People think themselves powerless before the big system which like cancer insinuated itself into humanity. But you as a person actually can do many things to limit the system’s grip over you and to help to disintegrate it.

For example, you can stop watching mainstream movies. Some of the money that these movies make goes into child abuse and sacrifice, so if you invest your money to watch such movies, you are directly enabling pedophiles and satanists to do their dirty work.

Tom Hanks recently disabled his Instagram comments because too many people call him out for his pedophile activities. His many Instagram posts feature a lost glove which he himself decoded as being a lost g(love); it’s very sick but basically it’s likely that once he rapes and kills a child, he drops on the ground a work glove to say that the work has been finished.

These are very sick individuals and there are many of them in Hollywood; Hanks is just the one that was caught, but the whole Hollywood is sick. So if you invest your time, attention and money in the work of these psychopaths, what kind of energy do you get in return? The energy of pure evil, rape, enslavement and perversion.

Unfortunately the same applies to the Bollywood industry so I no longer watch those movies either. I don’t know if it’s run by satanists, but surely actors and actresses have to sleep their way to the top. So if you support these movies with your money or attention, you are directly supporting the sexual abuse of men and women.

The way that women are portrayed both in Bollywood and Hollywood movies are as though they are worthless, leading a loose or overly materialistic lifestyle. In Hollywood movies they are also shown as obsessed about sex. Men are shown as violent. Someone just has to get killed in a movie. Why would you, with your money and attention, support this kind of perverted depiction of humanity?

Why would you watch mainstream movies, go to their cinemas and watch their TV when you can watch creations made by people independent of the satanic elite. And if you ever wanted to be an actor or musician, now there are many opportunities to do your thing independently, without selling your soul to some insane cult.

We have all the tools we need to create our own entertainment. I do my own thing and earn money from that. You can also do your own. And those people who support you are making not only your freedom possible but their own as well. So if you support people like yourself, you are buying your own freedom, whilst if you support the system, you are keeping yourself enslaved.

No wonder everyone looks the same and sounds the same. They are the slaves of the system. By their own choice they invest their time, attention and money to things that take away their freedom. So choose to give your energy to people like yourself rather than dead organisations – corpse-orations and satanists. Where your money goes your energy flows, and what do you get in return? Always ask yourself this before making any energy investment.

Furthermore, if you watch movies, you’re not only directly enabling the oppressors to buy children to rape and sacrifice, but you’re also directly supporting their plans. That’s because by releasing their movies they show their plans in the open, and if you give your attention to that, you give your energy to those plans and make their manifestation more sure.

How arrogant of them! Not only they feed people with waste, but they seduce people into actually paying for that waste and making their evil desires more possible to manifest because of the attention of ignorant humanity.

It’s such a shame that people are very disensitized. They hear about child molestation taking place in Hollywood, they even see news coverage of big Hollywood pedophiles. Yet they conveniently place this information somehwere at the back of the psyche and disconnect it from their actions.

Their actions remain the same. They keep watching mainstream movies. They keep watching TV and they keep going to cinemas.

It’s because of such people playing ignorant that the enslavement of humanity continues. Who in their right mind would invest their energy and attention to organizations directly involved in murdering and raping children? It means our psyche is not healthy if we do that.

This information is not hard to come across. All over news are the deeds of Epstein or Weinstein. People just want to look away because giving up their pleasures are more important to them than stopping the murdering and raping of children.

I have another Facebook account where only people who personally know me are friends. Those are mostly worldly ones. So when I post something about pedophilia in Hollywood, I get no reactions at all, with the exception of one friend who probably feels sorry for my posts not being liked so likes them out of compassion.

How sad that is. People would rather stay engrossed in violent and overly sexual content of predators than heal this unhealthy addiction and choose to invest their money and attention elsewhere. I choose not to submit to this general ignorance and if people change their habits and start paying attention to the creations of individuals like themselves, they will find that ignorance like a cloud will be lifted from their minds.

It’s so strange that even people calling themselves “truthers” and thinking themselves to be the enemies of the system keep referring to Hollywood movies! Like if they talk about something, they keep mentioning scenes of various mainstream movies for illustrations. It’s just so sad. Don’t they see a contradiction here?

Sometimes there’s no available alternative so you have to buy things on Amazon. But if there are alternatives, even more expensive ones (from normal people owning their own businesses), buy from such individuals instead. Because if you buy from Amazon, you directly support a modern form of slavery.

People working for Amazon are underpaid and overworked. And sellers selling through Amazon are totally ripped off. For example, authors know that most just cannot make a living by selling on Amazon because commission fees are huge. I too know it, so I in the past published just two ebooks there for larger exposure, but definitely not to make a living.

It just takes breaking a habit, that’s all. Now you may be into the habit of watching mainstream movies and buying from corporations and chain supermarkets. But you can, from now on, instead choose to support individuals like yourself. If you do, I guarantee that your quality of life will increase, even if you have to spend more in order to get your goods through these alternative sources.

What’s more, not only your quality of life will get better materially, but you will also feel freer and you will feel more empowered; that’s because by buying from individuals like you you’re empowering them, and therefore this energy of empowerment is returned to you.