In this post I will share with you what recently happened to me, and the moral of the story.

After I released the Sun Behind The Sun ebook, all those who ordered it received it successfully.

However, there was one person who opened a case against me on PayPal with a money-back claim (she reversed the payment), stating that the ebook was never sent to her.

I asked her why she opened the case against me, when she could have simply contacted me through my website and I would have sent her the PDF. She responded that it was easier to open a claim than to contact me through my website.

I asked her to check her PayPal-registered email as the link is sent automatically there. She said that she never received such an email.

So I logged in to my payment processor’s account and checked her order number. It turned out that not only had she received an email, but she opened it, clicked through, and downloaded the PDF.

So she simply wanted to get something for nothing.

This might work if you go to a store and steal some food item and eat it (though later you’ll suffer the consequences), but that really doesn’t work for things spiritual. Esoteric books cannot open their secrets to you if you try to cheat in order to get information.

Nature, whether through books or directly, only reveals her secrets to you when you polish your personality. If you fail to get rid of such gross faults, nature will surely keep her lips sealed.

Such moral faults cannot even open a way for polishing your personality, let alone allowing spiritual progress to take place. Firstly all such major faults like cheating, being cruel and greedy must be gotten rid of, before a way opens to spiritually progress.

After getting rid of gross faults and starting to work on those ones that will raise you above the masses, you enable kundalini to awaken. When this happens, she will show you all the other faults that you possess, which will be difficult to face, but necessary for spiritual progress.

My best friend of school days recently contacted me to say that she realised what a bad person she was, and that this realization shook her to her core. I knew that she awakened spiritually, because when kundalini rises, that’s exactly what she does – opens your eyes to who you really are.

Every person is born fallen, and it’s only rising kundalini who opens one’s eyes to enable one to leave the fallen stage and climb the steps of spirituality. This opening of eyes often happens after the person experiences great difficulties, which makes him at least temporarily disenchanted from the world.

So I knew her awakening to be genuine. Everyone has to go through that stage of their eyes being opened to who they really are. If that never happened, an individual is still asleep. Especially those who think themselves very good.

The ego will try to prevent you from seeing who you are. It will convince you that you treat others nicely and that you’re a good person. But is that really so? When kundalini awakens and rises, it will show you that the actions that you thought you took out of love and compassion were in truth taken out of selfishness. It will show how many people you hurt with unthoughtful remarks and selfishness. You will have a lot of grieving and apologizing to do.

This is the stage all must pass through. But this stage only comes when you wish to change and actively work to eliminate your faults. As it’s told, when you try to help yourself, God starts helping you too.

This stage will never come to those who don’t even attempt to correct their basic faults, or think that those faults benefit them in some way. Such a way of thinking shows a very low stage of awareness, which is very far from the first steps towards true spirituality.

Thus, people who don’t even try to correct their faults but think them to help them in some way cannot expect nature or spiritual books to speak to them. This cannot happen, no matter how many great esoteric books they read or how much time they spend in nature. Nature’s lips will remain sealed.

Working on eliminating gross faults isn’t enough for full spiritual awakening to take place. Working on such faults is just a start. Then you will have to move on to perfecting yourself in any way that you can to rise above the masses, which will trigger kundalini awakening and then kundalini will take over from there to lead you to the full awakening.