Tom Hanks’ birth chart.

It is straight away obvious by looking at his chart that public image is very important to him. So the fact that now many people (most of his Instagram followers, for example) accuse him of being a pedophile must be a big blow to him.

He has an unaspected Moon in Leo. Even with aspects this placement often produces egotistic people to whom image is everything, what to say about the unaspected Moon. This placement also shows that he would choose a partner who is impressive in some way, like good-looking or successful, and it also shows that he likes children.

That coupled with the chart ruler’s placement in the tenth, produces someone to whom image and public perception is everything.

Therefore I guarantee that he’s going through tough times now.

In order to achieve good public image, as a Virgo ascendant with its ruler in Cancer he is likely to invest in his health, so he probably exercises regularly, uses multivitamins and other health enhancers, and eats healthy food.

Jupiter placed in the twelfth shows that he’s not willing to disclose his spiritual beliefs to others, that he’s spiritually protected and this planet’s conjunction with Pluto, astrologically called the “kingmaker”, makes him totally determined to achieve his ends.

His life is mainly focused on appearing good before the public, on work, creativity, and secret spiritual practices. He also no doubt is interested in how the subconscious mind works and he’s very interested in what happens after death.

He’s naturally a very intuitive person and he’s naturally attracted towards things secretive and mysterious. However, the attraction may be a kind of perverted one, because of afflicted Saturn in Scorpio. This, unfortunately, produces people interested in death, dying, immoral acts, underground prohibited activities and similar things.

This placement makes him interested in darkness and understanding of those who are depraved in some way. This placement also shows that he had a powerful or secretive father.

His Pluto is negatively aspected by Saturn. What’s more, it’s an intense one, with -0°28′ orb. This means that emotional insecurities make him dictatorial when confronted, and he cannot acknowledge having lost. His behavior can be unpredictable and he would do all to stay on top because he has a big fear of poverty.

This aspect also shows a ruthless determination to achieve one’s goals. He’s afraid of change and will cling to that which he believes in, no matter what. So if he’s involved in a secret society, he is likely to remain there till death, blindly unable to see anything wrong with it.

The same aspect also shows the lack of ethics and morals and an attitude of cold calculation. What’s more, with Jupiter square Saturn affecting his self-expression, he doesn’t know his limits so he will keep doing what he’s familiar with whether it works or not.

This is yet again confirmed by the pictures of his Instagram account – the themes repeat themselves over and over again – missing items, him being pictured near old cars, and some pictures from his personal life.

Although a generational planet, his Pluto is in the sign of Leo in the twelfth. This indeed can give violence against children (especially considering the Saturn square) that is done in secret. It’s a placement associated with the death of children as well.

The same placement makes people good actors and it’s very important for them to achieve fame.

Neptune in the second shows that he doesn’t value money for the sake of it and that he’s likely to spend much of it on entertainment and artistic things. Also, it’s shown that he makes money through career as well as secret activities.

Neptune in Libra shows the lack of clarity in the legal situation, marriage and close relationships. There could be some deception involved about these areas.

His Uranus is in Leo in the eleventh. This shows that he may even act out to attract attention and that he loves display. This is the placement for many love affairs (and weird ones at that, with the square to Neptune) and that the idea of being with one person forever is very unattractive to him.

Love affairs are sudden and brief. His children may be unusual in some way. He may be accident-prone at the places of entertainment and in social situations.

He has Sun and Mercury in Cancer which shows that he’s a people person. His intelligence is high and he has picture memory. He remembers his childhood well. Aspects of the Sun show that he has a strong personality, is highly creative and has plenty of energy to achieve his ends. Creative work is very important to him.

He’s attached to his family and career; he will continue the traditions he grew up with.

The planet closest to his Midheaven is Venus, so no wonder he is loved by so many people (or was, that is). This planet, located in Gemini, makes him prefer variety in relationships and makes him more mental than physical in intimate relationships.

It means he is mentally turned on more than physically. This placement makes him prefer younger partners that may be also gay or bisexual, and it also means that he prefers dating different people and maybe even several people at the same time.

His Venus squaring the Ascendant shows that he’s not happy with the way that he looks yet appearance is very important to him. The square to Mars is a sign of a great lover but also someone who can be violent in love.

Midheaven squaring Mars shows that he may be bossy, trying to dominate others for the sake of it, and this could take place on a daily basis. The aggression displayed at work may be passive yet pervasive. He’s probably doing this because of the lack of self-confidence; by making himself look aggressive he is assured that people won’t be mean to him.

He has an afflicted Mars in the sixth in Pisces, which indicates daily work behind the scenes and the pursuit of secret desires. There could have been involvement with the navy. He has secret fears. This placement indicates a problem with fluids of the body (like problems with lymph notes, diseases such as oedema) and inflammation of the feet or injuries to them as well as digestive difficulties.

Love affairs, energy spent on emotional matters, hard to diagnose diseases and infections are also indicated by this placement. Such people are not stable partners unless other aspects confirm the opposite, but in Tom Hanks’ case they only confirm his fickleness in intimate relationships.

Finally, his family life was secretive and unstable. His parents may have been involved in secret societies already and he simply inherited the role (the ruler of Nadir in the twelfth conjunct Pluto).

In conclusion…

Judging from his natal chart, it’s his childhood that determined his adult behavior. If it was good, he could have grown up into a good person. If it was abusive, he could have grown up into an abuser. It’s highly unlikely he will change his ways, however.