When the ruler of the fifth house is in the fourth house, this means that you may come from an artistic family.

The parents may be very entertaining, and they may even have careers in the entertainment industry, such as those of actors, musicians or dancers. They may also have other artistic skills, such as an ability to paint or write poetry.

Since you are from the same root, the same tendencies and abilities may be inherited by you.

You are likely to be a dramatic person, reacting to life’s events with more passion or sensitivity than most people. In your heart, you are a positive and optimistic person, and your playful attitude may stay with you even in an old age.

You are likely to be fond of children or young persons, because of your playful nature. You may have a strong connection to children or young people, being able to teach and guide them. Therefore, you may even professionally work with such persons.

You are likely to want to have your own children, and you would be a good parent. Looking after children will come naturally to you, as well as teaching them how to live.

The ruler of the fifth house in the fourth house shows that your child (or children) may look after you in your old age.

You are likely to enjoy your old age and spend your last years on this earth in happiness, unless this combination is afflicted. If it’s afflicted, it could mean giving full reign to dissipation in your life, and then experiencing a big loss of your powers as the old age advances because of the lifestyle lived.

Another negative meaning of this astrological combination could be the inheritance of the tendency to gamble, to seek for shortcuts, to make quick money through questionable schemes. It also may give the tendency to flirt and have many love affairs.

There also could be inherited an inclination to drink alcohol, and there could be a temptation to do drugs or use other mind-altering substances. It’s important to avoid such experimentation as such habits may stay with you for the rest of your days.

You are likely to attract attention no matter where you are, because you have a star-like quality in your blood. So you may find that you can’t hide in the crowd.

If the ruler of the fifth house is in the fourth house and is unafflicted, it means that you can make great gains through investing in risky ventures and games, and also through the entertainment and arts. Such activities may bring enough income for you to buy your own property.

Having a good time is very important to you, so you will do best in a career which feels like a hobby or game.