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This is one of the posts about trying to connect more dots with regards to the full kundalini awakening experience.

I must here also tell that what I mean by full kundalini awakening is not the usual half-awakenings due to drug use or any other artificial ways to rouse this power which only results in harm.

What I’m talking is about a genuine kundalini arousal through yoga and then it leaving through the crown chakra – only to descend back into the body once its union with the Infinite is accomplished, thus making you a triune, and no longer a dual, being.

I’ve been reading a lot of esoteric materials trying to find more information about my awakening. There are fragments of information sprinkled throughout original esoteric writings, but it’s quite hard to find. What my personal ponderings as well as reading occult works is leading me to conclude is that this merging with the Infinite is the same as the soul reaching the “Father in Heaven”, so to speak.

You can see in this picture the very description of this event. The “Father in Heaven” is touching Adam:

The creation of Adam

The creation of Adam

Examine the “Father in Heaven” figure more closely, and what do you see? You see the outline of the brain! He’s reaching out from the higher brain – the prefrontal cortex.

Thus, the painting takes on a deeper meaning – the Higher Self (the Father in Heaven) is reaching the lower self – the soul. Everyone has a soul, but few have the spirit that’s connected with it. In most people the spirit remains cut off, and thus unable to direct a person’s life.

As above, so below. You can surely say that upon full kundalini awakening you are in touch with the Father in Heaven. Yet this is also an internal experience where your higher aspect (located in the head) is no longer severed from the body consciousness, and thus the two become united, producing a divine aspect – the Holy Spirit, so to speak, and making a person into a trinity.

Occultists strive to attain this union as they consider this merging to immortalize themselves. By “immortality” occultists mean an ability to retain consciousness after death, and thus to retain memories of past existences once reincarnation takes place.

The Bible has a distorted version of this event, yet it’s there nevertheless. And the Father in Heaven of Jesus is indeed that Higher Self – the original law-giver I talk about in the video above.

There is more than one god in the Bible so I’m not speaking about the blood-demanding Jehovah, but about the God of Jesus who taught non-violence, and about the particular God of the Old Testament who told that he did not need any blood sacrifices (Psalm 50:13).

Thus, the lower aspect of yourself is called “soul”, “Adam”, “kundalini”, and by other names, whilst the higher aspect is called “Father in Heaven”, “Higher Self”, “Higher Mind”, “Spirit”, “Infinite”, “Universe”, “Creator” and so forth.

I find the teaching of this mystic union in both Eastern and Western esoteric writings. As I said, it’s even in the Bible. Esotericists consider this union to be the most important goal to pursue in life. I’m grateful to have intuitively known its importance and had striven to accomplish it until it was done.

I believe Easterners managed to preserve this technique of union much better than Western occultists, though it might be that Westerners simply kept it more secret and that it exists in its entirely hidden. Though the yoga of India isn’t without its corruptions, the main teaching remains valid, otherwise full kundalini awakening wouldn’t happen these days.

I believe that the Western esoteric school has a safer way of rousing this force, and I believe it’s about perfect morality and adherence only to the truth and taking action only based on that. Without manipulating the body as yoga does, the changes would be much (much!) slower, but the process of union would be much safer.

That’s like esoteric versus exoteric meditation. I used to do esoteric meditation, and it quickly detached my consciousness from the body, allowing it to merge with other objects, expand to infinitude, becoming all. Yet not everyone would be able to handle such quick spiritual developments, and some people may even become insane.

Exoteric meditation, on the other hand, anchors you to the body, because you focus on it (such as on your breath). This keeps you grounded in this reality, whilst allowing to slowly progress. This keeps your mind sheltered from quick and sometimes shocking spiritual developments, and therefore it’s much safer.

That’s all that I can tell so far about this safer way of rousing kundalini, and I could only tell more once I’m sure I have fully grasped the way kundalini is roused by Western occultists.

Thus, these are my reflections on this significant experience so far. I will, of course, keep studying esoteric works and continue my meditations and reflections so that I get to the bottom of this experience. It’s a little frustrating that there’s so little information about this significant event, yet I believe it’s hidden because if used by those who are impure, it can result in great physical and mental harm.

Thus, my investigation continues, and when I have more information and insights, I will write yet another article on this subject.