Since many people prefer not using Paypal, in the recent past I introduced Patreon as a method of payment. Yet it’s a monthly subscription service so it’s not comfortable to pay it for one-off service and then having to cancel it.

So I’m introducing yet another alternative – Bitcoin. I’ve started investing in crypto currency as I see this investment more safe than keeping money in the bank because of the economic uncertainty. Of course, much research is needed so I’m learning about this new investment every day.

Therefore since I have crypto wallets, now I can accept payments to them.

In case you’re interested, I’m trading with Coinbase. This company will give you $10 if you buy or sell $100 or more after signing up through my link if you’re interested.

It’s one of the safest and most established crypto exchange platforms. I do consider crypto currencies a good investment in these uncertain times yet like for any investment, you need to study.

This kind of alternative payment is also going to benefit people who want total privacy. For example, some people who want to use my astrological services would rather remain anonymous. Therefore this is going to be a good solution for them if they are involved in crypto currency already.

I also like this alternative currency because it’s not controlled by any government. Of course, that means that sometimes this currency is used to pay for illegal things because nobody has to know your identity for you to be able to buy things; yet anything can be used for good or evil.

Therefore you can pay for any product or service that I offer using this currency (Bitcoin in particular), or you can choose to donate. My Bitcoin wallet address is 1JBmU9hYc7xysuuGZ4LiNXPyVZhCVYWwsN and the QR code is this:

Bitcoin QR code

Lastly, if you’re already trading this currency or have experience in this kind of investment, please share your experience (if you can) in the comments below.

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