This is going to be a personal update article with various subjects discussed.

Investing in crypto currencies

Firstly, about investing. I’ve been hearing talks in alternative news sources about banking system going down for a while now. Coupled with my two dreams about HSBC bank (the latest one showed the bank burning in New York) I don’t feel good about keeping my money there.

Already a few months ago I transferred my funds to other places, in case the crash happens. And now I’ve found yet another place to keep money – as crypto currencies.

Of course, this is a very risky investment but some crypto coins are growing in value year after year. The most known one is Bitcoin. Its starting price in 2013 was $13.50 and now its price is $11,745 (as of August 24, 2020). I don’t know any market with so much returns these days.

This is what I purchased – Bitcoin. I also have Litecoin, and I’m researching Bitcoin Cash, Ether and several others. I also started accepting bitcoin as a payment for any product and service on my blog.

Older people are advised to invest very little into digital currencies as they are more risky. Yet if you take time to research what they are and try to stay updated, the risk diminishes. Younger people are sometimes encouraged to invest as much as 50% of their savings into this new market, yet without much research money is indeed possible to lose.

However, if you study and stay up to date, you can make big returns on this investment. I shall see how this goes personally for me.

I also like crypto currencies because they are independent of governments and banks. That’s one of the reasons they were created – to be independent of banks. It’s a whole new money system that is run by people and not the controllers of this world.

It’s a transparent system as each transaction is public. Whilst governments and banks can easily hide what they do with people’s money.

I believe in this currency and I hope to see it thriving in the future. Knowing from astrology that the aquarian age is coming, it makes me even more convinced that crypto currencies are here to stay.

Aquarian age

Astrology clearly shows that aquarian age is coming. But what is it really?

Astrology speaks in symbols so we cannot know for sure. There are a few possibilities of what it means for the world.

It could be that we are moving from industrial to the digital age. It could be that we will become much more impersonal in conversation because all will be done online. It could be that people will gain power back and create a new social structure and new systems to run the world.

It could, however, mean that the digital age will be to our disadvantage. For example, governments controlling us digitally. So as you see, astrology speaks in symbols and nobody can be really certain how the aquarius energy will manifest.

Crypto currencies are totally suitable for the coming age so this makes me believe that they are here to stay, whilst the banking system may totally collapse. The old world is going to die – that astrology guarantees. But how will the new way of doing things be?

It’s going to be much more modern, impersonal, digital. We are moving into the air element, the information age, the age that’s going to be very different to what we experienced before. Yet whether it’s going to manifest to our advantage or disadvantage is very difficult to tell. I will leave that to world astrologers (I’m analyzing birth charts and not country charts) but even they may be biased towards one way of looking at this issue.

For example, if they really want to believe that new age will bring peace and community love, that’s how they will interpret the aquarian energy. So make sure that if you listen to a world astrologer, they try to stay as detached from personal bias as possible.

Country change

Nepal government announced that flights will start from the first of September. Nobody knows for sure, however, because they may change their minds yet again. They told that flights would restart from the 17th of August and that didn’t happen, so there’s uncertainty about this date too.

I will need to leave Nepal for the UK as my mother’s partner died and my mother wants me to stay with her as she’s alone. Thankfully my brother went to stay with her and he will hopefully stay there till I arrive.

UK is not my ideal country but I have to come back. And looking at the positive side, hopefully once there, I will be able to meet fellow astrologers and people into crypto currency trading. I may even be able to organize some events there.

I don’t resist such changes as if circumstances arrange themselves to move me somewhere, it means there are lessons to learn in that location. So I’m open to my new chapter of life and I’m eagerly waiting to see what it will bring.

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