When the ruler of the fifth house is in the twelfth house, it means that your hobbies can bring you trouble or the feeling of confinement/loneliness.

This could be for many reasons. For example, they are the hobbies which are solitary. Or maybe they are illegal, such as smoking banned substances. Or, for example, they could be immoral, such as thoughtless love affairs which get you in trouble.

This also shows that you may be secretive about what you love engaging in the most. But it’s likely that such a secretive activity harms you and maybe even others.

Some of your pleasurable engagements may make your health worse, and, with an afflicted combination, may hospitalize you.

Also, with such a placement, you are highly advised against gambling and getting involved in risky ventures, as you’re likely to lose.

This placement can also suggest that you simply love spending time in privacy. You may also deal with some of the matters in your free time which cannot be disclosed to others, such as deeper spiritual practices or some governmental secrets.

If this combination is afflicted, it means that your children can be sickly. Another meaning is that they may have criminal tendencies and may be imprisoned at some point in life. Another negative meaning would be that the children may have mental problems and may need to be kept away from the society.

If this placement is afflicted, it’s likely that your children will bring you unhappiness and may even cause you to get sick. And this applies not only to your own children. Working with children with such an afflicted placement may cause you to get hospitalized, imprisoned, or feeling anxious.

If this combination is not afflicted, it would show that your children are secretive or private individuals, spending much time alone. They may love large animals such as horses.

The ruler of the fifth house in the twelfth house can show that you like to express your creativity behind the closed doors, and you don’t feel comfortable sharing your artistic talents with the world.

It may also mean that expressing your artistic skills makes you feel upset, as it can somehow connect you to an unhappy past in this life or the previous ones. If you have the habit of engaging in some activity which gives you pleasure or happiness yet harms you, this is likely to have come from past lives.