.

You are likely to be a communicative person, and your mind may be busy with many ideas. You may be a good writer and may actually write some books. You may like to journal, and putting your thoughts in writing makes you perceive them in a clearer light.

With this placement, you must be careful not to gossip or be interested in gossip. With spiritual development, this placement signifies that you can perceive reality directly, just how it is, rather than reacting according to your beliefs about it.

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