You are probably well aware that you become with time very similar to the people you hang out with. Thus, it’s of vital importance to be surrounded with the right people if you want to improve your personality and find yourself in a better environment.

Of course, most people don’t have the luxury of being surrounded by role-models. Also, many people suffer from being in the environment that’s not supportive of their development.

Even if that’s the case in your life, you shouldn’t lose your heart. Many things can be done to create a positive change even if you lack role-models and supportive environment. You probably know that one way to do it is to read books written by the people whose qualities you appreciate, as well as to visualize yourself in an environment you eventually want to find yourself in.

And I don’t mean that you should become the copy of other people. We are all unique and we should be happy with who we are. However, sometimes we lack the qualities that we would like to have, such as unconditional love and compassion. And that’s where role-models can be really useful and by all means we should employ the methods that we know to acquire such beautiful qualities from others.

So in this article I would like to focus on one secret technique to change your mindset in an almost effortless and fun way. And that can be done by being with your role model in the astral, even without needing to learn to astrally travel consciously.

To do so, you should very often think of your role-model, especially about the qualities of him that you would like to have. If he’s a writer, you should read his books. If he did some interviews, listen to them. If he creates some art, be exposed to that as well. Spend as much time as possible being in touch with his energy field in these ways.

Then at night keep thinking about this person so that you carry that thought of him over into your sleep consciousness. If you succeed in doing this, you will astrally travel to him. If you do this often enough, your energy field will start becoming similar to his. Eventually you will in the physical start doing things that aren’t you, because you’re changing as a result of being with this person.

Also, it doesn’t have to be only one person. It could be many people that you would like to imbibe some positive qualities from. But maybe it’s better to start this technique with just one person, because you’ll then really notice that your mindset is becoming more and more similar to his.

On rare occasions some people have spiritual protection and you won’t be able to get anywhere near him or her. This of course should be respected, like you would respect and stay away from someone who prefers to keep aloof from the society. So if you keep trying to astrally connect with someone and there’s no visible change after some time, it might be that they have a protective wall around their energy fields.

But this happens very rarely and the person must be literate in the field of occult arts for him to be able to protect himself in such a way. But if a person loves other people and is open to new relationships and experiences, it’s the same as forming the friendship with a person in the physical and you shouldn’t feel strange about astrally connecting. Because in the astral we all do such things – form relationships with strangers, albeit unconsciously or semi-consciously in most cases.

Being with others in the astral gives the same benefits as being with them in the physical. Yes, the body stays in bed, but the experience is real. And, in fact, we don’t experience anything with our bodies anyway – just through our bodies.

The bodies are in a way dead already; we don’t even feel anything with our bodies; it’s the astral vehicle that feels. The astral body is called the body of desire in the Vedic literature. It’s the astral body, and not our physical bodies, which influences us to achieve our dreams and to enjoy the feelings and sensations of all sorts.

Another important thing to be aware of is that real change will be felt if your positive experiences outweigh the negative. So I advise to engage in this astral friendship in connection to other things that you might be doing to improve your life or self.

For example, you might be reading the books that your role-model wrote and you visualize the environment that you would like to find yourself in. You also do not allow yourself to wallow in low moods and you only say things you would like to manifest in your life. You only strive to see the positive side in all things, experiences, situations, environments and people.

So if these positive activities outweigh the negative, and if you avoid as much as possible interacting with people who can bring you down rather than lift you up, then adding an astral friendship to this mix will make a significant change to your mindset and life in general.

Yet another thing to keep in mind is that it’s very important to find the right role-model, so that you don’t imbibe negative qualities from him. And that’s where remembrance of dreams and astral travels really comes in handy.

Because sometimes you fill find that the person projecting a pleasant persona is actually not nice astrally at all. Some people are masters at hiding their real faces from the world; and then there are those individuals that seem repellent to the public, yet their essence is sweet and beautiful.

So if you can also get into the habit of writing down your dreams, or at least taking a moment or two to remember your dreams after you wake up, you will not only be with your role model in the astral, but you will remember and feel his essence as well.


We live in the physical and most people have no idea what the astral plane is. Therefore, we are largely ignorant of what happens to us in the astral at night. But this plane is partly responsible for the process of materializing our dreams from ideas into reality; it’s a powerful plane that initially deals with causes set into action to manifest them into our more dense physical plane.

So this astral plane should be utilized, and one of the ways to do that is by spending time with the people that you love or appreciate there, or the ones whose qualities you would like to have. If you do this often enough, you will naturally take on the pleasant qualities of your role-models without needing to apply any complicated mental techniques.