Simona Rich

I thought I would write to let you know what’s happening in my life at the moment.

New blog look

I’ve finished tweaking the new Divi site theme – do have a look and tell me what you think:

This is the homepage. You can also go to the URL shown and browse to see if you like the look of it.

I am about to migrate it into the main site, but I’m just not sure about some options about how to do it, so I asked the relevant provider to tell me how to proceed. So hopefully the changes will be live on my main site soon.

Personal matters

As you may know if you’re on my social networks, my boyfriend recently had a flu. The day I posted the update about him his situation got really bad as his fever got very high.

So we asked one staff member of the hotel where we’re staying to drop us to the hospital. Three of us were on the motorbike heading to get help which is not very legal in India anymore, but we had no choice!

Once in the hospital, he was given an injection of some sort and that lessened the temperature to some extent. He got many pills prescribed to take for three days.

Now he’s almost fully healed.

I’m looking forward to my flight to the UK. There I will be able to meet my mother, brother and a few of my friends.

I’m also looking forward to staying in my country again. It just feels right. I missed staying in total quietude on my land, and I really need such environment to fully recharge.

Whilst there I will also be able to fully focus on my content creation. I’m hoping to start podcasting soon also, so without any distractions there I will be able to set some sort of a structure to my writing, video making and podcasting.

I’m sorry but I had to increase my astrology and consultation services cost a little bit, so that I’m able to cope with requests. Each assessment takes a lot of time and I have regular customers to serve too; so now the requests lessened a little, allowing me to have more time for each assessment as well as all the other projects that I’m involved in at the moment.

Currently I’m flooded with work, but that’s because I created all this busyness myself. I told in one of my recent videos that the Sun is getting close to my natal Sun’s placement.

Since the Sun is my zodiac sign’s ruler, its approach creates many changes and gives immense motivation, as well as influences me to renew that which is old, improve that which is imperfect, and start new projects.

Once the new site theme is live and the podcasting platform established, I will be able to relax into routine again. But at the moment it’s a little bit hectic in my life.

My readers were also asking about what will happen to the relationship with my Indian boyfriend once I’m in Lithuania.

It’s a serious relationship, so we will for sure stay together. We’re planning to make the relationship formal if all goes well, but we’re not rushing this and will give a few years to see if all goes well.

His mother will take time to accept me too, but she was very pleased when my boyfriend told her that I cared for him when he was the weakest (when he was very sick).

But I think I won’t see him for around six months, because, as I said, I’m saving money for the Mindfulness Center project, and frequent long-distance flights and visas easily eat it up.

He doesn’t earn enough to be able to come to my country as in order to do so, Indians are required to show their bank accounts with particular amounts in them.

So him coming to Lithuania is out of the question at the moment. Most likely it will be me who will visit him next, unless he finally accepts the job offer in Dubai which promises good money. But he doesn’t want to go to that country as Indians aren’t well treated there.

On top of all the busyness, I’ve also just received my Amazon order for the book I wanted to read for a long time – On Writing Well by William Zinsser.

It’s one of the most popular books for non-fiction writing rules.

I can’t wait to read it, but probably that will have to be delayed till my flight to the UK. I will have plenty of time to read then.

Also, as you may know, I started writing for Some of my readers and Medium members started following me and applauding my content already. I’m very grateful, because the more my content is “clapped”, the more I’m able to get the attention of the paying Medium members.

Their claps equal earnings, and I do need them to establish the centre. So please clap if you wish to support me – you can clap up to 50 times for each post. Currently two articles of mine are live on – on Psychopaths and Lilith.

I’ve already edited my Egyptian Tarot book the first time. But since I added much more content upon editing, I will need to go through it again to make sure formatting and grammar are okay.

So I think I will be able to publish this book around the time I’m back to Lithuania, as again, although I only need to go through it once, I have so many things to do each day that I can spend only a little time on this particular project.


These are the things that are happening in my life at the moment. I feel so much energy around and in me, and again, this is due to the Sun approaching my natal Sun.

It’s the time of changes and activity, and I’m using it to the maximum. In this time a lot can be accomplished, because when the Sun is approaching its natal placement, this is the time of power. And this power is increased even more if the Sun is the ruler of your zodiac sign or the Ascendant.

Things will probably slow down after my birthday (August 17th), and once I’m back in Lithuania I’m hoping to establish some sort of content creation and posting routine because the predictability of it puts the mind at peace.

If you have some questions, remarks or suggestions to make, please do so in the comments section.