In this article I would like to share with you some of my philosophy of life, what I am up to, and answer some of my readers’ questions.

I would like to start this article by explaining that… 

Labels and judgments don’t allow us to see

The first thing I would like to address is the importance of not defining anyone, or putting anyone into any sort of category. It’s very difficult for people not to do so because the Western education (which has colonized almost the entire East as well) encourages the compartmentalization of the mind.

The negative result of such mental compartmentalization is seen not only in people being compelled to label and define everything, but also in the way that our institutions function. For example, in the medical field there are strict categories of different diseases and there are strict categories of doctors specializing in this or that.

What this kind of compartmentalization fails to do is to recognize the common cause of many illnesses. So this kind of view of how things should be done makes people preoccupied with a single tree which makes them overlook the entire forest.

This kind of operation can be seen everywhere in the West. Details are studied on their own, without acknowledging their connection to the whole. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I love India so much, where that whole is still preserved – their art forms are inseparable from their spirituality, and their whole life is inseparable from that one spiritual core.

When you separate something from the whole, it’s as though dead. You cannot really understand it anymore. So that’s what happens when people are quick to label others. As soon as they put any label on them, that person is already dead in their minds. They have defined a living, breathing and always-changing being in a limited and most likely faulty way and their eyes have become shut to who the individual truly is.

Life itself taught me to neither define myself nor others. Whenever I put some label on myself, something always happens to challenge it. For example, whenever I call myself a “meditator”, I find myself unable to meditate. When that label falls off, I can meditate again.

Or when I defined myself as vegan in the past (when I was experimenting with this lifestyle), I found myself in situations where vegan food wasn’t available and therefore I had to eat what was offered.

Or when I held a strong stance against wearing makeup, and then my heart chakra opened and enlightened my mind about some additional employments of cosmetics – that sometimes people express their art through their bodies, or actors embody their roles through the use of makeup; or that sometimes people who want to get their message across to an image-obsessed population, must use makeup for them to look more acceptable.

The feeling of being a hypocrite is very bitter, so this taught me not to label either myself or others, and not to be so quick in expressing a strong view. It’s really the story of my life – whenever I hold a strong opinion about something or label myself or someone else, life challenges that to show me in the wrong. This happened enough times for me to acknowledge that it’s wrong to define myself or anyone else, and therefore I avoid labels of any sorts if that can be done.

Also, it’s very easy to assume that you know where the person is coming from, when in fact you might be completely wrong. If you’ve been my reader for some time you probably know that after my deconversion from Christianity many angry Christians started making videos about me giving various reasons of my deconversion.

Those people never met me and probably watched only a few of my videos. Yet they put themselves up as experts of my choices. Have they gone through the full awakening? No. Yet they assume they know exactly why I made the choices that I made.

How foolish it is for people to assume that they know someone they have never met. It’s likely that you don’t even know the motivations of your mother, let alone someone you’ve only seen on YouTube.

So it’s best not to judge anyone at all, even though you think you know why they did things that they did. Our ego is an expert at making us believe that we know why people are the way that they are. But that conviction doesn’t come from any core of truth but only from the ego.

Sometimes we need labels to describe ourselves, like when we are introducing ourselves to others who know nothing about who we are. But I’ve learnt that even if you do so, try not to allow that label to define you. Yes, human language requires us to label ourselves and others, but if we don’t identify with those labels to the degree that we start viewing the reality through them, we will be fine.

This whole world is structured in a way that it operates through systems. Systems are not the problem but the identification with them is, because then they imprison you. And I’m talking about religions and forms of spirituality here as well. Yes, you can be inspired by certain religions and take good things from them to apply in your life. But as soon as you identify with any of them and label yourself a Christian, Muslim, new-ager or anything else, you get trapped.

You then get imprisoned into a sort of shell of beliefs which makes you view the outside world in a particular way. This cuts you off from a large part of reality, and this is something you shouldn’t allow to happen to yourself if you eventually want to become fully awakened.

Those religious systems can help you in your walk towards awakening, but when you’re close to it, all of them will have to drop off from your being. It’s very rare, however, to see people not in the grip of any of such religious systems. They will either define themselves as atheists, Christians, new-agers, occultists or will fall into any other category. It’s very rare to find an individual who may learn from many of those systems but not be caught by any of them.

I don’t know if this illustration will be appreciated, but this can be compared with a flower in a garden versus a flower in your vase at home. One is not cut off from its environment so you can appreciate it without needing to have it at home. As soon as you take it home, you cut it off from its environment and soon it withers and dies.

I find this similar to what happens when people identify with any sort of labels and start viewing the world through them. They are already dead, cut off from the greater whole. We have many walking dead in this world – almost everyone is caught into one system or another, not necessarily to do with religion or spirituality.

This life is for joy and self-expression

In one of my previous articles I wrote that when you remove the mask of personality; when you are no longer identified with the role that you play in this life, you realize that this life is all about self-expression and joy.

In response to this statement, I received a comment of an angry reader who accused me of encouraging people to have sex all the time!

How can people think like this? How sad it is that as soon as you mention “the joy of life” or “self-expression”, all some people can think of is sex! How sad that is indeed…

When I think about the joy of life and self-expression, I think of creativity. If this world is for our enjoyment, let’s express ourselves in the most perfect way possible, thinking we have no limitations whatsoever. And if some people can only imagine sexual activities as denoting freedom, joy and self-expression, all I can say to such individuals is that you can do what you want, but don’t forget that there are consequences for every action that you take.

As long as this physical existence lasts, universal laws will do too. And one of the laws of this universe is recompense. So when you exhaust your body, old age will come faster. If you use other people, you will experience some evil from others as well.

Yes, if you had no freedom to express yourself all this time and suddenly you are free, it’s likely that you will make a few foolish choices as a result; but hopefully you will smarten up quickly enough for those choices not to influence your future or ruin your life.

So although this life is truly about freedom, joy and self-expression, we should always calculate the consequences of any actions that we take. It’s strange that freedom in many people’s minds is associated with things that harm and dissipate them.

And although this life is indeed for our joyous self-expression, I’m not blind to the fact that there is a lot of evil in it too. That’s because this physical reality could not exist were it outweigh the bad even by one per-cent. Good and evil will always have an equal share in this existence. This is the way that the physical is able to exist.

And no matter how good something is, even that will have some evil in it to maintain some balance, like it’s shown in a well-known yin-yang symbol:

The whole is unseen and incomprehensible. When it divides itself, the universe springs into existence. How can anything exist without the opposition? Both man and woman are needed for the propagation of the human race. Plus and minus, earth and heaven, water and fire, good and evil – all these are opposites and although they have totally different natures, they would not be able to exist one without another. So the sanest thing to do is to accept this fact of life and act with this knowledge.

On celibacy

I would also like to discuss the topic of celibacy here. Yes, I’m still celibate and I want to remain so. My palm says that I will marry later in life, which hopefully will not manifest but it’s vary rare that one could escape from the fate (though I wish to believe this possible).

There are many reasons why I maintain celibacy. I no longer can say it’s for spiritual reasons only because at this stage of my life spirituality is life itself – I no longer compartmentalize life.

I am celibate for many reasons, and here I will mention most important ones.

Firstly, it allows me to have good health and plenty of energy. I need to save my energy because I have limited reserves of it. Some people are naturally very energetic, and some are not. So if I would use energy in one area of my life, there will be less of it left in another. For me, creatively expressing myself through my posts, books and videos is most important, so I refuse to expend my energy in other ways with the exception of some exercise and travel.

Also, I maintain my health through celibacy because I don’t waste the seed which gives me not only good health, but also more understanding and awareness. I could not exchange these precious gifts for a momentary pleasure.

There’s more pleasure in life than the pleasure of sex – and once you’re in touch with non-physical realities, you will experience the pleasure that the physical sex could never equal to. And that pleasure will be without any negative consequences.

Another reason for remaining celibate is that I love spending time alone. And by this I mean that I need a lot of time alone. Now I’ve been living alone in this village in Lithuania for four months, and only now I start feeling the need to interact with others in the physical. So I’m going to travel soon, but about that later on in this article. So I don’t think anyone would appreciate having a partner who needs four months of solitude each year:).

Yet another reason why the celibate life is something I embrace is that I could never put another person as a priority in my life. For me, the number one will always be God. Now I no longer divorce God from the rest of the world; it’s this whole existence and its appreciation that will always be the number one in my mind.

And the second most important thing will remain my work – the creation of articles, books and videos. This can never change, neither did it change when I was in a relationship with a person I truly loved, about whom I talk on my about page. So I don’t think anyone would appreciate being the number three in a partner’s life.

The final reason I’d like to mention here is that my birth chart indicates danger in any sort of partnership. I have one of the worst star and planet combinations when it comes to getting into a business or any other kind of partnership. So this alone is a reason good enough not to initiate any closer interaction.

Three occult branches

For these four months of my life I’ve been deeply studying numerology, astrology and palmistry, with the emphasis on astrology. I knew palmistry very well from the time of the start of my travels in India. I studied numerology in the past as well. Astrology wasn’t new to me either, but it was something that I spent less time on because it’s the most complicated subject of these three. So now I’m focusing on it more than on the two other subjects.

These three occult branches work in harmony with one another and show a complete picture of the person. Coupled with a spiritual insight into the person that you are gifted with when you awaken, I find that these study branches can absolutely transform lives. I, therefore, hope that I will continue to study them for the rest of my life, because through their employment I’m hoping to create a new form of service to help humanity.

I’ve already offered my first service of looking at your birth chart to assess the love area of your life. At the moment of writing, six slots were already taken but four still remain. So if you have issues in this area of life, I can check where the problem lies through your birth chart.

The study of these three subjects is life-long. These subjects aren’t man-made but have existed from the very beginning of the universe. So I hope to remain a life-long student of these fascinating fields of insight into the human life.

Travels to come

As I’ve already spent four months in almost total solitude, now I feel it’s time to interact with the public again. So I’ve booked my winter holiday already, and it’s going to be in Asia (of course:)).

I also think that it’s going to be difficult to spend winter in this village, because my only mode of transport is a bicycle, and since all the shops are far from this place, it’s going to be tough to get food and other necessities in the deep of winter.

Another reason why I decided to spend winter in Asia is because the amount of money that I would spend on heating and other bills would be quite the same as if I were to stay in Asia. So because of all these reasons I chose to spend my winter in a warmer climate.

All I can say at this point is that I will definitely stay in Dubai, but that’s not the only country I will visit. I’ve been wanting to visit Dubai for a while now, so I think I’m going to enjoy my time there.

I will visit Poland as well, because I visited it only once as a teenager, so I thought that I would break my travel a bit to include this country as well. It worked out well because there are some cheap flights from Poland to Dubai, so it didn’t cost me too much to include this country in my itinerary as well.


So that’s all that I wanted to update you about. If you have any questions with regards to any of the topics I’ve mentioned in this article, leave a comment below the post.