In this article I wanted to clarify the hermetic stance on celibacy as a result of some comments that I received in response to the video and article on the hermetic take on twin souls.

Hermeticism is not against celibacy per se, but because most celibates do not use the energy they generate through celibacy, this practice is discouraged unless one really knows what he’s doing.

That’s because if the generated electromagnetic energy is not used (like it isn’t by the followers of passive Eastern practices, who are encouraged to be receptive and meditative all the time), it will be used by other entities to the detriment of the person.

It’s the extra electromagnetic energy that is responsible for most visions of celibates. Those celibates considered Catholic saints, for example, experienced their vivid extraordinary visions usually not because of their holiness, but because of this generated electromagnetic energy which was not used.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to see visions because of holiness; one can lift itself into the highest spiritual spheres through being one with universal laws; but most so called saints were simply receiving astral visions, like many self-proclaimed Christian prophets of today do and describe their visions on YouTube (I saw a fair share of them when I was a Christian). Nothing has really changed.

Because most celibates fail to use such generated extra energy, other entities start using it, giving to such celibates astral attacks, sexual dreams, and visions of a deceptive kind. Also, as I already wrote in another article, some Catholic nuns in middle ages were burnt because they reported being raped by astral entities.

Those entities gained power over them because the nuns failed to use the massive energy generated through celibacy. If many celibates are in one place, there could be some amazing psychic phenomena taking place because of the abundance of energy left for the use of  the disembodied entities.

So that’s the reason hermeticists are quite against celibacy – because most people do not know how to use the energy that they generated through sexual abstinence. Those who actively employ that energy face no such risks, like adepts using such energy for magic.

Also, those celibates who have really transcended the need for sex and actively use the abundance of energy generated through their celibacy in creating works of art that change the world, have learnt to put that energy to use and therefore no such dangers will come to them.

Therefore, hermeticism is not against celibacy per se, but it’s discouraged because people don’t know how to use the extra energy, or may not even be aware of how much energy they generate. And anyway, hermeticism teaches that it’s not through the generation of this abundant energy that you gain immortality or enlightenment, but through being on the side of Light and Love all the time, and through merging with your other half.

People who are naturally abundant in such energy and are mediumistic (passive rather than active)  take psychic phenomena with them wherever they go. It is told that Blavatsky was like that, because wherever she was, psychic phenomena would follow her.

It’s the disembodied entities employing the electromagnetic field of the person for their or their works manifestation that cause such supernatural phenomena, and the employment of such massive energy of many people in a seance room causes extraordinary events to take place, like the levitation of tables.

Another danger that hermeticists associate with celibacy is the complete denial of the other side (feminine in males and masculine in females) which, some believe, may cause them to lose their conscious immortality (I don’t believe this) or to significantly delay it; because they would, through such a belief, fail to meet their twin souls until they change their stance about this.

I see this total denial of the feminine in some Buddhist and Catholic monks. By the hatred of the female they also suppress their feminine side which all of us have, and they are closed to meeting their other half because they think that they are complete by themselves. So this is considered a very dangerous attitude according to hermeticism.

In hermeticism, celibacy is encouraged in the relationship between twin souls, when gradually all sexual desire is transformed into the combined effort to help the world in some way. This stage should not be artificially created – both should naturally transcend lower impulses. It’s better to engage in sex than to artificially practice celibacy when one is not ready.

So I hope this clarified the hermetic stance on celibacy. By itself it’s certainly not bad when passions are naturally transcended and the generated extra energy is employed to create something. It can be the greatest blessing to the world. But because most people do not employ this energy, they are literally robbed of it by astral entities.