Sexual exploitation of women was always happening in Hollywood, but only a few years ago Harvey Weinstein was arrested for sexual misbehavior. More than 80 women came forward with sexual abuse allegations.

An insider Ben Saphiro explained in the video below that such immoral culture always existed in Hollywood, from the very beginning:

As I was watching the interviews of many celebrities about Harvey Weinstein, soon it became clear that they were afraid to reveal the names of others who were quite as bad as him. Many movie producers abuse women and young men in such a way, but because they are rich and powerful, everyone is quiet about their misdeeds.

This means that most of the celebrities that we hear of – those who are worshiped by the millions – have gotten to where they are today because of the casting couch.

So the kind of women that the masses adore have sold their bodies for fame. And for me that’s the same as selling your soul.

You’re selling what you stand for, your integrity, morals and something that should only be shared with your other half, to get to the place of fame and to become wealthy. That’s the type of people that the masses hold in high regard.

I’m not judging any celebrities who did that – they have their own karma to work out. But it’s just sad to see that the kind of people that are worshiped today as heroes have gotten to where they are as result of selling their bodies.

We should guard our light strongly, as once it’s lost, who knows if it can be gotten back. And these people would rather develop dirty soul ties through sleeping couches than care about their spiritual purity and personal integrity.

Instead of people looking up to those who really achieved something worthwhile in their lives through much hard work and through developing their talents; instead of them respecting those who greatly contributed to the good of others, the masses usually worship people who just sold themselves to get to fame. These are the kind of people that they shape their lives after, so no wonder our society is so empty and surface today.

Selling your personal light

I remember when I was in India I was walking in a well-to-do area in Trivandrum, and saw a man on the balcony of one house. I straight away knew that he had sold his soul for money.

There was no light in him. He was completely opaque.

By selling your soul I don’t mean anything religious. I simply mean that the person sold whatever spiritual riches he had (morals, integrity, purity) for material ones. So now they have worldly glitz but have lost the spiritual one.

If you access your spiritual sight you see that some people are full of light and some are just dark beings, with no light at all about them though the external display may be abundant. Sometimes you may also get insights into why it happened.

Listen to “Hollywood’s Sexual Exploitation of Women and Our Contribution to It” on Spreaker.

Many celebrities today have no personal light, and I see the same with many YouTube influencers. Currently I’m intensely researching all sorts of diets and how they affect people, so I see many such influencers in vegan as well as keto worlds. The more famous they get, the more they are willing to maintain their readership at all costs, and this eventually involves selling their spiritual riches.

Most people are attracted to negativity, so if you make videos against someone, make fun of other people and try to create discord, the masses vibrating at a very low level are attracted to this negativity as moths are attracted to light.

You may notice that most-watched videos involve the use of slander, lust, violence or anything else that has low vibration. High viewership of such videos also show the state of our collective progress.

The masses feed on such energy and people creating low-vibration content maintain world’s ignorance. Sometimes such influencers try to fake their personal light through cosmetics, but no glowing skin cannot equal true spiritual wealth.

Maybe there is a chance to regain personal light once it’s lost, but I’d rather not risk losing it in the first place.

Why I wrote all this

And now this is why I wrote all of this. If people invest in such emptiness, like in the form of watching Hollywood movies or immoral YouTube videos, they are supporting something that makes the society regress rather than progress.

For example, through their investment in Hollywood movies they maintain the reality of female abuse and disempowerment. Female abuse won’t end if we don’t take personal responsibility and stop supporting that which keeps it in the society.

Though the women on screen look empowered, they are mere puppets of wealthy men who keep them in the spotlight. By looking up to such women we support female devaluation and our collective psyche cannot heal. I wish people would see beyond the glamour of Hollywood into its revolting underbelly.

We support that which we invest our energy to. Where we invest our energy, whether in the form of watching something or paying money for something, we are making it grow. So female disempowerment and abuse can only end if we take personal responsibility and stop supporting it through our attention and other forms of investment such as monetary.

If we invest time and energy into watching women posing half-naked in front of the camera, we should not be surprised that so many of them today lack intelligence and their morals are low. We are all connected, so all of us are responsible for human degradation.

In my video above I share more examples of how we contribute to not only female enslavement but to the enslavement of humanity at large by supporting other ways that keep us ignorant and enslaved.

We should pay a great deal of attention to where our energy and time go, and make sure it’s not contributing to the degradation of the society. Supporting moral independent movies, beneficial ways of entertainment, local organic farmers and all the other useful-to-humanity pursuits and occupations, we are increasing that which helps humanity to progress.

So it’s wise to assess where your attention goes and to cut out that which slows down your own personal development, because that’s also what maintains ignorance of the society at large.