Since I’m researching the plandemic to understand more about it, I recently obtained more information which helped me to connect the dots further, thanks to satanic ritual abuse victims’ testimonies, Amazing Polly, Rockefeller’s 2010 plan, 1969 Illuminati exposure, and more.

Because of all this research, I’m coming to the conclusion that the lockdown is in place to accomplish many Illuminati’s goals. They want to change the economy. They want to destroy the cash and replace it with cards and then chip implants, and they want people to work from home to receive equal minimum wages which will prevent them from being free to do what they please.

They want us to totally submit to the authority and have no freedom. They want us to be monitored 24/7. They want to accomplish this through 5G surveillance, a microchip, and getting you trapped in an alternative reality.

If you don’t yet know, the greedy Bill Gates released this satanic commercial for his alternative reality program too early, thinking that the masses would accept it. He was wrong. The video received 24,000 dislikes and only over 600 likes before it was deleted.

I see that now the elite is rushing, and this hopefully will be their downfall. They thought that the masses were mind-controlled enough through satanic celebrities and their “art” to accept Marina Abramovich.

They quickly moved to introduce the alternative reality option whilst people are locked in homes and thus can’t freely enjoy the outside world. They want to downgrade humanity from 3D to 2D.

These evil ones also, I believe, want to trap not only us but themselves in alternative reality; to upload their brain content, their essence to alternative reality so that they never die. They must be really afraid to die because after death they will go to a place from which they may never be able to escape. So they want to escape death through alternative reality, and they want to keep us there too, as their slaves, of course.

Another reason the lockdown is in place is that the system of strong control of the people stays in place and then the reptilian ones will no longer be afraid to show their true appearance.

A few years ago it was claimed that the British Royalty website published a press release shortly before taking it down, revealing that the Queen wasn’t human. The screenshots of this press release allegedly were taken by some readers before the press release was deleted:

Queen seen in a different form

That’s also what Arizona Wilder claims who is a satanic ritual abuse survivor. It’s a big inconvenience for reptiles to keep the human shape and since the vibration of this earth is increasing, it’s becoming even more difficult to do.

The result of this is that more and more people can see their reptilian shapes – it is told that the President Putin saw the Queen’s true shape, David Icke saw many reptilians, sometimes they shapeshift whilst being filmed too, and I saw reptilian slits in quite a few people also.

So ideally they want to stop trying to appear human, but in order for them to reveal themselves strong control of the masses must be present to stop any unrest. That’s what lockdown accomplishes.

Because of watching satanic ritual abuse survivors’ stories (especially helpful were in-depth videos of Arizona Wilder) I came to the conclusion that adrenochrome was mainly used not for the restoration of youth, but for keeping reptilians looking human.

Arizona Wilder tells quite-a-difficult-to-believe story about our origins, yet this story answers so many questions. She tells that reptilians were pursuing Aryans all throughout this universe. Aryans, she says, were originally from Mars.

(This also connects with Nazis. If you dig deep, you find that Nazis even today play a big part towards the establishment of the NWO.)

Aryans had to leave Mars because of reptilian takeover. They first went to the Moon, but reptilians got in control there too. Then eventually they inhabited the earth and for 2,000 years they happily coexisted with the inhabitants of this earth.

However, 4,000 years ago, reptilians came to this earth too, and started insinuating themselves into the positions of power – politics, priesthood and royalty. I believe at first they didn’t hide their true appearance:


But maybe later they were expelled and went underground, and then started consuming the blood of Aryans (with released adrenochrome) for them to be able to shapeshift into human beings.

Arizona wilder says that they are seeking the blood from particular Aryan bloodlines that aren’t mixed with the blood of original inhabitants of the earth. Those are the 13 bloodlines. That’s the reason ideologies wanting to keep the white race bloodlines pure came into existence. They serve the reptilians, and not humankind.

I still have many questions about this theory but I definitely see how it could be valid. From satanic ritual abuse survivors’ accounts it becomes clear that these reptiles keep breeders belonging to these 13 bloodlines and impregnate them to continue their reptilian seed.

This would explain so many things. Many of us from the US and Europe don’t feel like we’re from this earth but when you go to countries like the ones in Asia, those people feel on earth right at home. It’s in the Western world that the sightings of extraterrestrials are the most prevalent. It’s the Aryan people who experience alien abduction and claim to be tracked.

It’s difficult to talk about this because some people would see this as racist. But it simply means that the white race may not be originally from the earth – that’s it. It doesn’t mean it’s better or worse, it’s just from another place.

That would also explain why the focus of the Illuminati is on the Western world. It’s the white race that’s enslaved the most. When people from the USA or Europe go to India they feel so much freedom as third-world or developing countries aren’t in the grip of the reptilians to such an extent.

In conclusion, my research led me to believe that it’s the white race that should be the most concerned with the introduction of NWO because the elite sees us as their food supply and wants us totally enslaved. The lockdown serves as a definite step to implement the NWO because this keeps us in fear and restricted, thus allowing them more control and the implementation of the kill grid – the 5G.

Here are two long videos of Arizona Wilder in case you want to hear all she has to say about reptilians.

What to do about this

We need to be smart now and connect with like-minded people to brainstorm about this situation. We need to plan strategically; If you see that there’s no way for you to stay afloat, sell all you own, declare bankruptcy, and move to some community to live off-grid. Again, you cannot do much alone, but if you plan with others, you can still escape.

Detach from reptilian systems as much as possible – wean yourself off them. We need to depend on the guidance system of God and not their own artificial system of internet and banking. Read about survival in nature so that you are prepared if you need to escape the city.

Prepare your mind. If the worst happens, will you be able to mentally handle it? Most people, when they hear really bad news, panic – because they get hypnotized by the negative images that naturally start being played in their mind.

That’s why it’s essential to meditate. This allows you to be in control of your mind and to stay in the present moment when you hear something unpleasant. Calmly brainstorm what to do if you find yourself without resources, for example, so that if this happens, you don’t panic.

The most important thing is to keep yourself in the vibration of peace and hope, because this will keep the connection between you and Higher Intelligence. If you keep yourself calm and hopeful no matter what happens to you, you will maintain the connection to the Divine guidance system and you will know what to do. But if you fall into panic, you’re in the control of reptilians.

These reptiles can only thrive in fearful conditions. Now the whole world is in fear so this gives them power to implement their control grid. But we cannot be enslaved by that system if we don’t vibrate their note.

We can see that oil doesn’t mix with water, no matter how little of oil is put into the water. We cannot be enslaved even if there are very few of us whilst all the sheep go along. So keep yourself untouchable by these lizards through your high vibration and complete trust in Love which is God/Unity. Then, even if you find yourself without the resources, you will get new resources when you need them, because it’s all about energy.

If people wouldn’t be frightened of them, these reptiles would not be able to function on this earth. They are able to function on this earth plane only by feeding off fear. So will you give them the food that they crave to continue their tyranny? Or will you vibrate on a note that’s repellent to them and makes them weaker?