This is a personal update post covering a few unrelated subjects.

Firstly, about why I no longer post anything to do with this plan demic. Firstly that’s because if I do, YouTube doesn’t allow me to upload anything. I don’t know how this is possible, but indeed any video to do with this virus cannot be uploaded through my account.

But at the same time I started thinking why should I follow anything in the mainstream or even alternative media about this virus. This is their created fake situation and why should I give my energy to it.

So I completely disconnected from it. I create my own world, my own experience. I don’t need to submit to the nasty creations of psychopaths. So I choose not to pay attention to fake and evil things.

Of course, when I go out, I’m faced with the collective reality of scared people wearing masks. Although in Nepal you don’t get fined if you don’t wear one, some people still choose to wear them. Their whole life is now fear-based, thanks to where they put their attention to.

So it’s sad to see hugely misled individuals, but most people never research deeper than the surface so that’s the punishment that they get.

Yesterday I published a video on Tom Hanks’ astrology reading and I titled the thumbnail “Child Abuser?”. I uploaded the picture and put a link to the article in two Facebook astrology communities. In one it exploded, getting over 60 comments before being taken down.

Astrologers, who are supposed to be a more open-minded group, attacked me for the title. Upon answering some of their comments I realized that their attack is based on no research whatsoever, just on emotional attachment to Tom Hanks ‘ roles.

To most people, it was totally new to hear about Isaac Kappy, an actor, naming Tom Hanks among others as a child abuser, before he committed “suicide”.

They also never checked his cryptic titles and weird pictures of missing items of random people on his Instagram account. This is totally masonic – just check the titles. If you researched masonic things, you will understand what I mean.

Before his “suicide”, Tom Hanks uploaded an image of a cap being pushed into the ground with the letter “P” on it. That’s “cap” + “p” = Kappy. Many believe it was the sign that the murder of Isaac Kappy was arranged. I no longer can find this on Tom Hanks’ Instagram account so I don’t know if he removed it or I simply overlooked it, but I found the image elsewhere online:

The title was along the lines of “Route 66 – roadkill?” which many believe referred to the murder of Isaac.

And what about a clearly pedophilic production Tom Hanks took part in? The video is here.

And what about his reaction to Ricky Gervais’ roasting of Hollywood? This video is loaded with important messages from the very beginning. He said in an indirect way that the laugh at us at our expense; that the plan demic will take many lives, that Joe Pachino is a killer, etc. He just packed so much in his speech, but probably only 1% will get the message. Others will just think it’s a joke.

Yet I do understand that most people are fast to make judgments that are emotional without even taking ten minutes to do research to see why some claim the things that they do. No, most people would rather watch more Hollywood movies than do some research. Unfortunately, most astrologers included.

Astrology is not a worldly subject. You have to be connected with the Spirit World, with your Source, to make good readings. How come so many astrologers are like everyone else, worldly people getting entertained by Hollywood rather than searching for the truth.

Therefore the attack itself wasn’t what saddened me the most. It was the kind of community from which the attack came.

No wonder Illuminati calls the masses “useless eaters”. Anything they are presented with, they consume: satanic entertainment, violent movies, fast food and anything else the oppressors give us. This makes them no different to ants who rush to eat white sugar when they sense some. It’s just so sad to see humanity in such a state, even those who are supposed to be more spiritual due to their professions.

And lastly, yesterday I watched a past livestream of Frank Tufano who told that his father wants him to move out, because he goes out so the father is afraid of getting a virus.

How sad. People can’t think straight anymore. Those who watch news on a daily basis are totally controlled by the system, and they would even choose to support the system over their own kids. It’s hard at this time to find rent, so how cruel it is of a father to do such a thing.

This plan demic reduced people into total slaves. They have no understanding of their creative abilities. They could stop paying attention to that which enslaves and start focusing on that which frees at any time. No need to submit to the psychopathic system when you are the co-creator of this world.

The evil fruits of the media are seen everywhere. Just look at any common person on the street. We don’t have to all act the same, think the same and look the same. We don’t have to allow the news to lead our conversation.

Just because there was a planned shooting of a black person to keep us distracted and separated, we don’t have to all be discussing that. They do this on purpose to control us, why so few see that?

The most likely reason for them making this planned killing (though some thing the man is still alive) was to distract us from more important things, such as 5G installation. People started getting really concerned about that so their attention had to be placed somewhere else, and it was.


We are unique, independent and powerful creators. We don’t have to pay attention to that which they present before us. We can choose to look the other way, to focus on our own creations.

It’s time to detach from all that enslaves us and create our individual beautiful reality. To do that, we must refuse to submit to anything that is against our souls and keep trusting whilst taking action that we can achieve what we truly want.

I can guarantee that you will achieve what you want if you do this, and I’m a living proof of this. No matter how much censored, I keep making my living the way that I want to because I refuse to submit to the system and I live by my own rules.

I know that I created my reality so despite of the attempts to censor me I continue being self-sufficient. You see, the outside has no power over you when you know your own power.

You are the creator of your own life but if you choose to fear, you will then create things to be fearful about. And if you choose to pay attention to evil or that which enslaves, don’t blame others for your life going wrong.

You create your own reality, so make sure you take actions affirming self-sufficiently, self-fulfillment and happiness and don’t pay attention to the creations of those who want you to fail.