When the ruler of the fifth house is in the tenth house, this means that you are likely to achieve respect and a good standing in life, as well as maybe even fame, through engaging in creative activities and those which entertain others.

However, if this combination is afflicted, such achievements are not guaranteed, but it would still show that you can get established in the career that’s about self-expression or entertaining others.

If you have children, this placement means that how they appear to the public will be very important to them, and they will be career-oriented and driven individuals.

With this combination in a good shape, the talents of your children will be visible from early on, and they will develop new skills quickly. Their talents and skills will be noticed by the world. Your children would achieve a lot in life, and early.

They may become known for some creative occupation, speculation, or risk-taking.

With this combination afflicted, your children will have many opportunities for such achievements, but can miss many of such chances because of neglect or for other reasons. And even when they take them up, they may ruin the given chance because of their personal traits.

Also, with an afflicted configuration, your children may be known for some scandal or may shorten their careers because of it. The scandal is likely to involve their short-term romantic interests.

The ruler of the fifth house in the tenth house will have a similar meaning not only for your children, but for yourself as well. It may show that you will develop courage and risk-taking early in life, and that you can quickly develop artistic abilities and from an early age.

Also, it means that your talents will be noticed early, and through your talents you can achieve career success.

But if this placement is afflicted, it can mean that from early on, gambling tendencies will be present, as well as careless risk-taking; and that you may be flirtatious and have love affairs which will put your career in danger.

Your career may also be put in danger because of addictions, such as to mind-altering substances.

This placement shows that the more optimistic you are, the better you will do in your career, and the better your self-image will be in the public. It also shows that your sense-pleasures will not be a private affair, and that it will be quite obvious to others what addictions and hobbies you have.

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