In the video that I uploaded on BitChute (since YouTube wouldn’t upload my videos anymore) I’m reading out a pandemic scenario of 2010 of the Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network.

All the four scenarios can be read in full here.

Since the first one called Lock Step (!) is being played out now, I read it out in full in the video. They may have planned it for 2012 as that’s the year mentioned. Maybe they wanted MERS Coronavirus to accomplish their ends.

However, what we’re witnessing now is exactly what’s in the document. They wanted to make this virus deadly to young people too, but according to David Wilcock (I’m still not sure about this guy), extraterrestrials wouldn’t allow them to create such a deadly virus or do other excessive damage, like too much destruction of the earth.

I highly encourage you to either read the document yourself or watch the video. An alternative upload is on The video also contains my commentary of the document contents.