Today it’s raining here in Lithuania, so this could not be a better time to write.

In this update, I’ll let you know what’s happening in my life at the moment, what I think about the current world’s situation, and I will mention something about spirituality as well.

Garden and life update

A lot has happened since the last update.

Most importantly, I have tested the well, and it has no contaminants. Now I can drink well water without boiling it, and the taste is excellent. It’s very hard water because it has many minerals. It’s very alkaline. But though it’s called hard, it tastes very soft. or

So for drinking, this is ideal. But for hair washing, it’s not that good. So I add lemon juice during the rinsing stage, so that the hair is soft. Alternatively, it’s good to add vinegar.

I also have a water softener filter which I took with me from the UK (when I was staying at my mom’s), but since I have no tap or anything like this, I can’t really fix it to anything. I guess I could think of something, but now I’m fine with adding lemon juice.

So now I no longer need to cycle to the shop to buy water. Which saves me a lot of time and effort.

I’ve been planting a lot these days, as it’s a planting season. I’ve planted most potatoes, I’ve also sown the seeds of tomatoes, cauliflowers, all kinds of herbs. My beets, Brussels sprouts and onions are growing already. I also made a separate bed only for garlic and onions, and planted the rest of their seedlings.

I still have quite a few flowers to plant. I’m trying to grow lavender, oregano and basil, but the seedlings are quite weak. Maybe they will grow better when the weather gets warmer.

I already have six vegetable beds made, and I’m digging one more. After all, ideally I would like pretty much most of my food to be from my land. And those beds aren’t big anyway.

I had to go to Vilnius quite a few times to deal with my father’s inheritance. But now matters are coming to a close, and hopefully I will have to go to Vilnius only a few times more.

Since the last thing I want is to deal with the system but I have to (because my mom and brother live abroad, so I’m the only one dealing with inheritance matters), I reward myself every time I have to go to Vilnius to deal with paperwork.

When I finish all the tasks, I get myself a first class train ticket back to the land, buy my favorite food, such as smoked salmon with a croissant and a cottage cheese spread with garlic or herbs, and get the seat with a table to eat on. Although that’s not really allowed on trains anymore, hardly anyone in Lithuania uses first class so I get away with it.

Because of the payments I get for my astrology assessments, I was able to make some improvements to my hut and the land. I covered maybe one-third of the land with soil fabric which protects me from ticks and makes it easy to walk on. I also protected some of my vegetable beds with the plastic border that’s usually used to separate the lawn from the paths.

I also purchased a fridge – before that I was keeping my food outside as it was cold. But now the weather is getting warm so I can’t do this anymore. In addition, I purchased a semi-automatic washing machine as now I have the well, so I’m finally able to wash piles of clothes that I had to keep in bags outside.

My next bigger purchases are a computer (not a laptop), as my current laptop, though it served me well for several years, may die quite soon. I also need to get a garden shed for everything that I now have to keep outside, such as my bicycle and garden tools. Now they are protected just with a roof made out of tent fabric.

I also need to get a proper bedside table with drawers or sections for storage, as I’m currently using the table I made myself which is wobbly and it’s not big enough to store much.

Finally, when the inheritance is settled, I may be able to build a small house. I may afford to only get the basics built though, as in Europe, as I guess in the rest of the developed world, building homes is very expensive. But if I could get the foundations, walls and roof made, I would be happy. Then gradually I can finish the rest of it, no matter how long it takes.

Current world situation

In Lithuania, we now have the Opportunity Passport which allows the people who got the shot greater freedoms than to those who didn’t. This has been predicted by “conspiracy theorists” long time ago. In some countries such a passport, whatever its name may be, is valid already (like in Israel and Denmark), whilst some countries will release it later.

In order to travel in the European Union, now you also need to have a Digital Green Certificate which shows that you have been vaccinated.

Wow. Everything that has been predicted by conspiracy theorists is coming true, and they are pushing developments so fast as they are fully exploiting the crowd fear created by the media.

Anything you say against it will be censored if done on major social platforms, and also you may even be put to prison in some countries if you disagree with the narrative pushed by the media and coming from the government.

I encourage people to move to their own lands. It’s still possible to afford a small plot of land without any buildings, and to start from there. Freedoms will be taken away more and more, I predict, but living on land still feels free. Cities are the worst places to be in, in my opinion.

I’ve created a separate video about this on Bitchute, in case you haven’t watched it yet. Some reader complained that Bitchute is a far-right organization so I should not be associated with it, but I post there because it allows the freedom of speech, which I appreciate very much.


I’m happy to share with you that I’ve recently discovered another fully awakened public teacher. I only knew of Eckhart Tolle as an enlightened teacher in the public. But I was happy to discover another one – Mooji. Those who are on the path of awakening will recognize that he’s beyond this world. Whilst those who are not, will fall for fake teachers.

Mooji’s approach is very direct, reminding me of the holy ones such as Nisargadatta Maharaj or Ramana Maharshi. He was actually the disciple of Papaji, and though I’m not familiar with this guru, he was following the teachings of Maharshi.

So I encourage you to check out Mooji’s teachings. Maybe you will resonate with them.

And even if you already know the truth, like Eckhart Tolle says, when a log that’s just starting to burn is placed near a log that’s been burning for a while, the first log’s fire greatly increases as a result. Fire meaning awareness.