We took a risk and decided to stay in Nepal for one month. From yesterday India is on a self-imposed quarantine, not allowing foreign people in for around a month. Maybe they will extend this ban longer, who knows – their rules can change lightning-fast.

Even Indians trying to enter India from yesterday onwards may get quarantined before being allowed back to their country. 

To save money, we took a two and a half day’s train from South India to Gorakhpur, near the India-Nepal border. People thought were were crazy to travel that long on the train when Coronavirus outbreak is happening. But it turned out to be the right decision – read on to find out why.

On the train some people were sneezing and coughing, but many wore masks as well. We did too. One man close to us was coughing quite a lot and didn’t wear any mask, not even covering his mouth when coughing. But we always wore masks and we stayed in an AC compartment which circulates fresh air. 

Throughout our journey we really tried not to get any flu because if we did, we knew that we would be quarantined on the border. So we wore our scarves all the time. It was especially dangerous for my boyfriend who is from Kerala, a very hot place; so when he travels anywhere cold he gets a flu. But this time he didn’t because he took extra precautions as he really didn’t want to be quarantined:) We took plenty of Vitamin C too.

Listen to “Short Personal Update: Nepal Travel, India and Coronavirus Dream” on Spreaker.

We entered Nepal by land and some of the foreign persons were denied entry even the day before. A guy from France had real difficulties getting a visa, and another one was refused, according to a traveler from Poland who crossed the border too and made friends with us on the bus.

At Sunauli border they were doing checks for coronavirus. We crossed the border at night and there were many people waiting; so we were glad it wasn’t daytime that we did it because we might have been stuck there for hours.

Our temperature was taken with an electronic thermometer to check if it’s within the normal range. We traveled with a French guy whom we met in Gorakhpur and all of our temperatures were shown as 36.5°C which we laughed at because the device was probably faulty. At least it didn’t shown high temperature! If that would be the case we would be quarantined for a minimum of 14 days to make sure were are not infected.

The men at the border kept pestering my boyfriend to get information about our relationship, abusing their power to get us to disclose personal things. But that is usual in some Asian countries.

We traveled from South India to Nepal for around four days, taking a rest in a hotel in Sunauli before continuing our trip deeper into Nepal.

Here are some pictures from the bus journey within Nepal. This one took around 10 hours, and the pictures were taken when we stopped for some rest and refreshment in mountains.

Mountain stop before continuing long journey in Nepal.

Now I’m going to resume doing life assessments and hopefully my watsapp voice calls will work here for consultations. My boyfriend was very tired after the journey as he’s not used to that much travel. I’m okay as this is my lifestyle, but I still hear buzzing in my ears because of days of traveling on noisy public transport. 

I would like to share another very interesting mystical happening which I think is related to coronavirus, and if anyone gets any gut feeling about the interpretation of what I’m about to share, please let me know in the comments below.

The first night I slept on the train, just before waking up, I got a dream that I’m walking in some city and I felt like someone was walking right behind me. I turned around and saw a young Chinese lady right behind me. She had a pollution mask but it was resting on her neck.

When she realized that I saw her, there was no apology, just little confusion. I thought she went away so I continued walking. Then I decided to check if she’s still following. I turned around, and she was as close as before. I thought this to be very weird and got annoyed at her. She left this time. 

I had the feeling that she must be doing something to me as there was a purpose of her following me so closely. So I checked the back of my head and realized that she put some sort of magnets on me.

One was blue, the shape of the pill and the length of half the palm I guess. It looked like made of glass. The other one was pink, heart-shaped and of the same material and size. They were held on my head by some kind of magnetic power.

I removed these things from my head and threw them back at her, which made her furious. As though her plan failed without those magnets of me. I then realized that the lady was dangerous and decided to run away from her, and I knew I didn’t have much time.

I immediately started running and I knew she was faster than me and that she could catch me. So I turned to one street and immediately squeezed myself through a narrow door (I was with a backpack so it was difficult to enter) into a pink-lit beauty parlor. There, in a whisper, I asked the staff working there not to disclose that I was there if anyone were to look for me.

I was safe. Then I woke up. 

I believe this dream was about Coronavirus, due to the Chinese lady with a mask and the fact that she tried to attach those things to me as though to give me that virus. I think the dream was really trying to tell me something because of such obvious symbolism involved; it wasn’t just the brain recycling Coronavirus information, and I don’t have fear of this virus so it’s not that I’m dwelling on it.

Maybe people who investigate this virus would get some sort of a clue from the symbolism of those two items that were attached to my head; maybe it could help in coming up with a cure or understanding the origins or structure of this virus, so I’m sharing this dream in public in case it would be useful in some way.

At first I didn’t even believe that the virus existed as the media and scientists were so vague about its symptoms and origins. But with more news about it spreading and people dying all over the world, and now this dream, I think it might indeed be some sort of a new virus. But I’m still little skeptical because I believe that many tragedies are human-engineered to put people into  fear-mode and then release new freedom-limiting laws. 

Back to the journey update. 

After checking into the hotel at our final destination here in Nepal, my boyfriend called his friends and they told us that we left right on time, as now Coronavirus is in that town (where we stayed in India), due to some infected foreign people staying there. They escaped from a hotel in another city to come to our town. They know they are infected but they don’t want to be treated. Now the police is searching for them.

Soon I will publish a regular post probably on astrology, but now I need to complete some astrological and consultation work for my clients before I find time for the post and video. Do let me know your thoughts, about this update, especially the dream part. Have a lovely day!

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