When the ruler of the tenth house is in the eighth house, this means that your career can have something to do with secrecy, privacy, research, or investigation.

Your work may be something to do with death (such as related to funerals), the occult, other people’s money and resources, or taboo subjects.

Here are some examples of such occupations: writing encyclopedias, being a police officer, leading some occult group, working as a detective, working in a banking sector or providing a platform for others to display their talents.

If this combination is afflicted, it’s possible to be involved in drug dealing, hitman services, pornography, black magic, and similar dark activities.

Also, since this placement deals with the things that are hidden, the employment may be something to do with uncovering earth’s treasures, working with precious metals, gemstones, and other resources found under the earth, in caves, and in difficult-to-access places, especially underground.

The ruler of the tenth house in the eighth house can suggest that your work will be risky and may involve some questionable dealings and secrecy. You are likely not to talk much about what you do, or at least withhold some of your work details from others.

If this combination is afflicted, your work can be so dangerous that you may risk losing your life, such as working in the mining sector, in some unsafe location, or doing something illegal.

If this combination is afflicted, you are not advised to get involved in anything illegal or risky, as the result could be a debt, accident, or something worse.

This placement shows that you would do well in the employment that is about inheritances and wills. Also, you may have your lifestyle upgraded because of some inheritance. This placement also shows that you are likely to win in lawsuits, especially if this configuration is in a good condition.