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In this article, I’m going to share with you some new developments with regards to the plandemic situation and some subjects that came up in the interactions with my readers.


Firstly, censorship. It’s huge now everywhere, especially on YouTube and Google. That’s what I predicted astrologically. If you search on Google for anything smelling of conspiracy, you will get pages upon pages of damage control websites such as or news articles mocking conspiracies.

So the way that I search is changing. On Google, I often type exact phrases in quotes to avoid damage control websites and mocking news websites. For example, if you type Queen is a reptilian you will get pages of news articles about a crazy conspiracy (except for one Pinterest page).

Our search, therefore, should become more specific. It’s better to search for “queen is reptilian” – in quotes.

Then truth information comes out, but interestingly most of it is from Pinterest. I looked up the owner and I don’t recognize this guy, so I wonder if he’s not involved wit the elite and doesn’t censor the site. But I really don’t know, I haven’t researched his background.

Since I’m using YouTube a lot, now I’ve found that it’s not good to rely on suggested videos as most of them serve the agenda of the elite. There are loads of Christian videos coming up as suggested ones too, and this could be due to their demand now, or maybe they’re pushed as a controlled opposition.

On YouTube, I watch some recommended-by-my-readers videos and if they’re good, then I check the main channel. Often that channel has other good videos. Another way is to read the comments as sometimes readers suggest good further videos, or to find out the author of the video and YouTube or Google their work.

This strategy works on Twitter too, and that’s how I’ve found some good documentaries like Fall Cabal.


The above video is absolutely incredible and I highly recommend watching it. However, the person who created it was biased, because Donald Trump is shown as a hero without any blemish.

Whilst I hope he works for humanity and I’m amazed that some influential evildoers such as Weinstein or Epstein were finally caught, it’s still important not to overlook the negative side of President Trump.

From strange photos with his daughter, to his recorded interview in which he told that his daughter made him promise not to date anyone younger than her; to the fact that he marries younger models when previous ones get old.

These should not be overlooked! We must stay objective. So whilst I hope he’s doing all he can to free humanity, we should not put all our hopes on him and wait.

The elite wants us to believe in some savior. That reminds me of some videos I saw of a huge peaceful protest taking place in China, I believe, where some protesters held a slogan “Trump, save us”. Some of them got killed.

Let’s not passively wait for someone else to help us. The elite wants us to wait for some savior. This keeps us inactive, thus not a treat to the evil ones.


Be honest with yourself. Do those eyes speak of spirituality or sin?

People want to put their trust in the government for their daily life, and to priests and gurus for spiritual matters. I must expose this one as people are really blinded by him – Sadhguru. I made many allusions to this man in my previous videos but since hell is breaking loose on this earth, I must use more direct language.

This man is charged for the murder of his wife. His wife’s father still thinks Sadhguru murdered her, but police doesn’t touch him as he has become too powerful (Indian police is highly corrupt; without bribes you won’t get far).

Sadhguru lied that his wife achieved mahasamadhi, though she was far from being that advanced. And then, against all the spiritual rules, he burned her body quickly so that no autopsy could be done.

He used to run a bar and a chicken farm as those were profitable. But he realized that it’s far more profitable to run a spiritual business. Thus started his career.

He’s extremely smart and his spiritual business model certainly works. His ashram looks like a giant supermarket according to some visitors, where anything consecrated by him becomes worth hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars. He also charges thousands of dollars for enlightenment programs from which nobody yet got enlightened.

I tried to find a Quora post where people gave true accounts of this person, but I think it’s taken down or deindexed as I can’t find it anymore. His organization is involved in censoring and bullying people. Sometimes they are taken to court. They use any measures required to keep his dirty past unknown and his name – clean, because I think he may serve as a messiah in the endgame or will have some similar role.

He’s focused on making connections so that he becomes untouchable. He’s good friends with many celebrities and politicians. He’s too powerful now so the justice system doesn’t touch him. I’m sure now his tentacles are spread all over the world, to become the universal guru of the coming age.

His face is everywhere, his opinions cover all subjects that you can think of: weed, clothes, relationships, coronavirus, business, politics, the secrets of the Universe – you name it. He makes many claims that he avoids proving, like his psychic abilities which no one yet witnessed.

He illegally grabs lands to build his ashrams, some of them in protected areas, but then paints the picture of being a nature lover by planting some trees (from raised donations, of course). He steals lands of poor tribals and leaves them without homes. It made me cry to see a picture of a poor tribal woman trying to win a court case against this celebrity charlatan (you can see the picture here).

But it’s okay. He will go after death to the god that he served.

Talented actors.

He dresses to look like a spiritual person and that’s what people believe him to be. Those who have no spiritual sight have only the physical senses to rely on. That’s why the masses can be so easily led, even those that have the best of intentions.

People who expose him are threatened. I wouldn’t be surprised if there would be shushed murders on his ashram grounds like it’s the case with the Amritanandamayi ashram. Even Google can no longer cover it up, or maybe it doesn’t receive incentives to do that.

His dark past dogs him but his lying tongue makes people believe in the stories that he weaves. This dark world accommodates spiritual liars and in this world they gain millions of blind followers. But I believe the justice will be served in the next life. Maybe that’s why the evil ones cling so desperately to this existence.

When he talks, there’s so much arrogance, ego and self-confidence with zero spirituality. I think some people confuse self-confidence with spirituality. He’s an opportunist, not a guru.

Yet people believe him. Because people want to believe in someone who is more powerful, moral, spiritual. Which leads me to…


In the Bible it is told that the whole world will be deceived. From the video testimonials of people who were the survivors of satanic ritual abuse (such as this one), it becomes clear that:

  • Popes
  • Protestant and other Christian pastors
  • Rabbis

Are all friends, torturing and raping children whilst adhering to the rules of the Old Testament to sacrifice the firstborn (as it belongs to YHWH according to the Bible).

This makes it clear that they worship Jehovah, the god of this world. He gives riches in this world to those who adhere to his rules. This is Satan (Saturn), in my opinion.

Jesus is told to be the son of God. If he’s the son of Yehovah, then he’s a rebellious one trying to usurp his power as YHWH told that he doesn’t share his glory with anyone.

Jesus and Lucifer are one and the same, I believe. Lucifer was cast down from above, and that’s what Jesus said – that he came from above, which was a blasphemy to say. It was predicted that Lucifer will try to take over, but that he would not succeed. Jesus is expected by Christians to come back to save them.

This world is a very dark place and I think some of the bright souls are incarnated here to make those of the earth to wake up so that they don’t experience doom. I believe Christianity serves as a controlled opposition. Christians will be harmless to the elite during the endgame. They will be waiting for their savior rather than helping with the situation.

If Jesus truly died for us, he wouldn’t be so egotistic as to give conditions such as that only those are saved who personally acknowledge him as a savior. That’s childish, if you really think about it, and any sane being wouldn’t present such a condition when the other option is everlasting hell.

It’s the same old habit of humanity to give away their power to someone else. This is very, very dangerous. Do not willingly give up the freedom of your soul.

Christianity is designed to divide. Country borders are designed to divide. When we are divided, we fall. We must forget religious and national differences and unite; otherwise we are easily controlled. Our power lies in Unity.


Finally, there’s a lot of talk at this time about adrenochrome. It’s told to be the hormonal substance that is excreted by the brain of tortured and frightened people. It’s told that the richest people of the world consume it, such as Elizabeth II, to keep themselves youthful and energetic.

If you check the hashtag ‘adrenochromewithdrawal”, you will find many people on Twitter claiming that celebrities are becoming terribly aged because due to the lockdown they’re not getting their supply of this hormone.

There are only a few pictures trying to prove this, but I find some misleading, like comparing a picture of a celebrity taken years ago to how they look now. So although I do believe that they’re consuming this substance, I’m not convinced that they’re now totally off it.


So these are the things that were on my mind these few days. I know many people will be insulted by this piece but this wasn’t written to accomplish such a purpose. It was written for people to be more aware and more objective. It’s very easy to be one-sided, but that’s what can cause you to make mistakes.

Therefore, I hope that this post will be at least considered.