The major astrological event this year is the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius. This will happen on the 21st of December.

This will mark a new cycle about which I will write at the end of the article, and many astrologers believe it will mark a new age – a new world order.

How is it going to be? It’s up to us to decide. If we do nothing, the elites will win. If we uprise, we can create a paradise.

My dream showed a combination of both. I’m getting symbolic dreams at this time because, I believe, the Universe wants to send us messages for these important times and It tries to get through to anyone who is attuned.

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In the dream me and my boyfriend were flying to another country very far away. When we disembarked, it looked like a paradise. We went for sightseeing, and we were near the ocean that was totally clear, of a light turquoise color, with so many dolphins in it which were playing with each other.

There was so much life in that water. The water itself seemed alive, joyfully playing with happy dolphins. It was moving along with dolphins, swirling, and I was filled with joy for seeing such a beautiful dance.

There was wildlife around me but I felt like it was like a zoo situation as there were people employed there to be with animals, to take care of them and to show them to people. However, the animals were allowed to mix with people.

I was shown a tiny baby tiger – the size of a cat. I was told that I could touch it, that it wouldn’t do anything. So I cautiously approached and touched it, so that I could tell my mother that I have touched a tiger.

It was truly like a paradise but there was a limitation – I realized that I’m in a group, and that I can’t really leave it as then I would not be able to enjoy all this beauty. I was even thinking whether me and my boyfriend should leave the group, but I knew that this option, though giving more freedom, would deprive us of these amazing moments in nature.

There were set times of exploration, food and sleep which made me feel not free, but again, staying in such an amazing place outweighed even these limitations.

I took a video of playing dolphins. I wanted to send this to my mother, but realized that I had no Wi-Fi. So I went to the reception to ask if I can get a password. They refused.

They were so vague about the reason why, and eventually they said that maybe I could get access if I could pay 2 (of their currency). But after this, the talk took another turn and I wasn’t able to get online. Again, this made me feel limited – I wasn’t able to share my joy with my mother.

(Interestingly, now Saturn and Mars moved into Aquarius.They are in conjunction. This shows a controlled force used against groups, internet, communication. I already predicted that we would have internet limitation or censorship, and maybe my dream also confirmed this.)

Then I saw myself going into the premises and seeing many people sleeping on the floor. It was clean and light, the floor was of light wood and everyone slept covered in white sheets without pillows. It was very basic, but I accepted this if that’s how I was supposed to sleep.

I went to the bathroom which was next door. There, upon walking further (it was very spacious), I discovered that there were actually beds to sleep on. I was so glad that I walked further and discovered this, as then my night would be spent much more comfortably.

However, almost all the beds were taken, and I was rushing to find at least one available. I found it eventually, so I covered it with my cover and put a fan on it (there were fans next to beds) so that to show that it had already been taken.

Then I thought I would continue exploring this place to see if I could get an even better sleeping spot. I went further and discovered a space on raised platforms, going up and up, and it was luxurious. It was so beautiful – people were sitting at tables covered in expensive materials and the whole place smelled of opulence.

I was so relieved to have found this place. I wanted to sleep there even if I couldn’t find a bed as the platforms were covered in thick material. But I kept searching for one, as that would be the perfect place to sleep.

Then I woke up.

That was my dream. Was I given a peak into the new age? As I said, the new cycle, according to astrology, starts on the 21st of December, 2020. This is a huge change, because this is the first conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the air sign in 800 years.

This conjunction took place in the sign of Aquarius in 1226 AD. This conjunction often brings changes in religions and rulerships of the countries. It will also make our minds focused on communication, groups, internet and the newest technologies, but there may be limitations on these subjects as Saturn is strong in Aquarius.

(Saturn and Jupiter have almost opposite natures. So although Jupiter brings joy, spirituality, much travel, luxury, wealth and expansion, it’s going to be severely limited by Saturn, the old ruler of Aquarius. Jupiter is neutral in this sign, therefore making it weaker than Saturn in this conjunction.)

So that’s my dream, together with some astrological explanation. If you have a further insight into the dream meaning, please leave a comment below.