The ruler of the first house in the third house means that your life will involve quite a few changes and that you will be on the move quite a lot. The kind of changes that you will experience depends on the signs and planets involved in the first house – third house combination, but it can mean more often than usual changing your place of living, for example.

There will be many trips and your life can feel as though it’s about movement. There is always something to do, and a prolonged non-activity can be very boring to you.

There is much focus on the relationships between your siblings and even neighbors. You may be a person who is analytical to a great extent. You may love mental stimulation, gaining knowledge, and going through a variety of experiences. You may like speed and change.

You may be very frequently engaged in conversations, not excluding online communication or texting. You may like and be good at typing, you may be fast at typing. and you may love reading if your upbringing was already somewhat intellectual. Otherwise, you may enjoy using your hands to resolve problems, to fix and create.

You can be very accurate with your hands. You can often be very busy with your hands, as you need to touch to understand and to gesticulate to explain.

There could be the danger of liking to engage in rumor-spreading, and you may be very interested in hearing gossip. There could also be danger of the darker parts of your personality coming out through anonymous responses to videos and other online content, which may be mean or unthoughtful.

You may know a little about everything, so it’s interesting to talk to you. But whether there’s a capability of mastering one subject fully, depends on other natal chart factors.

Looking at the combination found in the third house, you can tell what kind of friends your children will have, as well as what kind of people will oppose your father.

Sometimes the ruler of the first house in the third place manifests as having elongated and elegant fingers, and long arms.

You are likely to have literary interests if you were brought up by white-collar persons. If not, the interest could be in gadgets and carpentry, and other things that involve the work of hands, like fixing or creating items.

You should be good at self-expression, communication, and grasping things fast. You are likely to prefer running, or using various means of transport (preferably fast), than slow walking. You like the change of scenery and therefore traveling.

You are likely to be active in your neighborhood. Maybe you take an active part in a local community.

Unless other chart indicators show otherwise, this particular combination produces an externally-oriented individual who likes a social life. You may lack patience, wanting to experience things now. You feel calm in change and restless in inactivity.

There could have been much emphasis on childhood and early learning (usually school). Whether the experience was good or bad depends on the sign and planet combination.

Your power is to see reality the way that it really is, because your open mind and the constant gathering of knowledge make it difficult for rigid mental patterns and narrow-mindedness to set in. Your weakness is in being interested in too many things, so it can be difficult to become an expert in one thing.