I would like to start this article by telling you a story of what happened during booking my trip to India. You may not know it, but I always look at the planetary hours before doing something important. I should also write an article about how this works, in case you’re interested. So that’s for the future.

I found a great deal for the flight to India, but the hour was not quite favorable – that of Saturn. A Saturn hour is good for doing land work or business deals, yet this was an investment into a pleasurable activity. Nevertheless, I purchased the ticked, still having doubts in my mind whether that was the right thing to do at such an hour.

As soon as I purchased the ticket, I got a message on my mobile. It was literally the same second that the transaction went through and the ticket was mine. It was from my mother, and the message read along the lines of that she had the best time in her life in Croatia (I believe it was Croatia).

So this was a wonderful confirmation not to worry, and that the travels would be great despite of the hour of booking. And this turned out to be amazingly accurate so far.

I also have luck in my house of pleasure. Which means that I will be generally lucky in everything that’s connected with things that I enjoy. That’s the power of knowing your natal chart – you know which areas of life you can relax about, and which (those that are unlucky) you have to be especially careful about.

The way that this luck manifested this time was simply incredible. Especially when I was in Dubai. I enjoyed it so much that even on my last day there I totally forgot time because I had such a wonderful time in a shopping centre sitting in a cafe and writing about astrology. The staff were amazing, the shopping centre was beautiful, internet was fast. I was just so happy and relaxed there that I totally forgot that I was flying out that day.

The next time I looked at the clock, I realized that if I didn’t hurry up, I would miss my flight to India! So I quickly drank my latte and left the shopping centre. I caught the bus to my place, checked out of the hotel and ran to the bus stop.

The airport bus was just leaving the stop, and I started waving at the bus driver and doing a Namaste prayer hand pose, hoping he would take pity on me and let me in. And he did!! So I jumped on the bus, and off we went to the airport.

So that’s a lucky event number one.

When I got to the airport, I was trying to find a queue for my check in. When I found it, it was really long so I took my position and was prepared to wait for quite a while. An airport staff member approached me and asked to confirm whether my flight was to that particular Indian city, which I did. Then he pointed to go to the front, and then he left.

I didn’t understand what he meant, so I looked at the second check in, since I thought maybe he meant that it would soon open. But I didn’t want to risk losing my queue position, so when I saw that nobody was there, I remained where I was.

At this point the same staff member approached me again and I was trying to explain to him that nobody’s at the second check in. He then motioned me to follow him, we skipped the whole queue, and he told to the check-in staff member to check me in as a priority customer!

That’s a lucky event number two.

The check-in guy checked my documents, checked in my luggage, and gave me my boarding pass.

When at the boarding gate, I was stopped by a staff member and asked to show the actual Indian visa confirmation letter. I showed him the Gmail printout, but that was not the actual confirmation but only the notification that my visa got confirmed. (And actually it’s my second time getting an e-visa, and I made the same mistake the first time I got it. But then it was a new thing, so rules weren’t quite as strict.)

He told that I could not board the plane with this email printout, because I would be stopped and denied entry into India once I landed. He asked if I had internet on my mobile to access the actual confirmation. I said I didn’t. So he was thinking for a little while, then told me to wait and said that he would have another staff member try to print it out from their computer.

I asked why nobody stopped me at the check-in about this issue. He told that the staff member had to be new, otherwise he would not have allowed me to check in.

So – if that staff member would be experienced, he would have asked me to show the actual confirmation and at my failure to do so would deny my entry to the gate. I, of course, would have no internet to show the confirmation, and no time to go outside the airport to find somewhere to print the confirmation. So I would have missed my flight.

But because the guy was inexperienced, he let me through. And it’s only because I was right at the gate that they made this exception and printed the confirmation out themselves.

So that was a lucky event number three!

I’ve always been lucky in my travels; such events keep happening in my life whenever I do that which I love. How can one doubt the accuracy of natal charts after such things:) Also, Dubai is generally lucky for me because it has the same occult number that I made my own (about that in another article on numbers).

Saturn’s return

Here I would also like to mention that after my thirtieth year my life become more difficult. This is because of the return of Saturn. It happens to everyone between the ages of 29 to 30 and affects people in different ways, depending on in which astrological houses their Saturn is and whether it’s exalted or debilitated.

Since Saturn is an important planet in my natal chart, I felt his return very strongly. I can’t even say “his”, it’s more “its”, because according to the vedic astrology it’s a mineral being without any sex.

The more years pass after these ages, the easier it becomes as Saturn then again distances itself from your life, to return the second time when your’e around 60 or a few years before it to usher in your old age.

I felt the saturnian influence right from my thirtieth birthday. It put lots of obstacles in my way and does that even now, though fewer. But I understand why this is happening – it’s to make me stronger. Yes, an easy life is nice, but it doesn’t make you grow. It’s the difficulties which you overcome that make you develop as a person.

I especially felt the hand of Saturn in the village in Lithuania, because Saturn is the ruler of the rural life. Some days were really difficult, but none of the hurdles it put on my way ever made me fall.

What all these difficulties made me understand is that no matter what obstacle Saturn puts for me to overcome, I’m not likely to break. I’m an eternal optimist and obstacles make me even a better fighter. I’m the kind of person who, if nobody believes that I could win, would win simply to prove them wrong. So Saturn’s return made me realize what I’m made of, and made me discover an unbreakable part of me.


The last thing I would like to tell is that I’m currently in India, as you may know, and I enjoy this place thoroughly.

It was quite funny when, after six months of no caffeine, I got to my favorite cafe and had a strong latte. Around an hour after drinking it my body started shaking and remained in this condition for around seven hours! I had this coffee at the sunset, so this meant that I was unable to sleep the entire night!

When I was trying to type on my laptop in a cafe, I was so embarrassed because my hands were trembling! When I was having a conversation, I would sometimes involuntarily repeat some syllables, sounding like SRK when he said “I love you K K K Kiran”:) That’s the real effect of caffeine for you!

Apart from this funny event, I should tell that the weather is perfect here, and I enjoy my sunset walks along the beach. I was happy to meet all the people I know in this location, and two separate people actually recognized me from my blog, so I felt like a celebrity:)

So that’s all that I wanted to update you with. If you have any questions or comments, you can leave a reply and I will try to answer.