When the ruler of the tenth house is in the twelfth house, this means that your employment may be in a location that is with restricted access or in some secluded or distant place.

For example, you may work in an ashram, orphanage, old people’s home, hospital, prison, or some research lab. You may need to keep professional secrets. Also, this kind of placement favors mystic and occult occupations, such as working for some secret brotherhood.

Imaginative occupations are suitable too, where you can bring forth that which you imagine, such as through paintings or movie production.

This placement favors working with the people and animals that are hurt, cannot provide for themselves, or suffer in some other way. It also favors working with large animals, those that can be ridden, such as asses, horses and elephants.

Charity and pharmaceutical work are very suitable, and so is the work to do with traditional or alternative healing. You can also do well working with liquids, chemicals, on a ship, and your work may be related to seas, rivers or lakes. It’s very favorable to work near the sea or some other body of water.

The work may also have something to do with feet, such as selling footwear, for example.

If the ruler of the tenth house in the twelfth house is afflicted, especially if malefic planets are present, this can point to a criminal or vile occupation (such as drug-dealing), which, if found out, would cause the native to be shunned by others.

This placement shows that your career ambitions may be sometimes unrealistic, or that you don’t see your work objectively. This may cause you to make career mistakes.

It also means that you may try to escape career problems in some unhealthy way, such as by not looking at those issues thinking they will go away, or trying to escape them through living in a make-believe world or using mind-altering substances.

The ruler of the tenth house in the twelfth house may lessen career ambitions and can make it difficult to fight when the going gets tough. You may give up and start something easier instead.

Also, this placement shows that your career may end because of some scandal, such as a love affair. Some of your secrets may be found out which would cause the loss of employment.

In the worst case, your career may cause your freedom to be restricted, such as if some illegal dealings are found out which cause a jail sentence. An afflicted combination as such can show a loss of honor, such as because the public or employer finds out your immoral dealings or secrets.

Your employment may feel restrictive – you will feel you aren’t able to act according to your wishes.

This placement favors the work with kind and understanding people and in a harmonious environment, as in your employment you will be especially sensitive to the environment and the people you work with.

This placement also shows that your intuitive powers will be particularly active in your career, so you should trust your hunches about employment and career choices.

This placement doesn’t favor physically hard work. You may break under too much workload, and you also need to protect your peace of mind, as work stress or an unpleasant work environment or coworkers can cause mental damage.

This astrological configuration shows you are flexible at work, and can adjust to work changes. Your work is likely to involve many changes or it can have interesting aspects to it that keep you engaged.

If you find yourself in an occupation that is monotonous, you are likely to quickly extract yourself from it, as it’s not what’s suitable for you, unless other chart factors oppose this placement.

Also, this placement shows that you are likely to change quite a few jobs, especially if there’s not much stability found in other chart factors pointing to your employment.